Heaven Is A Flower … because I love flowers THE REVENGE OF GENRES – Contemporary Australian A… The curatorial rationale seeks to subvert the notion of ‘genre’ Lila – The Divine Play of Creation At the end of the night of time all things return to my nature; and when the new day of time begins I bring them again to light. / Thus thr… Lily and our (small) multicultural world. Lilly told me that Beatrix, the queen of the Netherlands, has one of her paintings!! lily In the shadows / Of your longing / Your body / Is a calla lily / Wearing only moonlight little zephyr One / new / leaf / appears / in faithful…… Crash… Collide… Connect a million years ago, / when first we burst from each others realities / a thousands stars, / upon a thousand planets / crashing wayward ont… Read All About It! (A short story) The widow Anna gets a nice surprise, lighting up her eternal gloom for a brief but pleasant moment… Speaking in Tongues to wrap around your tender body…as i would my own mouth…with a sensual gasp as these lips part, / hovering over you. Lily …..there was a soaked Lily (still dressed!) and the Cat was dripping too! …. Original Sin so, / i found the apple and just bit… / juice winding down my wrist …for Jeff I’ll never sing a song again, / The way that I sang you~ / To caress the rise of an old refrain / And awake the boy I knew If Lily could talk- The naked baby I am naked, languishing in my bath time / Trusting, innocent, vulnerable / So silky soft and wide eyed too / You hold me up, wetting my cro… The Captain’s House I remember her mother as a rather slight, gangly woman who wore her nurses whites constantly and always seemed to be on her way to work. Sh… Night Falls on Mayberry They say that on the night / she ran out in to the road barefoot, / deafness fell for four straight blocks. Song We coiled within each others mirrored likeness / My pinkness wrapped within your luminous palm From my pad to yours! what do you see when you sit at the bank of a marsh of grasses and lily pads,, and the sound of chirping bull frogs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,… sacred scent in the shadows / of my longing / my body / is a calla lily For the Love of Lily Young Severus Snape comes to a decision. A turning point. ANOTHER GREETING CARD SALE! CALLA LILY Thanks you so much Dee Garra for buying yet another card! I think you are my biggest fan!! You’re the greatest!!! Ginny Somehow yet, Unfinished Breathing ether, floating landscapes…down streets that once occupied the darker moments of your childhood- Anoint I make amends for all I never was and ALL / I could have ever been- Nocturne Haunted too, soft spoken as bones that murmur secrets, Vibrating sighs of the drowsy content and of hours spent, Laid beside each other in … Squall pass over me like a squall / as i hover in your wake / I’ll just be a rain cloud. / A torrent for you- / a storm waiting to break. Lily Munroe ‘A woman up a mountain’ unquiteness, her crested heaving immense depths contained within, second only to the loneliness here on this mountain, her refuge, her hell… Archaic Godless creatures, / Dragging timber towards the dawn of fire / Did my face inspire / You even then? Philistines but while you sleep, i bind you up, / bowstrings and ropes and woven locks. 4.10.12 writing pages of language i’ll never send, / of all you were the night before, / of how we dreamed of sleep yet dreaming still, / Th… Tangible Evidence Your icing sweet humility is almost tempting / in the way it makes the guilt taste so powerful, / so revealing. The lily smiled… Last night I had this dream. / I was surrounded by flowers, Spatter Paint Water Lily Card Sale Card Sale, Spatter Paint Water Lily Invoke Pressing my fingertips to the soft curve of your mouth, / i call you out from darkness, willing you to me / In dreams i move silent to seek… Tether i dreamed i had a sister, / once- / when the trees were still young and the days fell into candle light. Seven Depths of Darkness Down Seven depths of darkness down / floating idle, sleepless still / lips that mouthed the dusty sound / murmur unconscious, watery drones / an… 3~ Scry The moon is high and full, the sky strewn with stars. The basin is half filled with water and at the moment is perfectly still, reflecting… Totem I fed the wolf my beating heart / And each throb was his last, / And he was mine and I was his / Since first the die was cast~ Arum / / / / / / / Your / sophisticated, strong, curvy / stance attracts me – along / with that subtle perfumey / scent – Upr… What Love Hath Wrought She gives no clue to what i was, / Only covets that which i have loved, / With harem smile and beguiling eye / Kisses that which once was m… LILIES … The oil extracted from lilies has healing and softening properties. Especially, when the lily fragrance oil is mixed with that of Calendula… Random Transmission from the Well of Lightning i find myself in the city of sighs / exhaling the stars I had imprisoned Heresy Old women cackling, crackling like worn bone- / stir that cauldron up with gossip, day old truths. 6~ Seun My mother nods a few times, she thinks he understands and then she says…" Men always take but seldom replenish or give back.&quo… Urban Oasis amidst the urban / insanity / rushing, working / deadlines and such Grimm Or eat glistening apples that set naive girls to sleep- / I’ve eaten my share of gingerbread house, / Had enough glass slippers slice my fe… Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Sir! Do not come to me with trifles / tossing a coin in to my fountain, / then sticking a tricky paw in / to retrieve what you have lost Lily So like green flame did she waver, but unlike fire she produced no lasting embers The boy who couldn’t communicate The wolves howled and the owls toowooted as the fairies twirled and jigged in the womb of night…. Cobweb Lullaby how i pressed my mouth to the hollow of your temple as we wove our fingers together, / wandering past all those dimly lit houses gone sil… Mothers Day gift that was so unexpected My baby girl did the most sweetiest most loving thing for mothers day. After forgetting her hand made gift at school. she agree’d to … Becoming (Ultrasounds) I am at first, the droning of a heartbeat. / I am at first my mother’s / and then, I am my own. White Lily Sometimes I use specific writing prompts with my students to generate ideas and to offer them writing practice. I write when they do, and i… flowered dreams. Touch me, / With fingers laced with lily, / Palms caressed with liliac, / Lips pressed with rose. / Hold me, / With arms scented lavender, … Fire & Wane That night in the forest… you said that my hair reminded you of pale fire as it lay across your thighs Pink Petunias Not! I want a flower that really says it all / One that tells me, “I can make the rules!” The Rains: Say Goodbye to Flesh & Blood She might still be out there, somewhere in the world. And the world, for all it had become, was now very small. Still large enough to swa… 5~ Thread and Stone I hear a splash and hiss to my left, the sound of waters parting, subsiding, then still for a moment…. i look in that direction and C… moving waters still smooth green carpet sits / upon moving waters still / reaching for the light Saints On Horseback We communicate in some different language, / not so much words as a movement of the body / or lifting of the eyes. Afterglow …for Buk Darling, look here… when your sketchy memory tries to draw up my face October 28th In a respit from the attic, / the ghost coasts along the front porch / in her ten dollar flea market chair~ 1~ Come Closer Some ancient trigger like an old memory resurfacing- Something hidden beneath. Something that shifts awkwardly in deep sleep then suddenly… Widdershins as magic will / and magic does, / i reverted back / to before the flood Yes We make up our days of what we should / And should not do~ / Words like: Please, darlin’ don’t… / And: You shouldn’t… / Or: What if I k… His Little Water Lily Seduced, Slaked, Extinguished. Babel what lies beneath each word…a blessing of sound…a rapture of the tongue…an orgasm of the mind~ Baptism by Fire …for Joan For i have held council with angels and kissed the feet of Christ, / i’ve had my armor pounded smooth with the tears of virgin spirit… Grigori with what fruit we might produce / is my womb, / is my love of you, / is my desperate language, / tongues we speak in secrecy- …for Virginia~ we are wrapped in a woolen plaid, / you and i- / barefoot still and teeth chattering / beside our bit of loch Revolve It is not a burden, / This life you’ve given me ONE LITTLE RAINDROP dancing through the hemisphere / one little raindrop / falling to earth / really can’t stop / he starts to tumble / doesn’t wan… Flaw Your evening is mapped out in your brain / sending images that flicker and stutter, / halting in jerky gestures like the / nudie picture sh… Lily Happy Birthday Was Featured In All The Color… Thank you so much All The Colors Of The Rainbow for the wonderful Feature!!!!! Deeper Earth you’ve dragged your fingers through deeper earth / a resting place, a womb for bleached bones / the low restless hum that never was, … A Path of Life Let us drink / From the Holy Flow / With angel’s wings / Wide spread. Altar A prickly evening bloom, / Sweet and burning upon your rising / I offer myself up to the moon~ The Lily and the Lion In the pale misty moonlight I sit, staring out of the window and watching the shadowy figures of the trees. / My mind wanders to a place l… 4~ Cupcakes and Therapy Is it part of the therapeutic criteria? Does it come through the mail once you’ve received your license to practice? What is it exactly, … A Love Song… sort of~ the span of your shoulders / as you lift the beam, / level the window, plaster the seam- / and the roof could fall, darlin’ / i would… re redviolin’s ‘lily’ so / out of ground / thou / reached out of / sweet / mother earth / and / opened wide / bloomed / front my nose / bade / my needs/wonts / … Shake it Down You said i was one of those girls that you couldn’t understand, some girls just kiss, others tangle you up- 2~ Beloved I shake my hands out then sweep them against my apron as we wander towards each other. / He smiles for me… he is so beautiful. ̵… Harbinger I watch, mesmerized… / as her fingertips provoke cool flesh, / smudging liner against moon glow pallor, / the pale pink that finds the lips… Prayer of a Drone The honey sinks beneath brew / unaware of your graces, of each pulsing beat / that throbs beneath layers of skin~ Secrets of the Lily The meadow’s a beauteous, bountiful green, / Laid under the sun and its yellowy sheen. / The lily’s orange head whispers as I d… Lily Munroe Lily munroe Easter Lily Featured In Bits and Pieces Thank you so much Bits and Pieces for the feature. Very much appreciated. Lavender Lily Featured Thank you so much Nature’s Wonders for the feature! lilies A renewed spirit. / A replenished soul. / A refurbished heart. Lily With a toss of her curly hair she stepped out into the road and, waggling her hips provocatively she made her way towards the little coffee… My Canna Lily Featured I was so busy writing contratulations to my fellow Former DPF members on their Feature shots, that I did not notice my own was among them. … Madonna Lily-Lilium Candidum – Feature A pure white lily is said to have grown from the tears of Eve as she left paradise. Apology i shake sorrow like frost from limbs, / a stuttering flame / that flickers and gasps and lights again, / see the miracle that i am? Horticulturists will enjoy a laugh about Little L… Little Lily Mickaelmas Palmer. / On the edge of an enchanted forest lived the Palmer family, in a charming wooden home. Little Red Riding H… lily she is ill / her rotting figure fading / but still he loves her “Featured” in Flowers in Macro…… Thankyou everyone who selected “Lily of Love” to be featured in Flowers in Macro. / It has made my day………does… lily vase slowly yet with care / take away this lifeless air / they took away each wilted lily vase / replaced them all with daisy chains / I packed …
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