songs of spine & salt brush my hair aside / & read the stories in my bones life after love A story of love… lust… stars… spacedust… life…death… lies… trust… man… god… and us the book of blood and snow She dotted her i’s with little circles. / I fucking hate that. My Spirit’s Bench Once in a time when in quiet / My spirit winged, away it flew / It found its way to a garden / Gentle greens sleeping, timeless hue Never Knowing Much One moment allows the seeds opening crack and in that same / instant / grows a forest / How can we ever believe we know much? / Words serv… This is Me It all started one night while I was sitting and thinking on my balcony. / The balcony of my great, little apartment. / It had been buildin… I Breathe I will not die a second before I am dead. The Mare Her teats are still warm, and warm my hands as I milk her. She died about an hour ago but still has one last thing to give. This milk is pr… There’s not a person in the world… . “We’re Only Human” Think about it…If we have enough power to destroy the world / Why don’t we have enough power to save the world / But yet We… ALL IN ONE LIFE it takes heart / to see / love / in an agitated world, ventilator I whisper you stories / without an end / hoping the anticipation / will keep you hanging, on Syria This is a story that can only start in the middle because it has no beginning or end. / Damascus 1988 or thereabouts, that is the middle. T… WHAT I REPRESENT ………..(KOLLAB W… MARKEZZACKUI / . / RICARDO PEREZ JR. / . / TRENCHTOWNROCK I am the whale of poems And I am just the whale of poems / And you hate poems My Life Without Sleep Sleep is a stranger to me, / Once her familiar touch caressed me daily. / Where has she gone, that I may be left, / Alone. / Cold thick s… her lips all I could think about was her scent. And how much better she would smell, closer to me IF (a poem) IF / Rain / September 08th 2005 / If I were you and you were me / Would we be the same us that others see? / If eagles were buzzards and b… The End Life was just one big beginning. But all beginnings must come to an end. to the year of water off my back I saw written on my palm / One word Nothing Feels Better Nothing feels better than loving. / Nothing. / I have a memory of the sly details of deception / I would lay on me heart, / But I am old no… No me in meek If you should pass me by / On this busy street called life / Be sure not to push me the steps of my shadow I’m walking here with nothing to hide / I’m feeling i m alike the clown that whom walking in the steps of my shadow / Empty e… Can you love, like this? The rain never tells the earth / “you cannot live without me”. All this in the name of love Love abandons you helpless on a dark road / Hurling drunken abuse as it screams away Awash Things have been changing / Things have been shifting / It started with some internal unrest / It showed as an external revolt / Like the f… Teen Suicide. This is the story of a girl / Who never knew the way. / Her life was a living hell / Yet she smiled everyday. / Deep down inside she cried … Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is go… If people can be remembered after their lives pass on, / Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone? Gingerbread Innocence I know I loved your innocence. blood moons and blackberry tea My mouth is full of blood moons: / too many to count / to many to see— / feeding my baby Buddha with petrol and / “Gosh, ain’t she pr… Download illusion, Upload Life and Universe…… The pen was mightier than the sword, but silicon chips / can, and will, upload all / Megabyte, Kilobyte, Gigabyte….. / Minute, Second… Nice girls and the Not so Very Nice All the nice girls / with the right curls / following their hearts / The ones with no dents in their head / Adventures of snow peaks and re… Geeky Girl Ruminates on Rural Landscape Why is my name under the glorious green tree, / and not me? For my mother…. …without the experience of sadness we cannot fully appreciate the joys of llfe……. Great Chapters in The Bible – Genesis 2 &am… So who will the woman believe, God or the serpent? / We all have to believe something. that room in my head in my head there is a room / and only I have the key / there’s a deep wood in there / and a wide open desert too / embraced by the bi… REAL LIFE ALARM. Short story. A call in the night. When we race in for an alarm call, she doesn’t stop for red-lights. Swine Flu Virus – H1N1 – Alert, Treat… Swine influenza (swine flu- H1N1) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza but if you survive you will lose at least 10… you you inspire me to be brave in my sadness / you have forged words to be my crossing bridge / you lean over like the willow to shade me whe… On A Warm Night In Spring (Newcastle City Personi… On A Warm Night In Spring / Can you feel me watching over you / Can smell the fresh sea air / Do you feel the mellow heat / Yours to enjoy Life Choices Choices often leave me inspired, bewildered or shattered / some are serendipitous, adventurous, liberating, / OR Flights of a homing pigeo… Great Chapters in the Bible – Joshua 1 Jos 1:8 This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night,… for then thou shalt … ANGELS THAT I SEEK THE ANGELS SHOW ME LIGHT AND STILL I WANT TO HIDE Today Today is a good day to just love Women Who Fuck Like Men: An Essay Concerning the … (Mature) Cheeky..Bum — Wow a Bummer! by Sunil Sharma Are you a Bum or Bummer !! Glad if you are ….. Keep reading, if not come back later when you are.. / A very houmrous melody….to… Great Chapters in the Bible – Ephesians 2 Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: / Eph 2:9 Not of works, lest any man… Guitar Love I gasp for air / screaming with ecstasy / shout louder Shaking and Sober I’m tripping someone’s given me uppers / and I’m just a tea toddler with no basis for comparison / the world is flying flying / and I’m sit… I HATE THE HATERS Here I stand in hatred, / I hate the haters / I hate the liars / I hate… / Everyday I hate I see more of it / I don’t believe seeing life a… 50 things in a day in the life o puppies its a dugs life! / 1 sometime between dad goin tae bed an 6 am yin o us pees in the kitchen / 2 6.05 am hide under table when dad comes do… You think you know me but all you see are your ow… Carry my body past the dead / hanging / from the hook in your eyes: / suck me all in— / my sun, my moon, / the silver sky fish in a s… Great Chapters in the Bible – Romans 8 Rom 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? In Memory Of Her Skin an eye was trying to see internal bruising / she shuts her eyes / the candles shed a soft glow on her face / pleading eyes.. / she shed no… Plato was right to argue that there is life after… Plato was a dualist, meaning that he believed that humans are composed of two elements, body and soul; two seperate entities; a corporeal … black ink Black ink. I love it it better than blue / I’ll write with it my note to you / it shall begin with a polite “could” / an… Burning Father Love’s naked and bare Mother gives. / Still … life embodies hope within all. / We are beyond releasing comes. The Other-Siders I didn’t think about the fact that my imaginary hook wouldn’t make a splash until I noticed it not make a splash… LIFE (AND DEATH) IN THE TALUS FIELD LIFE (AND DEATH) IN THE TALUS FIELD / ©Jay Ryser / Wildlife, Landscape, and Nature Photography Online Magazine / To the … The Circle of Life by Sarah Taylor (16 yrs) I often find myself gazing out my window, oblivious to my surroundings, watching the crystal clear water roll up the sand, it’s what … Living… not every love will last forever / some will be lost and disappear / but it will not change the fact / of what was given What is reality? Darkness subsides and a dream-like effect / Takes over my being, in every aspect. / So light, so free and yet so confused / As to where I a… Life in a gas mask It was hard to live your life with a gas mask on. / Distorting the words you wanted to really say and clouding the sights you wanted to see… The Log Splitter You could see him grimace every now and again as he worked. In the afternoons he worked alone. What a Life A dogs Life / So this is my new home,…..This looks great,….What a huge yard they have. / I guess those other guys are adopted t… Jumping Up And Down On The Inside Feeling that adrenaline surge / Jumping on the inside Disrupt Don’t come near me unless you want to be disrupted. / I will: / Upturn a cliche and write it to a new form / Eradicate generalisation… Live, Love Life and Dream Why live life in the fast lane / watching life pass you by? / Why make complicated problems? / Slow down and SIMPLIFY Ballerinas & Stuff No, there is no extract for you. / This is a long tale by RB standards. Only read it if you really want to. / However – it contains b… Great Chapters in the Bible – Ephesians 1 Eph 1:7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace; Mind Birds My tongue / is alive / with garden, / climbing the walls / of my mouth, / feeding my mind / with lavender blooms, / twining my feet / to… GENTLE STEPS go easy / walk the gentle steps You Get That… Do you ever feel glum / Like the world’s closing in Cornish Miners And they shed the miner’s collar / With education, not a lucky strike. Hanging colour, creating a life wall at the end of my day / when all my colourful plates / have been smashed / and their constituent pieces / mortared into a fresco / I won… Break Up I did it / It killed me Histories and I hated her / and how she was a better person than me / sometimes it’s too late to learn A day in the life… The doorbell rings just as I’m feeding my hair, and for one teeny moment I forget, and open the door without putting on my glasses fi… if love makes the heart a puppet: so be it, all b… Love rises, / even when you don’t want it to. / It cannot be buried, hidden, or crushed / by any shovel, shadow, or hammer. / It cannot be … God’s Wings After a forest fire in Yellowstone National Park, forest rangers began their trek up a mountain to assess the inferno’s damage. / One… phantasmagoria the wind blew through gaps at the top and bottom of the door / the life dragged on interminably / a bone of contention between heart and mi… An insight gained from a life lost It’s unclear how it started but it’s come to an end / The death of someone I didn’t know; the death of a friend / Regardless of our underst… The Healing Process It’s like the beginning all over again, / adding salt to open wounds. / For I had grown stronger, / forgetting the past. / My safety … Old Brown Boots Harsh hard bush lands on which I’ve had to muster / And the paper bark forests supplying me with shelter Snapshot of a Dad ‘Why did you do that?’ he shouted. ‘You promised you would stop and yet you keep on doing it!’ / ‘No, I, don’t!’ she said with as muc… Celebrate the Earth: Its Joys and Cruelties In Ev… This piece is largely inspired by Nietzsche’s celebrated maxim, included in the title, as well as section #341, in Book VI of The Gay… The Artist Two streets down from broken: / his eyes are / all the bread he needs; / his mind all the fire / he breathes; his hands, / but a thimble of… Notes on The tree of Life The cypress tree’s mythology is extensive; from Japan and China across Europe and over to the Americas from Oregon to Costa Rica. It is tho… Running on Empty expressions of life.. MASTURBATION STATION: Chapter Two. MASTURBATION STATION / At the small desk in her bedroom she tried to focus, Stay positive, use your time creatively, don’t become bitter, a… Private moments But when the sweet war / of making love was over, I am the Bride… Deep in my dreams… / A thought… / Of a different world… / I’m going in… / A different world… / I’… If Life asked you to dance, would you say yes? I want to know…..what do you ache for? / What is it that your heart longs for and desires? / Do you ever let your mind float away lik… Daddies And Sons daddies and sons they like the same things / chocolate chip cookies and flying machines Great Chapters in the Bible – Index This is a reference list of Great Chapters in the Bible a series that I am writing. / Here you can find links to each writing that is publi… Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election
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