Wait Until Your Bubble Bursts by LauraBroussard Come Into My Tangled Web.... by LauraBroussard Bulbine Frutescens by LauraBroussard Jupiter Rising by LauraBroussard Music in Your Eyes by LauraBroussard Me, Omar, and a couple of beers !!!! by LauraBroussard He Takes the Lead by LauraBroussard Come Into My Lair. by LauraBroussard Through the Eyes of a Child by LauraBroussard When You Are Gone, Who am I ? The sun that shimmers on the / autumn leaves, / have a melancholy feeling. / Dying and decay, / as the leaves fall………. /… I am the Ocean…. …….. come bathe in me. / If you are afraid of water, / put your toes in first. / I NEED you, …. to be whole. / Come bat… Do Not Disturb..... by LauraBroussard Pipe Organ by LauraBroussard White Ibis by LauraBroussard Scarlet Flax by LauraBroussard King of Wildflowers by LauraBroussard Will You Be My Friend ?? Will you be my friend?? / When I am me, / and… / You are you ? / I will pick you up, / I will dust the dirt off of your jacket. / You… Moonlight Kisses by LauraBroussard Sam, the little man. by LauraBroussard Someone To Watch Over Me by LauraBroussard Hatching Eggs by LauraBroussard Sweet Nectar in the Rain by LauraBroussard Sunset, for My Friends xxxx by LauraBroussard Take THAT !!!!!!! by LauraBroussard filthy bitch! by vampvamp Do Not Enter..... by LauraBroussard I Think I Will Go Now… I’m going to a place / Where I can be me. / I won’t need any approval… / no need for appreciation. / Going to a placeR… Language by LauraBroussard ENT CHALLENGE ......... FERMENT !!!! by LauraBroussard Please Forgive Me by LauraBroussard Forgiving Myself… I sit here……. / on my patio. / the sun, shimmering……. / between the leaves. / Why do I feel so alone, / when beauty… Strange, Transcendant Feelings…. I have been having strange / things happen to me…. / They come and go, / from time to time. / Sometimes, they rear their ugly heads … Is it Safe to Come Out ? by LauraBroussard Cancer, You Ruthless Bitch !!! Cancer, you are / a ruthless bitch. / You are a ruthless bitch, / taking all of our emotions, money, and time.. / making us suffer…..… Thinking of You... by LauraBroussard Country Bars  by LauraBroussard Being Good, is Boring. Being good is boring, / I have come to believe. / Knitting in meetings, / going to night clubs / and drinking selzer….. / Drinking te… Harry Ransom Center by LauraBroussard Sunset  by LauraBroussard The Refuge of Paper and Pen I hide within the refuge / of paper and pen. / The secrets to my soul……….. / are hidden within. / My family has no idea /… Words, Where oh Where Can You Be ? So, / I sit with pen in hand, / trying to write something magical. / But, the words elude me right now, / though my brain wants to play / w… I Am a Child With Asperger Syndrome….. I have Asperger Syndrome….. / My little brother brought / his friends. / What “they” didn’t understand, / is what&#… Voices in My Head Those little voices in my head…. / the ones that make my heart skip a beat. / I am on a rollercoaster. / It’s called life. / Th… Raindrops ….. Sweet raindrops / Hit my face. / Sweet raindrops / sent from heaven….. / Hit my face and wash away the pain. / It’s hell down … Calcium Bentonite Clay Being a mother, of a son, who has Aspergers. I Wish I May, I Wish I Might….. I wish I may, / I wish I might, / have the dream, / I dreamt last night. / Deep, deep sleep, / which carries me over…. / to a place o… The Crow….. I have danced in the blackest night, / wolves howling at me. / I shuttered to think that they would eat me alive. / Tearing my flesh from b… Not Just Another Number by LauraBroussard Spinning Around, a Useless Joy by LauraBroussard Sweetheart by LauraBroussard Sunset on Sunset Beach, Florida by LauraBroussard Hello, and the beginning of Goodbye…. Well, everyone, / I have been contemplating the existence of my account here, on RB….. / and, I really don’t spend enough time … If You've Lost Your Marbles..... by LauraBroussard RIP, Finn ... 10/10/10 by LauraBroussard Fat and Gristle [Video] / I eat the fat and gristle, / so that you may have the tender part. / No longer will you hunger, / I will devour the ugly parts. /… Strength. by LauraBroussard Beauty Personified by LauraBroussard LOOK INTO MY EYES !!!!! by LauraBroussard The Theory of Relativity and How it Pertains to b… Let us say, I want to be popular…. / I should comment, add to my faves list, and / add works to my groups, and in fact, / find more g… Redbubble, The Great Equalizer… You see me, and form ideas, based upon my writings. / You don’t see me, in a visual fashion. / Am I fat, am I slender… / Do I h… Guess Who's Coming for Dinner !! by LauraBroussard My Name is, Rustle Crowe by LauraBroussard Diego Has Flowers for You by LauraBroussard If ..... by LauraBroussard That Melancholy Feeling [Video] / My pen hesitates…… / waiting for the inspiration. / Like a rusty engine. / Sputtering, and skipping…. / not kno… 7 Years Old.... by LauraBroussard When all the Children are Gone by LauraBroussard Death Doesn’t Discriminate…… In one month………, 31 days, / I have lost one / to alcoholism, / and one to cancer. / Craig, / I hate to say this, / but m… I'm Going To Win This Race !!! by LauraBroussard The Plastic Bottle I was lost…… / in a sea of my own emotions. / Feeling like a tossed plastic bottle…… / I reached the shore. / Would… Deliver Us From Evil by LauraBroussard National Hug Day, …I’ve Gotta Have Yo… Since the children / are no longer “here,” / Let me start out with a hug…. / then a tug,…. / let me take your shirt… Vulnerable Bliss As I stand here, in the cold mist / With every miniscule drop………. / I feel you. / I feel you seeping into my clothes. / P… Sam, I Am !!! by LauraBroussard Happy New Year !! by LauraBroussard Sam, Meets Sam by LauraBroussard Wild Verbena by LauraBroussard I Will Ingest the Milkweed….. Monarch butterflys favorite food…. / Give me a handful…… / Maybe then, / I can be released from this hell. / May 22, 201… Lori  by LauraBroussard Beauty in the Light by LauraBroussard When the Chips are Down by LauraBroussard HADES. by LauraBroussard ELECTRICITY #1 by LauraBroussard The Bedevilments Damned if you do, / Damned if you don’t. / Why does living / in this skin, / have to hurt so much ? / I’m starting to feel mys… Homemade Pizza and a Pair of Shoes… He made a homemade pizza…. / and as the aroma swafted throught the garage door, / he came. / He was fed with kindness, and left our h… Orphans Orphans, they were. / Setting out into the moonlight. / Like Doctor Who, / they vanished….. / into another realm. / Never to be seen… Shackles……… Oh, Shackles……… / Why do you trap me? / Only you and I, know the answers. / Shackles, / You entrap me. / Shackles? / Yes,… By Myself, a Peaceful Silence… [Video] / Have a good day at school, / she says to her children ……. / Have a great day at work, / she says to her husband̷… Inside of the Orchid by LauraBroussard A Fish, and A Boy.... by LauraBroussard Portraiture by LauraBroussard Cloudy Skys by LauraBroussard Float on........ by LauraBroussard Prarie Spiderwort by LauraBroussard What do you say, to a friend who is dying ? I have this friend, / He and I grew up together, through High School. / Now, 22 yrs later, / livin’ like a bum. / Strung out on alcoh… ELECTRICITY #3 by LauraBroussard
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