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Never Just One Rainy Day (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland River of Deceit by Rhonda Strickland Shadowhaunt: Love Lies Bleeding by Flynnthecat FUCKING SPLITTING HEADACHE by JaneAParis Keeping Secrets by Anji Johnston Charade by Mario Sánchez Nevado Where I End and You Begin by Heather King

Behind Your Mask

Nobody knows when you smile for the crowd

lies, all lies

Another stupendous stuff up under my belt. Some more self flagellation for the heck of it. Sometimes I embarrass myself from being so weak.
Lies by Sybille Sterk


Love may be forgotten but it never dies / but a broken heart will tell you lies.
chosen one by Heather King THE ELEMENTS  by SNGLTANG The world is full of evil, lies, pain, and death and you can’t hide from it.  You can only face it.   The question is when you do, how do you respond, who do you become?  Coulson by ImaFangirl Love Lies Bleeding by Amy Grace


Getting ready for my day, / I viewed the television. / I surmised that tv in general, / And especially commercials / Promise good times, / …

Reverting to Type

Your care in felling game does not extend / to felling members of your species. / You brought me down with no straight shot; / no clean ki…

Life based on lies

My wings have been clipped / Holes punched through / I can no longer fly / I am no longer free.


…mary said, with a very angry shake of her head / twisting her neck completely sideways / to look you straight in the f’ing eye…


There’s no tears shed on this ground / That hasn’t been there before / Or blood / That hasn’t carelessly been spilt / All…

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #3

A sexual waking and the romantic quaking / to touch less …

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #1

The earn of love’s lasting … / The spirit of naked soul / pleasures. (A CRITICAL THREAD POEM)

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #2

Here there is a pungent spirit. / Lips stick to my soul’s listen. / And the body of this …

work in progress

i cannot find the shade of blue / with which to paint my heart

lies (poem)

it’s all lies / the pretty faces / hiding ugly truths / the bright eyes / drawing you in / to make you believe in / meaningless chat…
crushed by vampvamp

The Betrayal

The door breathed open quietly / in a most civilized manner / just for a moment, / just long enough to admit the saboteur.
crushed by vampvamp

Bidding Starts At 20

20 dollars starts the bidding / For my broken heart. / “25!” Do I hear a 30? / It’s fairly new, / But in bad shape. / …

Breathless Deception

The trees start to undress / And shed their lifeless skin, / As they spread their arms to embrace / The coldness from within. / The air tur…

I Believed

I believed, / all the words I said to him / All the words sliding out of my mouth / were true. / All the thoughts thrown out in the open li…

Waiting for Wonderful

Just a while longer and she can finally be / When the right look is on / And the sun makes her glow / Designer shoes that she wears will br…
package of lies by evon ski

Game of a lover’s heart and lies.

Oh you look so pretty in pain, / when you start to loose at your own game, / you thought you go on forever, / pretending he’s your so…

Black Hole

To live on the event horizon / Drifting soundlessly / Along blurred gates of hell
Reality In All Forms by Jenny Gunter Photo .0: Let Me See Through Eyes Made of Stone by R. E. Nixon TORTURE SUR LA TABLE by JaneAParis

My Love

And I will die trying to hold onto you, / Because you take my breath away…




And they keep you in a cage…

Your Simple, Miserable Life

I’ll smile as they all let you burn. / Cheering as each flame engulfs you hollow fucking heart. / So rot in hell… / Maybe that …

The Final Blow That Kills…

I opened myself up / and I let it all out. / I told you everything / because I had no doubts. / Now I’m left with nothing; / so rejec…

Feathers in my pillow, from birds that fly free&#…

Feathers in my pillow, from birds that fly free… / Remnants of my life that used to be…


A peom I wrote for a cheating boyfriend. I’m sure most people can relate. Hope you like it.

Brief gratificaion……….. non sat…

They said believe it…. believe it! / And for a brief moment she did

Does This Make Sense?

Hear the good news? / Im dieing inside / Wait lets correct that / Im dead to the core / Nothing I can do to take it back. . .

Top 10 Lies I Tell Myself to Keep From Feeling Hi…

~yeah, his lie was bigger than mine / ~he’ll want to talk to me after all this time…

I can’t share it with you

I can’t always share / Because the truth is too scary / And I don’t want to hurt you / By letting you in.

Higher Power

Our loyalties should lie within ourselves. / Our pride should be abounding. / Our voices should be heard.


loathing me / loathing you / and the hell / you put me through / your sorry excuse for love / my believing somehow i deserved your cruelty …

the view

can you question my torturing or / see reasoning behind everything?

Too Close

“I know. I’m sorry about Jai.” / “No need, James. Jai will be fine. He’ll be okay,” he repeats as he continues the a mani…

On the Flipside

People say, “pictures paint a thousand words.” / They also claim, “actions speak louder than words” or some bogus l…


I feel so guilty / Knowing what I did to you / And what I once was to you / I gave you back life / Because you were ruined / I fixed you / …

Mingled As We Are

“The quiet reflection, follows a deafening sound, / Motionless as the world moves through us…”


i am the monster / i have / no choice / no voice / iamburningaliveicannotthelpitisurvivei’mscreaminginside / ipraythatiam…

When I used to drink.

Tessa had surgery on a quiet Sunday afternoon. While they cut her I kissed Janet and told her I loved her. It’s so easy to love when you’re…



Work of Ages

In such a small time came the work of ages, / The stories of our minds written down on pages.

A Lesson In Chances Learned

I am getting really drained / From all this heartache and pain / That is always in my view / Every time I look at you / We were lovers for …

Lies And Guys Left Her To Die

I never knew you could make / Someone so innocent break / Into an empty hard shell / Why’d you put her through this hell / That left …
Exposed by 324heathers I feel your pain... by stoneham

Your Democracy

all the manipulations you had absorbed
Urban Lies by Kelli Dubay Contempt by Heather King Whoever is spared personal pain must feel himself called to help in diminishing the pain of others. We must all carry our share of the misery which lies upon the world. by Quotr

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