The Portrait of Evil by Richard Davies. A Scary … (Mature) The Day John Cowan Shot Me and Jacqueline Bisset … “Imagine I’m a beautiful woman and you love me!” he shouted, believing he was now transposed into some sort of great phot… She rode a zucchini to London vegetables Goin Out Riding home on the Northern Line feelin hot and sweaty, / no air to spare, people are gettin petty. Millenium Bridge, London, United Kingdom 1.996 – 2.000 / Cliente / Client: London Borough of Southwark, Millennium Bridge Trust / Arquitecto / Architect: Norman Foster + Partners /… My Salute To Sam “no one steals unattended baggage, it’s the over guarded things, these thieves are after” He’d said. He’s always full of unbeli… Anchorage to London I was convinced that Apollo, the Greek Sun God, raced through the skies with his chariot – the airplane following close in his tracks! Hook, Line, And Thinker (World’s Worse Fish… There are plenty of fish in the sea. If one does not want to know me is “that’s their net loss”. It’s my own fish p… The Gherkin, London, United Kingdom 2.001-2.004 / ENGLISH / Client: Swiss Reinsurance Company / Architect: Foster + Partners / Height: 180 meters / Floors: 40 / Area: 76,4… SUPPORT STUDENT PROTEST TO OVERTHROW CORPORAL CLE… If I was in London right now I’d be fighting the police City Hall, London, United Kingdom 1.998 – 2.002 / Cliente / Client: Autoridades Locales – Local Authorities / Arquitecto / Architect: Foster + Partners / Tipo / Type: Ofici… In and around Port Campbell Iconic natural features are the major drawcard. Clancy of Marylebone Twas his old butler who wrote it, and verbatim I will quote it: / “Clancy’s joined the Tory party, and we don’t know wher… Goose of the Liberty Why for the wolf do I worry / When he walks with the lambs…? / …’Coz I love him! CRIES OF LONDON You didn’t have much to do with doctors. / Not since that last one called you a / Psychopath. I needed to make more of an / Impression, … MOUSE I met a mouse the other night. / I was alone, as I generally am, / Typing by lamplight. / Clattering self-advancing words / And post-Mille… When He’s Chiming, When He’s Chiming,… Touches Heart & Nation / Silence falls throughout London / Hope You Enjoy Big Ben / Please visit the pics too:-) It’s Not London It’s got a river running through… / … but it’s not London / It’s got an underground too… / … but … A walk along the Southbank From Big Ben you walk / To Butlers Wharf. / Past the London Eye. / Watching Street entertainers as you pass by. / Children’s stunts on bike… Dating with Dali I have neglected to tell you the joy / I feel in your presence. / I always think it’s rather obvious, / but you may not know / Ton… Swiss Igloo Snow Globe The snow had settled into some of the steel diamonds and it was quite magical. The sun was trying to creep through the clouds and shone on… Exhibiting in London- PREVIEW TUESDAY 28TH APRIL.… BREAD AND BUTTER EXHIBITION / R. K. BURT GALLERY / 57 -61 UNION STREET / LONDON / SE1 1SG / Bread and Butter is an exhibition that brings t… Con artist 1: Mayfair A middle aged, middle class woman in a blue mac accosts me. Something awful has occurred. Three glimpses, or, Haste to the Wedding. London,… Three scenes I saw in London this weekend. They all happened before my eyes. The great city life come five o’clock when the working day stops, starched graph paper patterns will surely be damped DAY OUT It was outside Battersea Power Station, / That great wen, that the train / Stopped dead. / It was November, and raining. / Your Dad didn’t… Imagination takes flight the man sitting next to me was reading a book about helicopters my unexpected (brief) meeting with Derren Brown i… now I DIDN’T actually think it WAS Derren Brown,he just reminded me of him but as I went to walk past him to go into pret a manger t… Anita Norris Models On November 14 2009 I was asked to take part in the shooting of a fashion show at Masonville Mall in London, Ontario. Anita Norris runs a m… 864, The South Bank The goose in lure of lace scarlet / Is harlot to me known / As a lover Con artist 2: Seven Dials “Excuse me? I’m really sorry to bother you but…I’ve been attacked and I haven’t got any money to get home again.” I look down, preten… London’s Pulse blooming, booming, its pulse, / so near its heart, / is a perfected rhythm, / infectious and familiar. In A Church Garden Holy Trinity Brompton 4/2/13) / skeletal branches / beckon in stream / of flowing breeze / bird song sprinkled / over gathering stillness&#… An Ode to Vegas – Hell yea We are the embodiment of France without the French. / We are England with better English. The View From Up Here Is Brilliant (part 2) a constant movement of souls intermingling but never acknowledging each others existence. Identity Crisis The tube is packed, standing room only. Eyes bore a hole, is it the Berka or just being Muslim that instigates the suspicious, sideways gl… wedding photographer needed for your portfolio (l… Hi. Anyone in London or surrounding in need of wedding portfolio? I am suppose to shoot a wedding this Sunday but unfortunately I cannot ma… Paper love I used to whisper it to people as they went past, scared of being disappointed with the sound of my own voice, of how feeble it may appear,… Roseberry Manor “That poor old woman, some say she died of fright in her own home. Sunlight Filtered on a City Summer Day Leaves rustle / dapples the sunshine / imprinting on the back of my eyelids / shapes and shadows shift / momentarily / that illusive feeli… London/Derry Stroke city they call it now and we laugh. No one even knows what to call it anymore, they ask you if you kick with your left foot or your… Fresh Blood The motha wit da blade aint no friend a mine / He aint no brov no blood no pal no friend no buddie / He just 1 more Jnr gangsta in a gang … Freedom Pioneers : “Phoenix” [Ch6i] ‘Well where’s this captain?’ she asked getting to her feet. ‘Best I introduce myself if I’m to sail with him.’ Freedom Pioneers : “Phoenix” [Ch5i] Feeling in possession of a mighty dignity Rhiannan collected her bag and walked down the path and away without another look back. the yellow mong.,London or some big city. I simply stood and stared Heaven is a Tobacco Shop Smokers, if you truly enjoy your habit and are looking for enhancement, / exploring the world of aromatics may lead you to enchantment̷… Roses and Lilies “Thank you” you said smiling, / Not knowing with what guilt / I had picked the red rose / From the school’s gardens. / “But, I like lilies”… Another London where city lights are the night’s sun The First Night She removed the key from her bag, and before she could put it into the lock, the door swung open. She stood face to face with a man who lo… Introducing DavidGlez from London, England I have never done this before, but I have met a photographer from London, England who has been here on Redbubble for some time and has not … It’s like London But arr what do I know, I’m this guy who’s in love with this big city….. Monotony the monotony of a back street jukebox repeating an old tune / or a London art museum exhibit of look-alike sculptures Marauding Suburbs It is a south and western ledge of London / marauding into Surrey like pirates / in brick and slate galleons, / pointing the cannons of … Red faced moments The chemist said in his bloody loud voice: “Your dog has diarrhea?” London Childhood I spent most of my childhood, or at least the parts of it that weren’t mnfined to institutions, in a riverside community in South Lon… The Portrait of Evil by Richard Davies. A Tale of… (Mature) Camden ‘Steve? Steve come on, pick up,’ said Dave into the phone needlessly as it rang. He jumped up the steps of the underground stat… The storyteller I’m a desiccated teardrop / On a raft of solitude, / Heading out to woeful sea / Of melancholy and misery. / Deserted by all whom I’ve lo… Stainless (steel) servants Stainless (steel) servants, / Bowed in obeisance, / To every hot and cold / mood/whim of their master. / How would you like to be a tap!? On Westminster Bridge at Night westminster bridge at night, / river thames below is / disturbed, agitated,dark,deep / restless as the unquiet mind… / city in consta… wind word sadness wind word / loneliness flew away London – Positive (sort of) The crazy old ladies / Picking up dasies / Or facing the sun / to pick up its rays / After long grey wintery / months of days. THE LATEST NEWS FROM LONDON FKN NEWS HOT OF THE PRESS / hes My FAVE News Source. / Its the Truth. My Map of London South London’s all on cannabis / North London’s all on speed / East London’s full of communists / West London’s ful… Satellite London at dusk, was dusty, / and we walked from Charing Cross to City / Temple, Holborn. / The streets are filled with shocked tourists / … UNWANTED WEALTH. On the way home from school / you and Helen stopped / and looked in the window / of the pie and eel shop / where a man was cutting off he… SWING TIME. You were with Janice / in Jail Park / two kids / looking for kicks / and Janice said / Can you push me / on the swings? / and you said / … tate london [Video] / also rough @ the tate / [Video] / SONIC ACTS / [Video] “An Unexpected Love” “…The firing jubilance passes through our bodies, / Causing us to tie up sadness and sorrow and leaving it aside…” … UNCLE FRED AND THE SAND DANCE Your Uncle Fred / on Christmas Eve / at Gran’s house / when you were a kid / did the sand dance / wearing an old fashion / man’s stripe… LONDON EXHIBITON PLANS UNDERWAY !!!!!! Plans for the forth coming exhibition in London at The Burt Gallery are well under way. And also the Bally Shoe Factory exhibition in Norw… HELEN AND YOU AND A BAG OF CHIPS. After school / after tea / of bread and jam / a mug of tea / and a slice of cake / you met Helen / under the railway bridge / in Rock… Summer In London A warm summer’s day and Tess boarded the tube at Leyton. As she travelled through Stratford and Bethnal Green she thought of the plans she … Grafitti….London remixed London Consequences? CONSEQUENCES? / © / Harry James / Prologue: / Sally Geyer took a bite of the wholemeal cheese sandwich she had prepared that morning and wa… Homeless Woman in London A crust of bread, / Left to mould, / Tattered threads / From something old, / A bowed head / In the cold, / Weeping for tomorrow. / A cu… YOUNG TRAITOR. Gran said / you can come with us / to the fair / Janice said / Provided your mum agrees / of course but Gran’s / already asked your mum… Come to NEW YORK and LONDON With Me TIMES SQUARE NOW / Live Cams are so enjoyable. Kind of Takes you out of your Matrixxx and puts you somewhere new YorkY That is. / OR MAYBE … Need a hotel or reservation services Need a hotel or reservation services we are ready to serve your needs according to our requirements.Our firm is able to offer… Lost No More I fall. / Lying on a magic carpet / I see lands / Disappear beneath. / The starry night / Is my guide, / And my destination, / My past an… tate london- venice venice bienial / [Video] / turner prize nominated works / [Video] Croydon Riots 8th Aug 2011, Our want want want so… It is mine / It is yours / It is mindless New York’s Gone ’Dirty little town on the train, it’s callin’ you to say / “I’ll meet you when you arrive today” / Under the sun and under the rain, … TONIGHT: London Untrusted, they took my Paris away / And I let go in a free fall toward the skies French Hot Chocolate Shop, London Sumptuous….. London to Home Coffee brews, before he wakes, / Vows of love not to break. / Paint a portrait clear and strong, / Etched in granite, carved in stone. tate london Fascinating walk in a gallery / [Video] Pin Stripe Suit fashion week has come and gone, but the gorgeous well-heeled that fill London’s streets, go about their business confident and sleek&… I Didn’t Know I didn’t know, when I met you…. The Unfamiliar I knew it would be difficult but never in a million years did I expect my spirit to endure this type of experience and heartache. Belsize Park At Night. Stars hidden by the earth filled sky, / the flowers have gone to die, / and all i see is life decayed, / sweet autumn dark mother womb. London Myths A phosphorous gold glow permeated the ozone / around London Bridge and across to Tooley Street. / Blackened air permeated his soul. BOMBS OVER LONDON Under siege / Under no obligation / We surrender / The flask found empty in / The pile of hardened earth / Where our fathers walked / In ti… The Blackbird and The Tower of London A blackbird poem A view from the London eye The view is wonderful from the london eye, / The old and new buildings, some low some high, / The River Thames flowing down below, / And ov… A Very Unusual Use of Kodachrome the first ever picture (taken on a Kodachrome transparency film) that included both a negative of a tulip and a positive image of a girl…
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