Leaves that look like little boats

A woodcutter will not cut leaves made from love

“Hello woodcutter”.

Like Leaves We Touched

First a kiss, then a touch, first for both / So right it was, afterward just holding

Heaven’s Champagne

A poem about leaves falling in the rain.

The Garden

Neither of us wants to leave it, nor do we know whom to leave it to.


As I walked through the valley of fallen leaves / a peculiar pattern formed / With each forward step of my left foot / leaves spun around …

There is Nothing more glorious than exuberant dea…

Surrounded by all this exuberant death / and dying; / and living in valuable sin! against nothing / and everything / and all for the same e…


There is a special place / Where Angels show their face / They dance as they should / In the Bluebell Wood / When in the soft breeze / The …

of wind and leaves

tiny sails in the trees / sparkle the blue / with sounds of distant seas / caught in the breeze / white caps drift / leaving lazy trails /…

Leaves and Light

A fondness is like / a leaf on a branch of a tree / or the soft glow of / a candle lit before you…

Jesus the Gardener – tending his sheep

My dream of the love of the Gardner Christ Jesus – tending his sheep and loving us.

the tree

history is carved in the bark / love found on the branches / her trunk filled with history / surviving years of beautiful sun / soft breeze…

" Leaves "

for all seasons

unexpected bouquet of leaves . . . .

the voids / like waiting coffins / pitted the landscape of my life / half hidden between waving grasses / and fullness of many honeys / d…

Old Willow Tree

On the bank of a river, that flows to the sea / There grows a tall and stately, old willow tree / One of nature’s jewels, with branch…

Cold Sheets and Dead Leaves

I present your memory / with a twenty-one cigarette send off

My book of leaves

These are my leaves / Pressed in my book of life / Blank pages / Except for my leaves / My history of life’s experiences / Dried up leaves …

Testing Times

Some trial come into our live like a hurricane that up roots trees

The dark wood – The concrete stream

And so i creep through the darkened forest, treading carefully, / Tree branches lay on mulchy earth, leaves above like a sea of green,


another moon one

There is a reason for every Season

love in four seasons with soul mates, how they bond with it.

Dying Colours

A poem to celebrate autumn

Beautiful Autumn

I think the leaves stole the heat / and turned to fire before my eyes.

my dear.

my love for you is born a thousand, dies a thousand deaths each time you open your sleepy hollow eyes.

Infant and Human and Mortal Are We

Come to the funeral of we are all born here / Attend to lost lives, which gives meaning to our hands

Autumn Leaves—A Collaboration

Red gold orange green / Hearts drop from on high to their / Final resting place / Beneath bare branches / Spreads the regal carpet of / Opp…

I am hanging on to my autumn coat

just read about my life as it will change with the seasons,,

sweet satisfaction

rustling, bustling / are the trees / branches bending / flinging leaves

The Last Leaves of Autumn (Part One)

‘If you must go into that terrible forest, do not forget it be Samhain, child.’ / ‘Samhain?’ Siobhan repeated, puzzled, ‘You mean Halloween…


the dawn of morning always repeating / surpassing the darkness of despair


My love? She left. I lived.

different leaves, same tree.

he was cultured / by the river hands / by the plow / by the soap an’ pan hands / in a house on a road where / the braided rope woke …

once upon a sunlit path…

faintest breeze, / inflating creativity

The Stillness leaves me cold ….

‘twas a Winter’s eve / stillness nestled / amongst the fallen Autumn leaves / rustling with a gentle swish / the silence held m…

Grief within the autumn leaves!

Roaches, / cured to perfection, / soaked, / in the wine / of the blue nun, / virgin wine, / dying sun, / pungent, / suck them down, / chew …

Like Leaves

Reflections on a relationship that could have been so much more…

October Rain

A poem about my two favourite things


She sits bathed in golden light / Holding it close all around her / Letting it caress and soothe her

No romantic connection, leaves love without no gl…

Will she sleep away from harm, / Will haunting dreams and his powerful arm / Keep her awake inflicting pain / Muffle her pleading again and…

The Majesty of the Fall

And everyone is open mouthed / At the beauty that is Fall…………..

Fallen leaves

Yet again, I will endeavour to attain the fundamental aroma and Sweetness of the very first fruit.


a junk pile / of old / rusted leaves / t U m b l e s / through the alley / like dead skins / on / fire

Physicists, Seekers of God. or: if Particle A lea…

You are not a force external…..

Tree whispers

The wind rustles the leaves of the tree / As it whispers its wisdom

Autumn’s Mystery

Only the leaves know …. / Only the leaves will remember ….

I see you under the leaves

my heart skips as i feel your gentle taste upon the scented breeze / your excitement lights the deepest shadows for me between the trees / …

Tree Whisperings…..

The air swirls her limbs like a childs tug-of-war

Spirals of Life

Our understanding, is it limited / To only what we see? / Or do we seek a deeper knowledge / Beyond what we might be?

Ode To Autumn

My favoutite season is approaching fast! Naturally, I had to write about it.

Autumn’s Hand

With a whispering hand, / almost unnoticed, / Autumn gently dispels the summer

Bed Of Leaves By: Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sp…

He should have felt more comfortable. / A story written by Solar Zorra and John Braxton Sparks

Autumn’s Work Has Begun

The dawn comes, dew adorns the morning, / Crisp cool air surrounds you. / The trees arrayed in a bright palette of color, / Reds, golds, br…

Childrens Poems

Three poems in 1- “Candy Eyes”…..”Autumn”………&……..”Jumping Over Yesterday” =]


we slumber to eternity / And there ‘ll be only one path / we’ ll speak our names

When Fair October Finds Me

When fair October finds me / I will be awaiting him, / With cups of steaming cider / And the crunching of / Autumn leaves beneath my feet.

The Accomplice

In that instant / I am an accomplice / In the crime of arson / My childhood cubby, / Lying in ashes

Dead Leaves

Oh, dead leaves, / what beauty you still have. / Your golden, reddish, and brown hues. / Once perched to the veins / of your mother…&…

Falling Leaves

“Why do you do that?” I asked. / “Do what?” She replied, slowly spinning on the spot as her scarf flapped lazily in the breeze. / “Try to c…


Enrich the earth, you leaves / Where now you fall. / You leaves, once life / Now dry and torn. / Where once your face / Did greet the morn …

The Last Leaf

What did that old leaf have to say, what stories could he tell, / We’ll never know, we had no care, when with us he did dwell.

The Life of Autumn Leaves

A nudge from winter’s waking breath sends shivers through the trees. / Leaves dawn their travel colors for a flight on autumn’s breeze. / T…


…die and dye…

Our Crisp Autumn Leaves

There’s Much Love and Passion / In Our Crisp Autumn / Leaves


Your words / are / the four seasons / of / me

A Tree and The World

Have you ever looked at a tree? / Not just look at it, but really look, / Watching the leaves as they flow and flutter / Gently in the bree…

Winter’s Ballet

Sweetly as they come, they go / Turning green to golden brown / Giving us a chill at night / Changing warmth to solid ground

Autumn Leaves- A Collaboration


“Memories fall like September leaves……

A morning fog eases over the river, / pouncing on the scene like a cat / with its claws out—-dangerous only / if you fail to see it. …

Bitter Sweet Autumn, Stealer of Summer

Summer / is leaving / sweet perfume fading fast / her whispered song / in the music of birds / drifting & thready / she will not linger

The First Leaves of Autumn

They sigh and whisper to you / Those calling voices on the wind.

The Leaves Whisper Revenge

Nothing but his boots on the ice-guilt leaves below.

The Wild

Was it the breeze last night / that rattled my window / and turned the leaves / to brush against each other? / Was it the siren sigh, / …

Scattered Leaves

sense of devastation / fallen leaves scattered / around the autumn tree… / shadows deepen / slowly engulfing… / autumn / sky st…

Wear your raincoat.

The sweet lick of early morning glides beneath my shoes as I move forward sleep-walk style, eyes closed and humming mutters.


Green leaves have turned to brown / Having fallen all around / Soon there will be barren trees / It doesn’t matter just look at me / …

a glance back (thoughts on “Autumn Song” by…

“Leaves / subtle wind nudges, reminds of now and how time / Moves on / blue is Tomorrow, yellow, red is Today”

Drips And Drops

Drips And Drops for all to see / Dew on my bended leaves / Drips And Drops for me to keep / Falling from every leaf / Drips And Drops feel…


When everyone was asleep / Out of her bed she would creep / Take her doll and hold her tight / Going where the world seemed so right / She …

Simple, sometimes says it all. yet complex leaves…

Tomorrow will be the day of judgment / simple or complex as it may be


Going where, No-one can know

the willow binding

“I know. The leaves make me cry sometimes too. They’re like ghosts.”

Cacophony of Colour

A cacophony of colour in brilliant rich delight / All singing with the joy of final throes…………

Winter Tree

No one is coming to the park today, / No one to visit me

Rotten Log Refrain

There’s no sitar as I sit here. It’s not a raga. / There’s no domestic saga, no Lady Gaga palaver.

Golden leaves (2.5)

3 stories, one season

come the leaves

as sweet as a baby tear, / grown like a crystal on your cheek, / studded likes diamonds / farmed from memory / to appear, so clear, so dist…

I’m ready

Oh baby don’t blush / Cast away that old green dress / Show me your colors


The light is turning golden… / I’ll lock the door / and barricade the windows. / The days are drawing in… / I’ll b…

~ look up & laugh ~

see the branches / escaping / a way up above you / the sunlight dancing / playing peekaboo / with the sky

She Did Not See the Sky

The first few drops of rain landed softly on her fingers, buried now in her hair. Beneath those long fingers her brain hummed with feverish…

Sunlight Filtered on a City Summer Day

Leaves rustle / dapples the sunshine / imprinting on the back of my eyelids / shapes and shadows shift / momentarily / that illusive feeli…


Red leaves swirl around through the sky, / Taken by the wind a bag does fly.

Writer’s Block Leaves Much to be Desired

She was put out…


They change / Not in shape or size / But in range / Of color before your eyes

moving waters still

smooth green carpet sits / upon moving waters still / reaching for the light

Red Leaves

The warm Autumn sun / Dances on my face, / Birth of your Spring / Sends me your grace. / Seasons have changed, / Almost November. / My hear…
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