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Liquid Love

If I pour out my heart / Into your glass / Will you sip slowly / Or gulp me up fast? / If I’m what you crave / For your powerful thir…



The Ocean’s Daughter

“So he told this girl that of course he / had been in love once, but that girl / turned out to be a mermaid…”


She blushes sweet sincere and chocolate, / prismatic in her character / reflecting her soul off every spectrum / and direct into my boso…

Liquid Sovereignty

feeling utterly exhausted / hopelesss / the thoughts scattered in all directions / It’s hopeless trying to convince myself

Lost and Found

Lost, I am found, in the liquid language of your labyrinthine eyes, / Deep, dark wild, Wilderness eyes, I‘ve come inside / To drink from th…

Your liquid in my embrace

Your liquid in my embrace / Your a puddle on my floor / That I like to splash about in / Before I swim onto your shore / Sweet as blossomed…


. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. ..…

A World in a Tear Drop

I have been thinking of a water droplet of late and how it is held together by it’s own attraction…..and in that droplet a worl…

Liquid Fire

Fluid, liquid fire / She is radiant as the sun / She is a reason to begin / She is a seed slowly awakening

Glass Is A Liquid (in an ice-storm)

And at night our ears tell a different story, something out of the Dark Ages in the tinkling fairy-music…

liquid oxygen film

///the colors and directions on your vision keep changing as u let the consciousness loose. The lights follow each other to the infinite op…

Tears are liquid prayers

As the door shuts, the colour drains from her face and her eyes dull considerably, she is intently focused on her bed.

Liquid Gold

Remains on your lips; does’nt it?

reflecting body of liquid love

refractions of our antimatter of dust from above ,the moon in a hazy light / reflecting before our very eye’s, taking us into a deeper

Words like liquid crystal

Your words / dripping like liquid crystal / constantly eroding / incessantly grinding

An Ocean of Emotion

As the tides are influenced / by the ever changing moon / an ocean made restless / push / hold / and / pull / the harder you try / to stay…

Liquid heat

fire making love with a crystal stream….

Your Heart is an ocean of Love

As each droplet / is pumped around / Your body / In waves of movements / Like a ticking clock / As the moon rises


like an active volcano / dangerously erupting / in pure and bitter anger

Liquid heaven for a price

Liquid heaven for a price / Come on now, it tastes so nice

waste of holy liquids

I long to intoxicate myself / in this import from Nazareth.

Liquid mirrors reflections

something in a face / transports a frangrant memory / from here to some other space


And the days they are long now / And the nights they are cold / My heart feels like breaking / Always thought he was bold

Summer’s Liquid Sound

Summer’s liquid sound blossoms / bruising evening’s tranquil bouquet / of lavender and milk / rendering sleepless the poet. / A…

Puddle Gazing

Oh liquid light / You show / Me / The world / In reverse / Your beauty fleeting / Caressed / By winds / Your talent unrehearsed.

florid beauty

Syncopated pulse thick in my throat, / Rubescent stains upon my lip,

River of Life


Liquid Love…

Be like the watering hose… / always giving.

“give small woodland creatures, the ‘…

Droopy held Sna so close to him. / ( Ok, I forgot the bless you, but I am so getting pissed off with by now. I am pretty sure you are too) …

LIQUID SKY.. They Dont make em like this anymore …


Liquid red…………..

giving a feeling of power / explosive enough / to shatter a million / forgiving hearts

Liquid Candy Corn

4 chips ahoy! and styrofoam coca-cola sugar high

Liquid Fire

There is Fire in my liquid lungs

She walked like a liquid dream

I awoke last night in time to see her emerge from the water. / She walked like a liquid dream in the moonlight.

liquid charcoal

here, honesty is asking for reform / liquid charcoal / r a i n s . . .

I dream of the sea…

The sea is woven liquid white…


be what I be, / in liquid mercury, / silver shadows, / dancing waves, / poison vapors, / assault the nose, / in liquid mercury, / everyone …

Liquid Inspiration

So I delve deeper yet into our art. / Composing myself in blue ink on paper / metaphor dripping / spinning the rhyme / clinging to romance …

Liquid Gems

Crystals, / Diamonds, / Pearls, / And sapphires / Pour from the sky to the waiting Earth. / Tear drop pearls fall one after the other / For…

Liquid and Solid.

Liquid, / pouring down, / sweet honey, / sugared water, / dances on tongues, / of lovers. / Solid, / Skin so hard, / sliding down, / feelin…

Liquid Candy

Dying remnants of silence / Exhale microscopic fissures / Inside their cavernous space / A bristling struggle dances / With the poetic fal…

Liquid Dreams

Liquid dreams; floating thoughts, / expressed in meaningless smiles.


touch me / coat your skin / with the sweet honey of desire

pills, knife or liquid

i sit and look / the options are in front of me / pills, knife or liquid / do i have the will power / depression has been closing in / not …

Liquid Perspectives

So were sitting on this rock / getting lost in words that run on treadmills / when suddenly / I realize the reflection of space among the r…

Liquid fire

The colour of life / Of anger / And passion. / It is the heat / Of the moment / And of the heart.

A Liquid Bandaid….

The illness soon has a firm hold / It takes control of their day / Without even realizing / The drink is never far away.

‘A Space Of The Liquid Mind.’

‘A Space Of The Liquid Mind.’ / ________________________ / Written By Jeffrey Woods. Copyright. January 2010 / ________________…

out looking for a little liquid work

i was sitting / at the bar / when mort walked in / carrying a sign / that read / IF IT WAS / UP TO ME / THE WORLD WOULD / BE A BEER. / it w…

My liquid!

I float above reason, hoping you will join me. / I have waited an eternity, will you come? / I know you’re scared, I know you love &#…

Cherry Red

Cherry Red Sun / Hanging from the stem of the Universe / Dripping rays of nectar that pierce the atmosphere / Transforming into crystal dro…

excerpt from The Travels of Rowan

She took another long drink of scotch, pulling the glass up to eye level to admire the shimmering amber liquid swirling like molten gemston…

E Liquid

High quality E liquid available at sensible prices, new ranges added regulary, visit http://www.liberty-flights.co.uk to view our E Liquid.…

E Liquid

High quality E liquid available at sensible prices, new ranges added regulary, visit http://www.liberty-flights.co.uk to view our E Liquid.…


Out on the prowl, / Tanked up and bloated full, / On liquid hunter fuel, / The trumpet terrorists, / These hand written anarchists, / These…

of liquid love

i deliberately close my eyes to all external sensations / and i can smell her body moisture / that which wafts through the air from the val…

Liquid Glass Dream

This is a memoir of my boyhood where there were lots of happenings

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