Hara-kiri: noose of the lone wolf there is / a hiss in the artic wind of / black rook caws and / memories that sting like / heated scorpions on my / heavy lids and scrap… One Tree One tree, one solitary life, / One silhouette reaching into the sky. / One lone and weary traveller, / One road, that passes them by. Midnight Quest of the Lone Spirit From my perch, sheltered amongst the / evergreen gods overlooking the cliffs, / I hear the mountain breathe. A poem is a lone rose surrounded by the beauty o… A poem is a lone rose surrounded by the beauty of ten thousand dandelions! / ……………………̷… Owning Lone… Owning lone and on my own / Whispers echo as cold as bone / Withered heart and hollow beats / Resounding loss but finding strength / Weavin… The Lone Knight The lone knight stands atop the blistered hill / Upon a mighty sword rests able hand / Threadbare cloak a-flight by tempest’s will / While … What kisses mean Deliciousness of waiting Lone Walk sorrow / hurt Lone Witness He said he was going to blow his head off and that would solve all her problems. I snuck in, saw him waving the rifle… Fly Bursting through the clouds, / Sun’s rays are bright. / The eagle is so proud, / with all his might; he flies. The Lone Cypress Tree surrounded with an ocean full of dreams / dreams of many kinds / this is where all the dreams float along / floating to mingle with one ano… The Lone Flower A grey overcast sky lent / no sun / to the lone / flower bent A Lone Child She lay there, young and alone / As still as a stone, though she cried / Out for her creator, who cannot be found / For she died, of a brok… A Lone Reminder Standing in our own strength is to truly stand alone… lone sailor Picture life as a luxurious boat / Fresh painted floating on the brink of youth / Champagne room sparkling sensation / Mistress on board c… lone gum The strips of papery bark lay shredded on the ground / litters foreign cushion of withered spikes / for all it’s mighty presence it’s… lone… if ALL IS GOD / then GODthing IS ALONE Lone Who would give / Love to only me A Lone Wish Happy beings in Stars so bright / I only wish to live amongst you one day Lisa Smiles The man regards the painting, tilts his head to the side and wonders: there is something wrong with the woman’s face / Missing Lone Girl, Lone Boy. One lone girl / Standing in the rain / Tears streaming down her face / Just watching / As he walks away / He was the love of her life / And… Running for my life Man!!! Maybe it wasn’t worth all this…I’m thinking, as I peddled my bike as fast as it could go; trying to keep ahead of my brother … Lone Wolf “Cinquain” Sad wolf / Speaks lonliness. / His actions living proof, / Did not ever want to be a / Lone wolf. lone wolf Lone wolf, they call him, some call him mad / though none dare do so to his face / children fear him, they’ve been warned / women ave… Lone island trapped on a lone island / insanity on a lone island / drunk with salt water / sick with salt water / prison with no guard / waves crashing… Lone Wolf That sound. That sound of a dog barking in / the distance. Its the loneliest sound in the / world. I don’t know why, but it makes … Lone Wolf The lone wolf howls / Yet his focus / On one / A foolish obsession— / The echo faster / Than a step / Becomes his lead / In a sense / A ba… “Lone Wolf” ‘Lone Wolf’ / The lone wolf howls; at the moon and the stars; / Expressing through such, the tears and the scars. / Glistening … Lone Wolf Agitated and blistering with regret / That he lived / While others more worthy had died. / Life, he told me, was unkind and unjust The Fog A woman at home waited, / Cursing her fright, / Her husband out fishing / The dark seas that night. / The sea’s in their blood … Lords Of The Last Lone Land Ours from the shock when the naked rock was hurled from the hissing deep hole in me there are things that eat me up. / One of them is you, the way you flip your perfect har. / You get away with everything. / There are thing… Lone And I live alone. And he comes. When the wind is cold. He comes in and takes his shirt off. And his shoes off. He lets me hear his heart be… The Lone Weed Try to find the hidden meaning in this poem. {: LONE WOLF NO TIME FOR PART TIME LOVE Lone Wolf So much depends upon / A wolf left all alone / Separated from the pack / Searching for a home lone wolf across the dusk ridden sky…. the sun sets and the moon glows / the lone wolf walks across the barren wastland which he calls home. / … A Lone Wolf But, it is too late, she is already gone, / And now, he truly is a lone wolf— a wolf all alone. THE LONE RANGER Departing on his white stallion, / Starting his patrol was heard to say, / Carting along his sidekick Tonto while / Parting, “Hi-yo, Silver… A lone chair! Blast deep within the past a railway junction of juggling worlds. When will the maze dissipate, degenerate, take another pill. Left sitting… A Story of this Lone Wolf #1 feelings of fear / never fade / for that feeds / this flame / flourishing / furiously in the fiend Lone Star Unsettled, unlike myself, the health / Of my self-perceptions seem terminally unable to resist. wandering mental illness as i slouch over Lone Lunatic A lone lunatic / airborn terrestrial or acquatic / it has the eye of a fnatic / and he’s a lone lunatic / he never had a scooter / so… that i’m a lone bone ev’ry dog has its day / sometimes when’s cast its bone / nor columns it: nor grades, nee / phi/significance / that it eats \ … Alone Have you ever felt alone? / That poverty of being, / The echoing sorrow / Which cries that you do not belong. The Lone Star of an Introvert A loner by nature and an introvert… i am a twinkling star, burning bright amid a cloudless night.

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