lets get lost tonight Creaking, they rattled like bones and threatened to throw us off, but we held on tight, clutching each others skeletons to stay locked in o… Lets hear it for the hosts! I have no idea how they do it / me? I would totally screw it / first the decisions / then some revisions / then features are posted –… Dorothy Lets One Rip – a mini musical Ok. Dorothy has just walked in the front door and tried to close it as quietly as possible. Waiting in the hall, arms folded, foot tappin… Lets talk about my weight… I’m the kind of girl that can gain weight just by being in the same general vicinity of an apple pie… Lets play pretend Can we, for just one moment, / Pretend that we are together? / Can we play pretend for one night? / And dance in the light of the moon. / W… Lets Spoon! U’re room? / My room! / U’re shrooms / My tunes / My plume / U’re doom / U boom / I’ll swoon / U spoon / I’ll… Lets Play Foot See My mother leaned over and experienced the cold stare of the emotionless eyeball………. she lets the sheeps in she lets the sheeps in / and hopes desire for the wolf / abates…. Lets Run Away Lets run away / Just you and I / Free from reality / and the judging eye “Celebrate” Lets Celebrate ….Le… Celebrate Life Recover Happiness And Joy Lets get descriptive, shall we There are so many reasons why I can’t be with you / why I don’t want to / but there’s just something about the way you / play with my hair… LETS FLIP STREET AWARENESS Lets Get NASTY! (Mature) Lets stay captives © siki dlanga / If You ever find me uncaptivated / If You ever find me in the streets unchained / Know that I am not free / Know that I am … lets make a love story Give me a smile, / ill give you the moon and stars. / bottle up your laughter, / save it just for me; / let me revel in its melody. / give … Lets Go Home I had always seen Emily as an angel, a guardian, my protector… After Cleaning will somebody give me a “sweet dreams”? Lets Play Pretend Yeah, that’s better, now go out and flirt, / Put on the make-up, pull on the skirt, / Pretend I’m okay, that I know I’m hot, / Flaunt all t… In a chance … .. it was unseen, no matter how it twisted, no matter how it gleamed. / “Not a chance!” they’d shout and swear, before sh… LET’S DANCE Did you hear the beat / Get on your feet / Let’s dance / We can prance / Now together one two three / Just follow me / This is a new … LETS CLEAN UP I DONT LOOK AT MYSELF AS BEING RACIST. I DONT SEE COLOR AS MUCH AS I SEE ATTITUDE. THE PITTY PITTY ME MY FAMILY WERE SLAVES CRAP IS WAY OVE… lets take this slow like a summer walk, enjoy the… It / was / just / a hand / just / a / [hand I wanted to hold] / I am so / collected / from this side of / the / desk / but what do I do / … Lets talk about the difference without Your love / i’d be a hollowed out tree / i’d only be / an / illusion of me / without Your love / my soul / would be mor… Lets Play Hooky from Life To Look into your eyes, is to look into your Soul. Lets us Praise the Words of Love Her jealousy was a sickness that ate at her very soul, with each re-occurrence of cancer riddled body; Lets Take A Day A warm sunny day provides the backdrop / For us to have a meeting beneath the tree tops / The smell of the grass, the sounds of the city You make life like we make bread/ lets go in circ… I think You’re fixing everything / I think I’m someone else / I think the garbage man just left with my / heart of stone / so I… Love Lets Go . GREEN LIFE: LETS MAKE A CHANGE Eventhough this being said I agree that in this modern world we have advanced so much that it is sometimes impossible to live without these… Lets make it Real Simple Life is a Religion / in all its shapes and forms / Its symbol is simple also a sphere / What ever runs life and the 3d Universe simply does… lets say Lets say I didn’t believe in the sun anymore / That I refuse to be part of this machine dropped out tapped in became a number a / Number s… Lets laugh a bit. It’s pretty funny, but I’l let you decide. Lets Play Oops what a cheat Lets Dance Across the Meadows Lets dance across the meadows / Through a wonderland of green, Give me wings draw me a picture / a picture of me / a picture of your favorite creation / of your favorite friend, please. / i want to be as real as you.… lets wrap your arms around me / like youll never let me go / pull me into you / so i can feel each breath you take / let your kiss linger / if… Lets Never Give Up No more, no more / Of this screaming / Exotic creeping demons / Riping out / Eating my soul / Enchanted / Lovers at once / Dance in the moo… Now you are thirty lets count the years in music… Take that ‘relit your fire’ and Robbie’s ‘angels’ wowed the crowds. / Are those rumours true or false that he is not so well endowed? lets all curse now shall we? (Mature) LETS GET THIS MAN OUT OF THE STREETS <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></pa… Lets Just Be Friends – For L***a (the beautiful) For everything / I have ev’r known / In my heart Lets just forget Yea you forgot.. all the time that we both spent / All the nights.. That I hade spent.. thinking of you.. / And all the things.. you use… lets see stop playing with me / let me in / don’t pull me in / and turn me out / in the same breath / just enjoy the love / wait two weeks / a… Lets Tell It How It Is …I finish this with a final few words. No matter what you think of what I do, don’t judge me because of it, let me be, and come to y… Lets Pretend Just an echo when there’s no one there, / A broken shell, a hollow stare. / A playground left completely bare. Lets hold onto this, so stay awhile. Lets skip along the empty street, / Lets laugh with all the friends we meet. / Lets kiss under the clear blue sky. / Lets go through life n… Lets Share Blessed the humans and their lives a bliss, / Soiled the hearts are at bay to kiss! / Can be measured and that lacks life is meager and mat… Lets live for the now. “Tomorrow is but another day- / Let’s live for the now.” Lets Fund Grant Writing Classes Why not fund grant writing programs. Lets Things get better with each passing day, / There aren’t so many things to say, / Yes it slows my production of writings, / But I&#… Lets Give Love A Try When the right one comes along / You can’t just let it pass by / You may be the one / So lets give love a try Lets find paradise Tell me you love me you love me, / And play with my hair. / Sing me a sweet melody / And always be there. Lets go Feel that song that gets you high / Breathe this air that makes you fly / Splash through this world / Let your mind / And mine become whirl… come on, lets do this day had unwound, / its only remains a thin feint stain, / westward at my shoulder. / and it had cooled too, / as the houselights burn, / fi… Lets Hitchhike to the Moon Lets Hitch hike to the Moon / Lets ride the night / Lets surf the sky / Mi amor lets reach the moon tonight / Just close your… Lets discuss somrthing about the private investor… Some cash loaning programs are more common than others. Some basic popular programs include protected economical loans, little economical l…

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