Lesson 1 by nymphadora48 lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev Getting a lesson in falconry by Margaret  Hyde Young Art Student by Joyce Bardic Shield “As above, so below! / From tiny courageous seed, mighty strength will grow. I declare… “My basic Human Rights (including health care) supersede any individual’s, entity’s or group’s right to profit.R… lesson of biking by Valeriu Buev The Guitar lesson beautiful guitar / i bathe u in the water / so u are now no more good / i will be safe that way / and / no more music teacher! / the music … A Lesson in Faith Learn from a woman who for twelve years… lesson of music by Valeriu Buev A lesson in Geometry by jujubean lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev It’ late… A tired man, / In his prime, / dying… / Adding his totals, / lying… / To himself, / He knows his worth. / Bleeding, / with no s… Another lesson… Mumble and / Mutter had a / Conversation / In which they / Wished for Understanding The flying lesson by buttonpresser lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev lesson by Valeriu Buev Autumnal tapestry by jchanders anatomical lesson by Ruud van Koningsbrugge Swimming lesson by daffodil 11 Months, 4 Days, 9 Hours & Pocket Change But a serpent strangled the lie I believed / Before the whisper should reach my lips Music Lesson by AlbertoArni "  The Lesson  " by fortner Daring to Reach Higher by Kellice Love hurtzzz by ShellySays BALLET LESSON by Camerin lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev Two by leapdaybride Lesson One by reveries Two kinds of Breaks… “There are only two kinds of Breaks in life. / They are Ups and Downs. / That’s Breakups and Breakdowns…" / Sam Dant… freedrawinglesson 6 by miandza lesson of music by Valeriu Buev A Lesson in DOF by Virginia N. Fred Thank you… You have made me stronger… Thank you… You have made me stronger… lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev One day, a lesson missed by clickinhistory Moon Gazing by tandoor Eloise Le Blue has a lesson for you, never give u… On the surface she was sweet as sugar, but underneath, she was pure unadulterated grit and determination… A spelling lesson by abigcat Geography teacher by stuwdamdorp lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev Quiet Observation Music floated / on the background air… / Under the window sash… / And over the dresser of economical perfumes / and sparkling … Sometimes you should… “Sometimes you don’t because you think you shouldn’t when you really should have. Other times you do it anyway when you r… lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev Erosion Lesson by Kay Kempton Raade Lone Cherry by Shane Shaw Almost lost Niko well Friday I took Niko to Cherry Beach, near downtown Toronto which is our Friday ritual --- anyway we were playing at the shoreline when … lesson of music by Valeriu Buev Guitar's lesson by becks78 The Hard Way by mobii Petals of Patience “That’s it, just like that. Good! Now hold your thumbs together and aim for the center. Press gently, but firmly, and start sinking a well.” NIGHT FAIRY TRENNA   ( Lesson I) by Spiritinme Flying lesson No 1 by Bernie Stronner Standing Alone by vigor A piano lesson by Purplesunset3 Things I Learned from B-Movies #6 by monsterfink Lesson 3 Scarcity The universal law of Attraction Maton Lesson by Di Jenkins First Piano Lesson by Gilberte Voices from the Forest ~ Dreams of Moonlight on W… Wash away your woes in my healing embrace… Young Musician by Maria Dryfhout lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev The Dance Lesson by Ginny Schmidt Golf lesson 1 by RoseRigden Flying Lesson  by jobanana lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev Silhouette Paint-By-Numbers by mobii Life Lesson version 2.0 by wallcan Math Lesson - Two halves equal One!!! by Pat Herlihy lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev learning to lean by Clare McClelland Lesson: How to fly by Bluesrose Ready for our lesson by Tom Miles The Lesson by 3rdCulture English is Weird (english lesson No 2) …there is no egg in eggplant or ham in hamburger. / …there is no apple or pine in pineapple. / …English muffins werenR… Learn This Early in Life and LIVE? REallY! by RealPainter Riding Lesson by AngelPhotozzz lesson of music by Valeriu Buev Grooming Lesson by lynn carter Tango  by scarlet james a lesson in boxing (joe galzaghe) by cool3water How To Love Better Loving better The Orthography Lesson by kilmann Sitting Pretty - Painting Of Young Ballet Dancer by Ballet Dance-Artist History repeating and fashion recycling by meredithjean a lesson in pollenation by VickiOBrien Sitar Lesson by Harry Oldmeadow Singing at the Crossroads in the Shadow of Your S… Remember, you too are divine,and worthy of praise… Lifes Lesson Lifes Lesson / Blackness it consumes me / It eats at mind, my body and my soul / And still I survive / Why / Is there something that is my … lesson of flying by Valeriu Buev lesson of biking by Valeriu Buev Baking Lesson by phil decocco Little Girls First Lesson in Ice Skating by Jo Nijenhuis The Rules For Being Human 8. What you make of your life is up to you. / You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice… The lesson of growing up So small, so tall / It happens so fast, / that you don’t remember what happened last / But I can guess what happened… / All the…
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