climbed a hundred times. they know that special place… 2024561111 “ Thankyou for calling the White House Comments Line. / If you are calling from a touch phone, / Please press one “ Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election Sestina – 39 line form poem w/6 key words years ago a saddened peacock led me into a cathedral… for you. for you and only you… time never began. beyond any vision we can imagine… listen. i have yet to have someone listen to me… the black line my soles were bleeding / but still I walked / until my knees collapsed / like twin towers the washing line two-step snap one more time / for the sound and the fresh clean white joy of it i wish. i close my eyes… elements of design 2-line in the last entry, I told you to create texture-variety of texture. (now this is is not designed to be a comprehensive art lesson-it’… short poems. the freedom they offer… One Must come to Read #1 —a thread poem One must come to read again my silence. a world where i am free… you. hidden away in my heart ever so close… washing, a line broken wears different in new lig… she slipped out of her original sin overcoat / beneath the coat / she wore a knitted turtle neck fortified with pain / weaved from her a… All THINGS ANCIANT EGYPTIAN FEATURE Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v… i’m done. today i end the pain… doesn’t matter. it’s more than what you are in love with… Line of Sight A rock and a hard howl settles between the line of sight / a sad place to be when not to be believed / Vinegar pricks to the heart / e… sneaking up on 60. and friends and lovers who were by no means real… * LIFE * with my first poem and story line. There has been so much trouble in my life, / But i did not give up without a fight. / As i beleave there was somthings that i was right / i… cool line in an old song…. poems???? poetry!!! Hook, Line, And Thinker (World’s Worse Fish… There are plenty of fish in the sea. If one does not want to know me is “that’s their net loss”. It’s my own fish p… my goals. my tomorrow, never my yesterday… making of the artist. and person is replaced with artist… rejection. those who reject you just for the evidence of reaction… Hook, Line and Mine A little Pinot, some music and an idea:) twist. that simple dynamic that we all seek so desperately… gone. and i miss you… i love art. i envy a great artist… idle time. when used in such a foul way… maze. to one friend and then another… sinner when you look in the mirror / does it look back at you / what is your sin / does your face hide it / to the world / but does the mirror / e… no regrets. wishing things were different… great life. it’s a great life… and it hurts. when ill-tempered and unrehearsed words wound others… The line of her…(erotic) Allow the touch, / The lingering on skin, / Start at the shoulder, / Best place to begin. / Along the curve, / Down the arm, / Up and aroun… slipping away. i now understand what must be done… courage. i have lost some of those qualities… images of you. i record my images of you… All THINGS ANCIANT EGYPTIAN FEATURE Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v… wait. for each and every one… i age. and my opinions mean less… On line dream lips will warm your soul lost love. i cannot wish upon my dreams… hate. why is there hate… hope. the victory will not be yours… Static on the Line… A hurt comes and goes / through passages of time / tis a one way solution / that slowly unwinds / an emotional season / as a lost message f… hidden away. sad that you bury so deep… the problem. questioning yourself is not the problem… alone with myself. you can take away my music… I’d Love to Make Your Hoobs Bounce (Mature) shows up. life just shows up… silence. but most of all i love the silence in life… how much time? i don’t know how much time there is… fit. who guided us to kindness… at home? and love and hate coexist… 9.11 i want to dream of tomorrows… sunrise. from this we get morning… if. if i were a sighted man… sunflower. that it is just as frail, and as fragile… ask. do you ever sit and dream of what could be?… evil. its opposite and evil twin… my mother. from the woman who tortured my heart as a child… just words. can you paint with compassion… so what? between futility and fate… my dad. the greatest friend i ever had… my first epiphany. i can’t believe… Ode To Line the line fades sick. a slow, debilitating complaint… White Line Fever….. White Line Fever/ / Infierno en la Carrefere/ / Burning Eyes/ / Gone the Black Gold/ / Little Bit’s faded memory/ / Gone the Dayshine… see. if i were a blind man… Get In Line Lee… … heel yourself. / ;D journey. to faces and smiles unknown… Big Blue Line What can we give to the world / and paint it blue? my cat. what a lazy little tart she is… out of my mind. silently, to me alone, it speaks… see. if i were a blind man… why wait? why silence, when you could protest… selfish act. not enough moments to restore the spoil of my selfish act… Goodbye Apathy are we done yet Invisible Line Dear Chloe / Hello my sweet angel. I know, another letter. I’ve lost count of how many I have written now but you know Doctors. I have t… and it hurts. funny how misspoken words,,, can. before you can… magical land. i want to take you to a magical land… so anonymous. how do such tiny beasts… who isn’t next? if next really meant what it seems to mean… on the thin line. on the thin line between allowed and forbidden remains my bare hearted urge to go through the boundary of your skin and engrave the shape o… truth. are my lies your truths? are my truths your lies… except. that took thousands of years to perfect… beyond the soul. first it robs you of your smile… answers. what path shall become my way… The line is full? ice fog / fills the sky / descending / without care / as i peer through / frosted eyes / i see / the lady of mercy / standing silently / fr… ago. the sweet smell of a fresh rain… why wait for fate. this is my last day and i own it…
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