The cracks in my skin let your light in Running barefoot to you I feel my feet get cut from the pavement / You said give it your best shot and then took everything as I gave it / … Angle of Incidence I’m writing a story. It’s about the things I don’t know. / It’s about a friend of Ginny’s who drinks too much and makes a total dick of him… When you pass the light 2008 09 08 When yo u pass the light, you meet the dark / And in the dark you encounter fear / And the fear begins to speak to you, / And you with it; … THE WAY OF THE MOON I love the way / of the moon, / how she flickers / shadows / on my walls, / streams / her silver paint / through my … The Holding Spell In her spare time / she practices magic / but not the kind / you see on TV. / To the best of my knowledge / she can’t do card tricks,… THE MANY WANTS OF A HUMBLE MAN I want / to amble through the garden of souls / harvest the fruits of well tended thoughts I will love you the length of love’s imagination Cape York Adventure – 2008 Everyone’s experience of the Cape York Peninsula will vary depending on how adventurous you are and the time you have to explore this uniqu… Good Morning, Goodnight, Good Light As the light of Artemis slowly wound around the moon spool / I looked into her face and stared gratitude / for she has warmed my skin on… Water Haiku The water is light A Glimpse of Light My garden is swarming with color / Undulating in the breeze / Singing with madness / Of beauty / There is glass between us / Even though / … ANGELS THAT I SEEK THE ANGELS SHOW ME LIGHT AND STILL I WANT TO HIDE Alone words; and warm sunlight shining, through t… I. / Can you feel the alone words? / Blowing through, like fiberglass stretching / moments into long stale tears, of forgotten, / all too r… one layer gone the light and dark will always be … I know of the art deco pick a part mirror / and the get up to the cock crow thrice / Alexandre Dumas / painted with words a man into an ir… the darker side of light its been so long since I’ve cried / those wretched / acid tears / …how they burn inside / red ink cardinals / circling / spinning / frenzi… Circumnavigation It was dark when the light came / like a memory / like a firefly / like a nerve— / like the last of the fallen angels; / like the most beau… Mind Birds My tongue / is alive / with garden, / climbing the walls / of my mouth, / feeding my mind / with lavender blooms, / twining my feet / to… VOICE: What Will You Spread Today? Have you ever noticed how strange / the human voice is? / Be it spoken, written / or drawn— / rendered as any medium meant / to car… 3 nights in an artistic and mystical city Last week We were on vacation in Safed a small city in the north of Israel. / First, a few words about the hotel we stayed, Ruth Rimonim Sa… Wonder Lies Sleeping ’Neath a Blanket of Li… Night as old as time. Why did everything begin with night, with the darkness? if love makes the heart a puppet: so be it, all b… Love rises, / even when you don’t want it to. / It cannot be buried, hidden, or crushed / by any shovel, shadow, or hammer. / It cannot be … THE WANDERING THOUGHTS OF A SMALL MAN. I sit / in my enclosed garden / watching / the seasons pass by …and then the light of dappled hue embodied… we shake our cloth / upon the breeze / in earth shine now / a heart appease. / friendship’s left / our night is done / count the emp… The light The light is not profundity, / it does not need to search for the right words, / the light reminds me of a bird - / it bursts into view fro… WINGED THOUGHTS winged feet / to glide over unsteady ground flux thick mud runs / where red should reign / upon the thrones of old / forgotten crowns / lie in silence / no hearing for the fold / empty ges… Long For You I long for you to be in a safest place- / a room with summer breeze, / vitrage flying whips on my legs and feet / melting the color … Something Light She wore an electric blue silk negligee / for an invitation only performance / her bed wore crisp white cotton sheets / two fluffed and per… brittle the light in me / flickers dimly today Living Dead Girl Come hold me here / now in the dark. / Warm this corpse / that is my living heart. / For though it beats / it cannot feel / slashed with w… Cold Summer The cold kisses on my bare hands, I first thought was light rain was actually snow. DO YOU REMEMBER? watch you pass / in Time’s dim light / like petals of a dream a summer spell At first I thought everyone could see it. ‘Soon’ Three weeks of light to break me in, and now I’m set apart. / Although Black Friday’s canopy, has swept in wide and low; / mora… SIDE LIGHT discussion of 6 Jan 2010 (Comments &a… Produce striking art, photos, greeting cards, portraits etc., that grab the eye! And really stand out from other artists work! THIEVES OF WORDS midnight raiders / of dream speak, / riding, / seeking / unprotected stray thoughts Penis Prayer Sestina Walk toward the light and discard the cross. / Take up the triangle with your hands / and make a prayer so the Goddess is amused with the p… Shine your light on me shine your light on me / open the curtains of your soul / then you’ll see me too quivering sunlight from the belly There is a risk / when the music comes, / of becoming / as lost as a moment seen / within / the heart of the eyes. / The divine discovery… Butthead Don’t stare at me Letting Go Sleepless under a foreign sky, / Not knowing, or really caring why - / I wandered in the morning light, / While the day was slowly waking u… Full men empty men I. / A whimper gives hope a violent end. / I bid you, come— / like a walnut, cracked and open— / move fast towards the teeth, / like moon… Moonlight Sonata in the palm of a Poet’s hand It’s no accident / that light comes through / like mosaics of windowless panes: / from Sunday hats and prayer bowls— / to screaming in a … Soul Rain Close the curtains against the blinding light / my soul yearns for lingering soft misty rain - / In the flower bed insomnia turns the nigh… Aspects There are many sides to me. Storm Eye I am always / trying / to picture it: / this self-body all / alone / within all of the other / self-bodies / empty; / tired; / alone / in… The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … Eastern Star Were you a guardian angel who kept watch over the helpless mother and Child ? you are my beacon at dusk, when the worlds colors… like a signal fire / beaming from venus the shadow & the nervous white light tell a l… a sad man fashioned an invisible (i want her) umbilical cord out of his desperate desire to discover his dormant feelings. at an undergrou… making love in the sky while the party spins on b… I mix drinks on the roof / (there’s a party going on / below) / but here I am / all alone with the stars / for a hat, / and my heart / in … SEQUINTA AND ERAMETIN We flow in the sap of trees, / light up the celestial grandeur / when a seeker’s gaze looks beyond mortal resignation Will She Ever Know You know…..but Memory Lighter the atmosphere of your will Love Turns Enemies Into Friends Lord / Flood my heart with love toward my enemy / to flush out revenge that is trying to be my friend Growing love in the darkest dark In the dark / there is / only / You / sitting / inside a room / inside / an even darker, / room. / A ruby grows / between cracks in the mou… Lapis inside the sleeve of new moon I found an arm and a leg in my pocket, / along with some loose bric-a-brac / and birds carved of fine china bones; / an entire lost galaxy … The Light House Across a great ocean, in a new discovered land, / Some dreamers, shared a vision, of a land removed from the clouds of darkness. broken things follow the roads made of broken things DO NOT FEAR FALLING….. DO NOT FEAR FALLING INTO THAT PURE LIGHT. / OLD AGE SHOULD ROCK AND ROLL ALONG THE WAY. / AND RAGE AGAINST THE DYING OF THE NIGHT! / THOUGH… Poem 2 of The Alchemy Series: Holding up Worlds It is no wonder / you carry the weight of the world / on your back— / if the sky were falling, / you’d raise up your arms / to hold it, to… Light Adrift within thoughts for an anywhere destination / there is you / The macroscopic easily folds away / into your pocket / Leaves wispin… the Light I gave birth to myself / and was named the Light. HERE I STAND Dreams / ride waves / across oceans, / emotions, / greet new beginnings / with aged thoughts this moment I am reminded / that my life is here, whispering Heart light We witness / our lives / through the filters / of our hearts / and minds… MOONDANCE 1 painted scene in sky tonight The Slingshot Forest Walking through his forest of green grain slingshot trees, boughs stretching out in victory signs he was a young boy again. Light-years Away Light-years away are unknown places; / the truth just can’t be seen from here… Leaves and Light A fondness is like / a leaf on a branch of a tree / or the soft glow of / a candle lit before you… Darkness (The absence of Light) If you tried to explain the concept of light to a man who was born without vision; / The breathtaking colours filling the sky as the sun se… Welcome The Darkness In the dark she sat. In the dark and in the corner. On the floor. Knees to her chest, head on her knees, hands on her head. In the dark… and the light, of the night… I made a bed for you by my fire / And tended you when you were low / I rubbed your tired shoulders with listen / You massaged my fingers wi… Metamorphosis Unfurling gently in the soft, late sun, / they shyly extend their fingers… suicide a broken vase / dying roses / on the edge of insanity / walking between / the lines drawn / each row straight / falling to the right / fa… In the presence of love When daylight dims, moves aside for veil of night and sleepless ghosts of old and fear and loneliness all drift in faceless visions; it’s t… Leave The World In Light You can give what’s been given / A thousand times over / The gift of itself will repeat / Reuse its body as a vessel / Meant to be shared w… sydney & astrid (erotica) (Mature) My Light my light shines / more controllably / as I / understand / more fully / its true essence Moth Sequence No camouflage here for you / Your barked wings offer no cover, / On a porcelain tile above the cistern / Blue really isn’t your colour; The Slingshot Forest Talks Appearing taller in his dreams one by one he faced them, now no bigger than the small boy who blinked back tears. He was so scared each … I AM HUNGRY! my soul / rumbling / for a slice of light / sprinkled with feathered clouds Prayers for Isis This is the sweet tabby kitty so many people on RedBubble have fallen in love with. / Her name is Isis and she is pure magic / My poor lit… From Light To Black The light is now fading to black – my eyelids are coming unattached snapshot if it’s light that illuminates longing / that reveals the soft-edged shadows / the winding heart trail / of yearning / your gentlene… Sandalwood, Frankincense Shoes My shoes are on dreams of feet / heading in different directions. / Each one / pausing / in mystic doorways / of scented Myrrh oil / cu… IT TAKES ONLY ONE WORD It takes only one word / to say nothing so beautifully / as to wake up the soul. The Edge Of Night The enemy’s delusion is thick / so walk by faith and not by sight The Candle’s flicker.. The candle’s wild pretentious flicker / licking faintly across your pale skin / giving light to the map, that is softly you. / Baskin… l’alimentation de ma lune avec l’amour Stalk me where I sleep. / Plant pearl white roses / at a crown of stone; / catch me before dark / in little white lies / while ravens peck … She Stood In The Window’s Light.. She stood in the window’s light / lavished in the morning sun. / Points high, firm and pert / I was distracted. Tip for Photographing Aurora Borealis, North Ligh… Tips for photographing Aurora Borealis / North light in Tromso, Norway There is an Angel. I feel safe here, drifting towards the light open windows in the void, lights from the rubble … Surrounding the pillar of red ocher dust with just / the one blighted window / three-quarters / of the way / up— / where flocks of white… A Poem – Half Lit Room But kamikaze princess not content with happy ending, / Like a deer in the headlights; relationship pending. TOTAL ELCIPSE…dedicated to the artist of re… The black hole in the center was me pushing myself back into the light and life
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