Renunciation is not a thing that can be learned o… Renunciation is not a thing that can be learned or taught I’ve Learned I’ve learned that…. What I have learned so far… The sweetest fruit is often at the end of the limb… / The laughter of children is music to the heart… / I have the God given ri… 20 Things I Learned from Blowing Bubbles Be happy ~ rain or shine! Some things I learned today!!!!!! Today I learned that: / 98% of constipated people don’t give a crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / and…. / Fortune tellers like to … It Isnt Easy… It isn’t easy being a mom / and theres a possibility / someday you may / be facing this / responsibility. / A childs personality … Lessons Learned Today in particular. I`m not a young spry chicken anymore. In the past things I did may have caused me discomfort and I could easily recove… I have learned… 50 things about what i have learned Bits of Wisdom Bits of Wisdom / Don`t take anyone that is hungry shopping !!! / ( including yourself, unless you have a fat wallet ) / Don`t count on some… What I’ve Learned… … we are Love / and we are of Love. What I’ve Learned From The Future… … “I don’t know.” / ;D lessons learned… I learn my lessons slowly / grudgingly / and with fierce resistance / I want so much to believe / in what was / or what I thought was / ev… Pt. 1 Waiting, Pt 2 Things you think about in a c… “I waited all night but you did not come and I had to drown my passion / Poison ocean crashing the shores of my spirit / Rising sun b… regret and a lesson learned you who spent your time trying to rescue me / I turned away back to what was before / not realizing I then turned away from one who truly l… A. Long Learned Tale ……..conversation…………….. / Grammaticus LongWindyGust / “…I’m a Lime too…&#… What I have learned after 2 years of working with… The purpose of this article is to share my experiences of working with models from a beginners perspective , and by doing so I hope to help… lessons learned the pain of the past / haunts me to this day / and overcoming it / seems impossible Lessons Learned Just the thought of the icy water below sent shivers of fears shooting along her nerves. Doctor Strangemind, or: How I learned to Stop Wor… I love… recanting Reptilian conspiracies over the chaos of my favorite French fusion/opera group while sewing homemade dresses from c… What I’ve Learned From My Pupils… … eyes speak. Had They Learned Beforehand They are too brittle / Words of autumn / Crackle of defiant leaves; / Brittle for / Triumphant winter / Rolls-up its cold / Immobilizing s… The day I learned we all have our own prejudice. Walking into this bar I felt the stares, felt the chill run down my back. Lessons Learned ? What are you teaching Everything I learned was over a cup of forbidden … Tea with my Mom think before you link : or how i learned to Love… have you ever been stymied by something that / was so easy that you felt like driving over / your own testicles? / well, ladies and gentl… Learned and Lost Off my grind / I haven’t been myself / for a while. / If i have to fall apart / to be whole again / then so be it. / Maybe its better… lessons learned I took the gamble / followed the thread / couldn’t get out of this maze / in my head / I tried every which way / and tried to follow… Something I learned from someone. It would be nice to meet, / and apologize to each other for all our mistakes, / before its too late- / I shivered so cold when you walked a… Lesson Learned it’s a lesson. / pull yourself back in / before letting yourself go. / calm your excited mind / before your hopes are crushed once mo… I will have learned enough I believe in heartbreak as an education / so if I am ever to learn, / you must leave me someday. / What will each of my lovers remember of… she learned once she needed someone to pity her / but there was no one there for that then / she learned how to do for herself… What I Learned This Summer… What I learned this summer: / -Love can be re-defined, once to infinity… in shape, size, meaning, and definition. / -I can stay faith… GREAT LESSONS LEARNED @ 48 GREAT LESSONS LEARNED @ 48 / by Maria Theresa Tolentino on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 3:38am / F-laws are life’s reminders that no one… I Have Learned Much In Life I have learned much in life: / They say, deep down inside / Nothing is ever forgotten— / Sort of an internal recorder / We all have, going … Patterns She She stared blankly into the unfamiliar lapis eyes of her reflection. How had she arrived at the exact same point that she promised herself … From the architect I have learned From the architect I have learned / That labor loves me yet, / And the number of those who spurned / Its welcome whiles of sweat / With the… ‘Gradient’ Echoes dissipate as the shadows fade away. A billion potential paths, all myriad in form, surround me at the tipping point, the outcome too… Lesson Learned “Tanka” Man takes. Over time / Everything starts to die / Where is God in this! / But oh, He gives us free will / To show how lost we can be. A lesson learned The darkened umberella / Shielding the morning sun / Momentary sent of a lingering perfume / Like natures babbling brook / Voices making … The day I learned to go conquer fear… The sounds I heard seemed like somebody getting into a fight: BIFF, BAPP, BOFF,BUFF…! juddarwin 8 learned along the way (to gretc… As come visions to us, mobile, / then arranging into ranks/lines / like alpha beta arranged lines I Have Learned “As a Chef, I learned you eat with your eyes, as a Drummer I learned you play from your heart, as a Father I learned you sacrifice li… WHAT I’VE LEARNED ABOUT WOMEN! Listen dear sirs, / If you are a man, / And I’ll tell you of girlie’s / The best that I can! / Let me tell you about women, / And what I un… Because of You, I Learned How to Say No Be-cause of you, I lear-ned how to say no / I lear-ned a long time a-go / That I had to stand strong and be on my own / To be the wom-an ev… The one thing I’ve learned It seemed like as long as I had something to wish for, to fantasize about, then I was fine. It didn’t even matter if all the fantasie… Lesson I’ve learned Life ain’t worth nothing more than what you make out of it A Lesson Learned Success attracts the strangest beast in hearts of lazy simps. How I learned to tie my shoe laces We, you my father, me and my sister Lynn, are in Dugald Macinnes’s flat. I only wonder now on what premise you had the keys. / My sis… Lessons learned late Here comes the past, dragging with it regret. What was it your father said? Lesson Learned, Fragile Objects, and Getting Burn… If you only knew how hard it was for me to come this far / To become the person that sits before you today / I was never one for courage / … The canvas and the brush “I’ve learned how true this is.” Things I Learned Today Live life day by day / Accept a compliment / Cherish every moment you spend laughing / Don’t forget every moment you spend crying / B… What I Learned in Life I have learned that life is place where souls go to find a reason to exist. Where souls strive and try to learn about being, about what is … ‘Pillars Down’ The avenue was bracketed by pillars of flame-autumnal. / The mid-afternoon sun seemed to buckle ‘midst norwester. / I’ve been h… Life Learned nail polish / wild hair / torn jeans / unrepaired / smeared make-up / breath burns / this is me / life learned “i’ve learned some lessons” jul… i may not know a lot of things / just that God gives all blessings / & there’s an ‘i love you’ in family / & to h… What I learned this summer. I learned to use the word ‘cunt.’ / Not a huge fan, but what can I say. / Some girls are just that. / I learned not to count my… Lessons Learned. I had to fight a war so that I could learn to pick my battles. / I had to have my heart broken so that I could learn what it feels like for… A Lesson In Chances Learned I am getting really drained / From all this heartache and pain / That is always in my view / Every time I look at you / We were lovers for … What I’ve Learned They struggle to know how I feel / Yet each question they ask only makes it more real / And they search for a way to get in / Hell the door… Lessons Learned Because I don’t know everything (something I admit when my kids aren’t present), I can appreciate the lessons I absorbed (sometimes unwilli…

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