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note to self: walmart sucks i move the tripod SLIGHTLY to the left….BAM camera falls lens first to the cement floor! My Photography Gear I am using a Nikon D90 with several high quality lenses. Within the Lens of my eye ! The softness of a fluffy clouded / sky, floating within slow motion, / A clock forever ticking backwards, / Taking us all into a previous e… The lens-inverted woman Madness I say is the glory of being / Always a laugh shy of you being … too sane Love Through the Lens Photographically speaking, / I’m saturated with you. / The aperture of my heart / is stuck at f/1.4. / For years I’ve been dial… Combining Images for Powerful Lenticular Prints Lenticular prints (Flipographs) have advantages and disadvantages over flat, static prints. Find out what makes a dynamic Flipograph. View From a Lens View From a Lens / Through the view of a lens I saw the world, / They were pictures of nature that I had missed. / It awoke my senses and i… Addiction of the Lens It pulls us in / It’s a rush and once we have it / We want more / And so it begins again life filtered through a lens Whwn it comes to truth, ask me. Discolored Prism Peering through the lens of life / I feel vacant Silver Eagle Silver Eagle rise above the dark black storm. / Rise higher than clouds where sunlight warms. / Ritual dance; sing high in the deep blue sk… REFLECTIVE CAPTURE What will show / When these photos develop A misty lens Catching a glimpse of a familiar face in a strangers Photography Will always reblog these photos if ever I am to stumble upon / Stumble upon / Upon the grave of something that once lay in a distant place … I Am The Camera- You Are the Light I Am The Camera- You Are the Light / I cannot operate in darkness, I need Light. / “If thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of … Through the rose coloured lens One more look at you, / Auto-pilot now turned off lenses! i just ordered myself two, that’s right, TWO new lenses! / they should be here hopefully by the weekend….so guess what i’… Thoughts on The Photograph Titled “Wood Duc… Young children love to roam woods and fields, ponds and streams finding things—flowers, pine cones, beetles, frogs, yes, even snakes. New lens Let me out, / I can’t be home, / though I would fall apart without the known- / I use it to push against the cement walls of the poo… Lens Cover As you looked through the lens / of your camera trying to / capture my complexity~ / You were looking in the wrong direction~ / The focus… Due Diligence Nothing makes sense when not seen through your lens / So you take a step back and slowly seclude your friends THE UNCOMFORTABLE LENS Looking at yourself through a lens, would you like what you see?

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of lens writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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