My Dog Ate My Lesson Plan by mobii Keep Calm and Pretend it's on the lesson plan by careers maths formula by naphotos maths formula by naphotos Today's Lesson by KC Art Piertotum Locomotor by Fiona Boyle The Angry Teacher by Liam Liberty Dirty Little Secret (Mature) Karma’s a bitch: love comes whether you see it or… Feed me to the lions— / God knows I / would do the same / for you. / If not you, / than who, my love? / Who better than to gift me / a de… maths formula by naphotos Scales of Balance ~ a poetic discussion on Creatu… Silently I slide along, measuring Creation with my scales. / You must listen closely to hear my sibilant song / for there is Wisdom, Magic,… Beauty Within ~ A poetic discussion of Creature T… Scarlet and gold cover the land / warm spicy scents fill the air, / mountain laurel and rich earth, / as Bounty spills forth and fills wait… Quartet in Moonlight ~ Song of the Steadfast As a sunset, it fades and another voice lifts / like an oboe’s sweet tones, / this Teacher’s voice drifts… Quartet in Moonlight ~ Charmed Prince of the Wood… Magic, Invisibility, and the Shifting of shape. Oft-times I am little more than a clever charming Shadow against a Dreamscape… The Hunter by Reynaldo Feeling Large in a Land of Giants I was very proud and grateful that I had such clever parents who knew the proper way to act around little girls and small animals. Bardic Shield “As above, so below! / From tiny courageous seed, mighty strength will grow. Geography teacher by stuwdamdorp Voices from the Forest ~ Dreams of Moonlight on W… Wash away your woes in my healing embrace… Singing at the Crossroads in the Shadow of Your S… Remember, you too are divine,and worthy of praise… A Lesson in Heroism by Michael Lee A Lesson in Heroism by Michael Lee Two Feet Firmly Planted Waltzing in time with us even when we don’t know we are dancing… Singing Fate This, / my feasting board, / my loom… / Strung with Doorways like pearls… / Shining li… Inspirational - First day of school - Confucius by Mike  Savad Swallowing the Moon We all begin helpless and small. / Soon enough we grow, adapt, transform / to handle Life’s call… The Victorian Teachers by PrivateVices Teach me by Tuto The Lesson by maraich Boredom on Monday morning Slowly you wake up, / disgusted by my enthusiasm. / Slowly you start your work, / slowly, so slowly, your eyes begin to shine. Surf Lesson by Afonso Azevedo Neves Teacher Knows Best by dinoneill Flight Instructor by Ryan Houston History teacher by stuwdamdorp Agricultural college by stuwdamdorp Chemistry teacher by stuwdamdorp Religious Education teacher by stuwdamdorp German teacher by stuwdamdorp Primary school teacher by stuwdamdorp Music teacher by stuwdamdorp French teacher by stuwdamdorp The dog ate my lesson plan by careers Biology Teacher by funkyworm Sexting 101 by Graphic Buttease Teacher's Checklist - #2 Pencils, Lesson Plan, Anxiety Meds by careers Surrealism Is Destructive by Jasmine Heard Math Blackboard by mrdoomits Math Blackboard by mrdoomits class of '13 by Cheesybee Number Game by tvlgoddess A wise owl by Kisho Heisenberg by pearloil Ancient Lesson by jordan726 Driving Lesson by AuntieJ Lessons Learned by Ani DaVinci maths formula by naphotos Lunchbox Lessons by JobieMom Talking about love by Sylke Gande The Accordion tutor by Paul Woloschuk Lessons in dancing - Clases de bailar by Bernhard Matejka BRAINS behind the BAND by Matterotica Cognitive Dissonance by Anastasiya Malakhova First Lesson Free Design by Style-O-Mat First Lesson Free by Style-O-Mat Salsero T-shirt - Salsa Latin Dance - Tee by deanworld Rule Of Math: If It Seems Easy, You're Doing It Wrong. by DesignFactoryD Rule Of Math: If It Seems Easy, You're Doing It Wrong. by DesignFactoryD Rule Of Math: If It Seems Easy, You're Doing It Wrong. by DesignFactoryD Rule Of Math: If It Seems Easy, You're Doing It Wrong. by DesignFactoryD Reading to learn by PrivateVices

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