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A year went by in a single day by Mui-Ling Teh THE BOOK OF LIFE by Mugsy Our War: Day 146-20101224 by Cara Schingeck Bogged Down by Vestque Mentor Seed... Beginnings by linaji Bogged Down Shirt by Vestque Life is too important to be taken seriously by rainbowflowers Life Lesson #3 - (Keep Focused) Never Get Swallowed Up by the Small Stuff by Jacqueline Ison Karma’s a bitch: love comes whether you see it or… Feed me to the lions— / God knows I / would do the same / for you. / If not you, / than who, my love? / Who better than to gift me / a de… One more try All of this I thought I knew / and then I learned I didn’t. / I want to remember. Cataclysm by Wendy  Slee Beautiful Redhead by Reynaldo The Receiving of Love Your courageous clouds / Always disappearing / To free / The impossible / Bond El Violinista by Joseph Johnson Love Lesson Rebirth through pain The First Lesson by Sue Wickham Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) less… Jesus filled all of the things that were spoken of the prophets about God’s Savior Don't Stare At Us! by Dayonda C'est La Vie © All Is As It Is by Vicki Ferrari Life Lesson #4: Submerse Yourself into Every Moment and You will be Born Again with a Cleansed Heart. by Jacqueline Ison The Lesson I don’t want you / But I want you to take hold of me tight / Tug my hair / Kiss me with thee utmost care / Then rough handle me / Ever fair… 11 Months, 4 Days, 9 Hours & Pocket Change But a serpent strangled the lie I believed / Before the whisper should reach my lips Love hurtzzz by ShellySays Two by leapdaybride Learn This Early in Life and LIVE? REallY! by RealPainter How To Love Better Loving better regret and a lesson learned you who spent your time trying to rescue me / I turned away back to what was before / not realizing I then turned away from one who truly l… “What is This.” Asked the King. “Tis a tear m’Lord.” / The king stared in amazement, “A tear you say?” / “Yes m’Lord, water from … In the Book... by Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais Tears I guess it’s no surprise / She’s a catch, any boy would be lucky / To be the reason for her cries…but LOVE LESSON always keep ur LOVE in ur HEART / not in WORDS / always keep ur ANGER in ur WORDS / not in HEART Morals. She looked up at the man. His face bright with smiles and twinkes. He seemed to be wise beyond years. She often sat with him and talked abo… Benny was strange girl… Benny was a strange child / Her personality weird and wild / She had bubbles of happiness and fits of rage / She was like a butterfly one m… English lesson it is beautiful / to feel you… A Lesson In Love by Susan Vinson mathematics of love- lesson one but love is known to break the rules / and I think they should teach in schools: / that here on earth, beneath the Sun / sometimes one plus… Face © Vicki Ferrari  by Vicki Ferrari Life People change and things go wrong / But always remember / Life Goes On Blueprints to my heart by newbs Who is love? Love is life. / Love is our lesson. / Love ignites passion. / Love speaks to everyone, / Love is our language,our mother tongue. Skating Lesson At The Ranch by Joyce A Quick Lesson on How to Fly Take a deep breath in, feel the air in your lungs lift you higher. ‘A Way Out West’ For an immeasurable passage, there was naught but the reverberation of the tone. / Nostalgia not commendable, for those ‘ready beset,… R-E-A-L-I-Z-E Realizing, / Contemplating, / The depth, / Of my soul. / I know I’ve, / Lost my cool, / My unkindness, / My unfaithfulness. / I knew, / My… Queen’s Honor The love of the queen, her honor was blemished / As the king of another land would make her his prize / To arms, to arms, they then took to… WINTER WEATHER Winter Weather / One night John reflected on life, / Rose from bed and spoke to his wife. / “Winter weather is best you see; / It makes t… Music Is A Lesson “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to … A lesson In Love (Mature) Lesson Learned, Fragile Objects, and Getting Burn… If you only knew how hard it was for me to come this far / To become the person that sits before you today / I was never one for courage / … Lesson Lesson / Maybe I will remind you… / …Hide my soul within your mind / Lose my whispers in your ear / Sketch my face behind your … ‘Bit’ I grinned and flew headlong at this; no thought to hesitate. Write with wrath witheld willing, know’n cow’ards es’cape.  … Every person is a new door to a different world (saying) -Iphone case  by sullat04 A Lesson In Chances Learned I am getting really drained / From all this heartache and pain / That is always in my view / Every time I look at you / We were lovers for … People who forgive & forget usually live with regret. (Black letters) by azummo People who forgive & forget usually live with regret. (white letters) by azummo Surrealism Is Destructive by Jasmine Heard Hear, Speak, See by Beachhead Death ( A lesson never learnt) I need to find the answers within this surprise called “DEATH” Shaving Lesson by sheleen Small Is Beautiful by Alban Fenle love lesson 1# by wiwidfree1 Talking about love by Sylke Gande Ready to take off by TigerOPC Lesson 1: Only trust people with big butts. They cannot lie.  by romysarah Dance Like No One Is Watching T-Shirt  - Nobody! by deanworld Never Let A Fool Kiss You, Or A Kiss Fool You by DesignFactoryD Never Let A Fool Kiss You, Or A Kiss Fool You by DesignFactoryD I LOVE MATH by awesomegift Never Let A Fool Kiss You, Or A Kiss Fool You by DesignFactoryD

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