Not a Toy! I am not a / marionette / with strings / for you to pull / to twitch your fingers / to make me jerk / this way and that Democratic Choice In Party U.S.A. . Nothing to Something How long do we leave the fridge door open letting out the cold air? Statue of Liberty, New York, USA (1884 – 1886) / ENGLISH / Client: People of France / Author: Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi / Height without stand: 46.05 meters / Hei… the blockade (PG) Caged in, trapped / There’s no going. / Within the compound, / At beckon call / For all but I. Goose of the Liberty Why for the wolf do I worry / When he walks with the lambs…? / …’Coz I love him! Spinning it you force others to / live your reality / negating life, love, memory / and space / with a push of a button / and a finger in our face. / y… What is Liberty? Freedom to Read, Freedom to Write, / Freedom to Laugh, Freedom to Fight. / Freedom to Dance, Freedom to Save, / Freedom to Spend, Freedom t… Liberty of Possession my intention / spreads Inside of You like a Fire. / unstoppable thought of wanting / captivates my mind, / holds my breath, / keeps your un… At the beginning… and now Life… to live and be equal to all others. / Liberty… freedom from control, having independence. / A right to pursue happiness&… Ten Commandments According to George Here is a list of laws that are necessary as I see it. / 1. You may own and carry guns, but you may not kill me with them. / 2. I may have … Jean Charles de Menezes Part II It behoves us all to remember that in the immediate time period following the death of Mr de Menezes, HighTimes!! the Fear / OF NOT FEARING / Is Too Strong… Liberty ?? You’re all at liberty / But some-one got the call A Coffee Dream When I slept I dreamed of justice / In the mission charity line I spoke with others like me / we had our dreams stolen by ruthless , cleve… To the Genie of Liberty, by Jose M Heredia Genie of Liberty, my voice implores you! / In all climates your invincible breath / scattered life and light, health and glory. / For you w… Watched over by Lady liberty herself I sat upon an eagle of roaring / power of smoothness, / Way above the evening clouds / twinkle lights glowing far below, / I arrived withi… Republic Plunk down/ mid-step among political/ eyes HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Just a thought that is directed at no one in particular, only most. Suffice to say if the shoe fits… / All day I’ve been readin… liberty cap and the latin mass in ritual fires ignite inside illusions / relived diabolical ideas burnt as effigies / praying to beseach in unblemished sacrifice / in … ~ Borrow Your Lady ~ …. So please may I borrow your Lady / To help me light my way …. Darwin Knew Close your eyes take a deep breath / What do you see? There is something very familiar / Time suddenly stops, warmth engulfs the whole envi… “A Breathing Liberty” Love is not always / Flowing and even— / But it is, binding; / The matrix of every / Core element— / Keeping the sky up / And t… MY COMPUTER When I am on my computer, I feel free / Free from the abuse of the world and others… Liberty Liberty, Freedom to Follow Your Path. We the People God bless America / Where the flag still waves / O’er the land of the free / The home of the brave my song as it strings me along… / to distract me from my song liberty by Jose M Heredia When the Creator with gigantic hand / over its axis he put the Earth, / perhaps he proposes himself to form man / Coward, serf or criminal … sans masque Sans masque! / Whenever you ask her how do you do? / She answer i´m fine and i´m relaxed. / Her smile never left her face. / But… she wa… It’s that simple from pulpits / vote. / or drink / don’t think / his cup of morali-tea / simmered in 2000 / seasons / giving reasons / stoning solutio… civil disobedience group? civil disobedience, government, law, illegal, legal, cookies, candy, freedom CONSUMED TEARSOR NEW DAY FOR LIBERTY You do not have to sell yourself, / To buy love from others! / His blood has paid the price! The Pianist Come play the low notes of my soul / before the top notes sound hollow, / are wasted, / on a song without bass / on a life without depth. Fleece – noun & verb “Church In Financial Meltdown” ‘Far Away’ From beneath ornate arches in the flowering gardens, on the southern banks of the river of light; to the gentle slopes of the regal memoria… Lady Liberty A nation of what used to be hope / A nation of what used to be freedom / A nation that was founded on moral values / A nation that is falli… LIBERTY What is Liberty? / Is it what they tell me to do / or what I want to do? / Is it given by things / or by feelings? / What is Liberty? / Is … Free Bashful, wishful, playful and bubbly / Something, wishful playful and bubbly / Freedom, it’s a place, state and nation / See-dom, it’s safe… Seagreen Copper She is the sound of or our lies. Lies Of Liberty . Liberty hot air blowing from small pockets of society, suppressed by special forces Quality of Life for the Illusion of Safety…Bad Tr… By: George A, Yesthal / Even though the occasional terrorist attack is way less of a threat than the government, TSA and Homeland Security … “Liberty” ’When the despotic rule, hopes and dreams of the people lie in ruin." Love is the Mother of Invention American war machine; / They’re rakin’ in the green… / Wall Street, / The Pentagon. / All around the world where / Our fl… Liberty and Terror Liberty / Democracy only works if the citizenry remain vigilant in their pursuit of self-reliance, education, and community involvement. … TMT :New Orleans The sky is dark and the air carries some tension, / In New Orleans the street prep for relaxation. / The houses slept with the human swe… Still, but Strong M’lady, is that torch you hold, for me? / Or, is it for all wandering souls Liberty For All To set us all free, it’s liberty for all Lady Liberty Where is your crown / Lady Liberty? / Who has taken it / From your once proud head? / Who has dared / To dim your torch / Held high for be… California To our Children’s children what will we say… SOCIAL LIBERTY EQUILIBRIUM MOVEMENTS   / “ A foe to the sun went on the roof closed his eyes and said the sun has died” /   / - shams of tabriz /   / Some of the placement of t… Love & the Liberty of Life Love Is Eluded empty and torn ,hopeful and ponderous Cold yet warm,The luminescent / power of the eternal light..Finding our happiness..All… Liberty’s Plea ~ I wrote this soon after 9/11. I remember feeling comforted that the Statue of Liberty still stood proud… We The People Another year is about to close its doors… Arrows and Olive Branches there are dark outlines hanging in the sky / and they ever keep a watchful eye / yes they ever keep a watchful eye… / there are barbe… A Golden Orator of Nothing Verbal expressions never ceased to rake in unending appeal. The uproars fed me the sustenance my malevolence needed to breath. The 3 L’s Life has meaning / Love has meaning / Liberty has meaning Liberty and Responsibility The fundamental challenge in answering political ideology questions is making the distinction between what choices you personally will make… Liberty Dimension: 11”X14” stretch bar canvas / Medium: Windsor & Newton Oils / Liberty / New Castle, July 4, 1878 / or a hundred years the pul…

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