As I Lay Dying; Analysis Essay analyzing “As I Lay Dying” And the chains lay loose at the soles of my feet,… weightless / chains off / wind / smiling / eyes closed / breathing / home / through my mouth; / my face warm / with autumn / sunlight, / … I Will Lay Naked Before You I will lay naked before you / Wearing nothing but my heart / Enthralled by your natural beauty / I will give to you my love of which / Ther… We Lay Down meeting him looking into his eyes standing close we kiss Where I lay Life is like a glass hand / Never moving, often sharp / A solid crest on which I spin / Directionless and fast / Holding back deep-seeded f… Lay with me, softly… Lay with me, softly / your heart for mine / bare all those secrets / that hold you captive / Loosen the chains that bind / and stretch fort… when I lay myself down but until then….. Lay your heart gently on mine.. Lay your hand gently on mine.. / and trust me not to crush it.. / Lay your heart gently on mine.. / and trust me to love it.. / Lay your ho… Lay Rest Your Burden “For if I never had a problem, I wouldn’t know that He could solve them, I wouldn’t know what faith has brought me throug… to lay beside you… the world is still, / from dusk to dawn, / beside my love, / i lay. / lost in sweet, / in moments done, / with sweat and force, / fullfille… Can I lay me down….. The Human touch is everything……….. WE LAY ON THE SAND With every touch of your lips / You gave me inspiration So lay down in sleep, and let those weary bones r… Death comes and shakes us / yet, in his mercy we find sweet peace / sadness chases closely behind us / as the body grants the soul release.… AND THE CHAINS LAY LOOSE I’m wind whistled and smiled, / breathing homeward, / as through my mouth sails splinters / of sunshine. Goldrot It’s quiet. / My thoughts go unguided. / I’m as free as a riot, / I’m free to you. / There’s peace in the airwaves,… Can I lay me down…….. Can I lay me down beside you.. / rest my head upon your chest…. / curl into a little ball…….. / and gently…quietly….rest….. / For at … Upon This Cross Lay Slain Why upon this cross / With pain, but grace / No fear of the future or past I lay slain Snatched From The Jaws of History I remember [many things] / A day much like any other, / As sunlight poured through the panes / Of my rain streaked frames / While my alarm … I like being the bed you lay so comfortably in Cough outside through the cold and the smoke / while I lay in the road and choke on exhaust: / I’m melting / with slush islands in t… The answer lay in the question That time / Between when there is that / Dreadful quiet. The pull of the / Ocean before the / Tsunami strikes. The / Ego tells you / All … Oh! Lady so lovely,lay down your arms. Oh lady so lovely /  Lay down your arms  / Surrender  your vase /  of rose hip dipped lips / Un do the armour of the day  / Lay them with a… As I lay here….. As I lay here, his cape enfolds me and I cry…. / Tears of joy because he sees through me… / My eyes hold all the that they can … lay down now, little sister he held a shotgun in his hands / he held our lives as he always had / and two faces too little to be seen / were peeking over the edge of … I will lay out a feast before You of all my inter… I’m giving You my / heart / and everything that is / inside / I don’t know what You’d like it / for / but You can’t… As We Lay enjoying this moment in time When first I lay with you I will seek the beating of your heart, / with my cheek, Lay With Me Here. This is how I wish it. the lover *THE LOVER / he’d gone to much trouble, setting the ambiance by stocking his wares, fresh linens, nibbles to delight, safety, comfort, bath… and lay making shapes out of / the darkened floral wallpaper At Your Throne of Grace and Mercy… I Lay Lord in my hands, this burden’s heavy… / On my heart, it bears great weight. / How my spirit longs to understand… / what … Come Lay with Me Come lay with me, / We can rest / for the first time. / Let your worries drift away, / while I hold you close. / Let me wrap my arms aroun… AS I LAY DOWN TO LISTEN TO THE RAIN “If there is a God . . . / May he be mistaken for the music, / And colours / That dance in my mind each day…." a lay wedding let not our eyes meet / let the light go blind / . / no word yet spoken / time does not yet tick! / articulate lengths / . / mere touch of … Come Lay your body over His grave Come lay your body over His grave / Let His grave be your grave / His death be your death / Come give the Lord your tears / give Him the si… I Lay Naked on the sand My breasts crushed beneath his chest / Sweat trickling between us / Lubricating bellies and thighs / As we wreathed together I Lay Down. I lay down, / To smell the earth, / Feel it’s beat, / It’s warmth. / I rest my head, / On greenest grass, / To know how much, /… THE PREACHER they called him divine / the preacher man / raising his fist to God / that was his plan / raking in those dollars / speaking in tongues / l… As He Lay Dying He lay in his bed, his head tilted at an awkward angle upon his shoulder. He sleeps…the morphine induced sleep of the dying. / There … for her love (at war photo) to lay in the fields with you,a letter,war, the result of the fields Fa-Lay-She-O You have the ones who swear they don’t and they won’t / In the heat of the moment anything can happen / Some should just not… TShirt with nothin but your tshirt on / i lie here in bed / and i swear i can feel your arms wrapped tightly around me / and it sends shivers up m… The Lay of Jason (Mature) Lay it on the Table No limits / I said it / I meant it / I will gladly be a friend to you in ANY situation / There to listen / Dry your tears / Cater to your e… “Come Lay With Me” Put aside your writing, your work, / And come lay with me. / Your brow is weary, the sun low, / The demons eager to taunt you. / Come, let … now i lay me down to sleep and now i lay me down to sleep / i pray my boy this soul to keep / and when I wake and don my boots / i touch the earth and feel my roots /… Losing Hope The way your shining eyes pave my heart with false deduction. / Roosting in my broken hopes, you sit as queen of all my fears. / Your touch… paid off *+paid off+ / & he lay back, relishing his bounty, swimming in the glorious odour of affluence….* Lay Me Down Lies are like wishes / with a martini in hand / and a cigarette resting / in an ashtray / I was there, my elbows / upon the bar counter / … love i lay love i lay / awake last night / your lovely self my every thought / my love, my love for you was light / a light as love and stars can make… To Lay the Pencil Down The time has come the writer said / With the lead in my 2B now gone / This phase in life, this turn of phrase / The line as written now way… Lay Down. at your feet, it’s laid. all of it. Lover Lay This Night Down It’s hard to express love,VIA words…It’s an emotion that needs description.this is my shot.the one poem. i call the divin… where the fruits lay there was not a single flake fell, / winter had turned to spring / and the autumn fruits still lay where they fell. / the grasses barely st… Let Me Lay It All Down! Let me run to my Saviour / before the devil comes / to throw his wrath into the / blender / Let me lay it all down! Poem: Lay Flat The Grass Form the playground of illuminated Spaces / And warm joy Adam Lay Bound Adam lay bound / to his former self / 5000 years of Biblical / misfire / a few thousand more / immune to it / His hands were tied / his ton… Lay Me Where Lay me where the sun does shine / And cotton clouds wisp through the air / Where sparrows and eagles / Circle the blue sky The Sewer Entrance Where the Buck Lay Dead She said that “the difference between us, is that you’re an asshole.” It was no way for a seven-year-old to talk, but maybe that should be… Darkness Descends Winter…Mother Nature, naked for all to see. The trees have lost their leaves and the leaves have lost their color. Beauty is dormant … Lay. i can explain how everytime your lips brush mine, / a few take flight, / and flutter in my mind. To Lay In Daffodils I am a skinny boy / In layers of clothing / Each piece doing nothing to keep out the cold. I lay dying Its like when i sleep / I die for the night / It feels so right / Sometimes i just wish / i would sleep longer / Die forever, dream forever… the keys lay stationary before me Until I set my fingers before them / they lay prostrate , I set them alive , to elevate their tune , / the muse is life , and they sing … I lay down I stroke you very gently / yet want you not to wake. Where does responsibilty lay She noted / Humanity’s discord / With itself / With nature / But she remained / Resolute to / Not interfere / Her job; / After all was to s… Shimmers of Gold As I lay under the stars, I see a shimmer of gold I question myself as I continuously ponder what it is. Before long it is dark, and the sh… LAY ME DOWN FOR JUST AWHILE My journey has been long and hard. / Let me sleep for just awhile. / Let the sun shine and let the warm breeze blow. / Lay me down beneath … Laura Ellen Lay (May 26, 2005 – June 14, 20… Ahh and sad whim was it, only for her mother to cry, / “Oh God why take her now, my baby child?” / For her father to moan and b… Lay It Down Lay it down / On the ground / Let it fall / From your back / It’s not yours to carry / Let it go / From your hands / Let it slide / D… Ash ga lay boo lay BOO BAA Ash ga lay boo lay boo baa / Ash ga lay boo lay boo baa / Ash ga lay boo lay boo baa / Ash ga lay boo lay BOO BAA Where I lay my Heart Between the Shadows of the rain drops, / Our love dances recklessly with grace, / Hopelessly free, almost mystical, / Flirtatiously we embr… Lay Me Down Tonight Love me in the moonlight. / Hold me by the fire. / Passion in the air. / Candle lit eyes drive my desire. As I lay there dying. When I lay down my sword, / I seize to fight, / All I see now is a bright yellow light, / At the end of the tunnel, / Calling my name, / No… The Under World In the shadowy death I walk / Because I was getting mock / To a place were evil runs amuck

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