THE WHAT FOR floor mats… On My (Northern) Dialectual Love From the gentle lick of the Geordie tongue, / To the forgetful elision of the Yorkshire, wildly spun, / From the generous familiarity of th… the leaves of language spreading the fallen leaves / of language / into a bed / perfect for making / love / until the frozen time / comes / and turns / you / to i… Caffi Coed logo by Gavin Shields How I funded my retirement! by Rick Edwards rainy Monday on San Franciso's Bay Bridge (PG-13 for language) by Lenny La Rue, IPA Apostrophe-the right by Lucie Trachet Sul Y Mamau, Welsh Language Mother's Day by Moonlake Language Monument Paarl by PDP1 Woman, Man With Gun, Tell a Pitiful Story by ReBecca Gozion #YOLO by rule30 Dictionary Collection - Other by Meg(n) Jacqueline My language research part 2 by Parth Soni Love is a Binary Language Oh beautiful One that will follow me, / When will your heart be devoted? / Will I know for sure when we meet, / That our love will be hard … Amour This feeling of complete amour / for life itself makes me wake in my sleep, / makes me shiver for it shakes me to my core, Cheers + Scots flag by stuwdamdorp edges no.1 by Melissa D. Johnston Our Eternal Language “furniture dripped with thick, globular teardrops that fell and smashed like glass, freeing thousands of glittering butterflies with … LANGUAGE whats wrong if i have no / dare to confess / my love feelings / u know the language of EYES Have an EEC with me by mobii Silent Whispers (Mature) The language of love? Profusion / Of colors, / Each having an individual voice— / We are also / Bass and soprano— / While the heart / Proclaims a hidden flux /… Music Is An Universal Language by artisandelimage Let's Speak Flower Language! (IV) by ArtOfE Cat Tails 7 - Greek Is Tiring by Francis Drake Surfacing Words © by Vicki Ferrari the dichotomy of language and the moon by mhkantor Colour words by Morag Anderson Salted!!! Tee shirt/baby grow by Shoshonan Subway Storyboard by Amy E. McCormick .Holy Like a Baby, / or an empty tomb… / Contemplation, Revelation. / “Love” / A Wish For Mankind Throat Chakra by GloriaGypsy Bon voyage  by leksele A Female Torso by Jelena Mrkich Another language by Elyn Needs A Zip At The Bottom by Francis Drake 17. language We find corners in language / We find spaces in which to hide our precious words / For fear of discovery / For fear of… / Letting peo… La conjugación del verbo besar by Janina Weiss MooNie the Magnificent by Ellen Cotton English as a second language by RobStears Drifting Expressions © by Vicki Ferrari Entrance of the Students by George Cousins Rabbit Hand Shadow Santa by mobii Sneeze? by Amy E. McCormick Universal Language by SabineA RHYTHM by dragonindenver Language Labyrinth by HiroAvalon I Love You Too by mobii But Your Body Language is Telling Me I'm Not to Blame by Samantha Bialachowski The mysterious language of colour; Toyama by FloatingWorld machinery segmentation SEGMENT I / obliteration-control / escaping through civil mind. / salvation-creation; if?! / monotheistic rapture; random … paste &#… (clearly) Ambiguous by AdTheBad Funny bulli by Honeyboy Martin Language Of Artists by Araya Sununkingpet The Consequences of Disobedience There are, I am told, rules. Guidelines. / A set of instructions as to how to do it. / Do what, I hear you ask. / Well, how to write poetr… Music = The Language of the Universe Crescent shaped whispers / Drifting back to hallowed ground / Surround the sacred symbols / Transfusing from the collective unconscious / M… EVERYONE SMILES IN THE SAME LANGUAGE by Beaner Piffle! by AdTheBad WATCHING FRENCH FILMS Lorna had decided to to seduce him; a seduction, the way the French would; something subtle, something that would unfold suspensefully, tha… 你会说普通话吗? (Do You Speak Mandarin?) by taiche Dialects Different © Similar Thoughts by Vicki Ferrari Blue Glimpse © by Vicki Ferrari you move me by titus toledo There is an "I" in TEAM, after all by Samuel Sheats Can Sleep in Loft, Safe Camp, Bad Man Live Here, Wealth by ReBecca Gozion Protect Life by RobertCharles I Gotta Orange! by Francis Drake Battery  -  A World of Words by Buckwhite My Body Language I jerk on my fingers; / My knuckles / Crack / Crack / Crack / An intestine entwining intonation / Of my awkwardness / As I stand here, w… Body Language by connie3107 sign language. by b-ING a run of ‘haikus doing yoga’ (can’t tell God you’re good; / He might ask why you need to / explain what he saw) These Plastic Words by simonsmith1 Universal Language by Melissa Shawn Griffin Stop, I Think by phil decocco Flashbacks Spooning hard / Feeling Heat / Holding tight / Thrusting deep Universale language by monica palermo Wittgenstein by jlisme in any language by lloydwakeling Language... by su2anne Rohayhu by Tarjita Let's Speak Flower Language! (III) by ArtOfE book  by keki Body Language by Mike Paget A.S.L. Reach for your Dreams by EloiseArt the economy of language 2 by mhkantor Sign Language by David McMahon Crash of Rhinos (animal groups series) by dosankodebbie My language research part 1 by Parth Soni Kind Hearted Woman, Tell a Pitiful Story, Bad Man Lives Here by ReBecca Gozion Poppycock! by AdTheBad Rafting Through a Blood Vessel by Jelena Mrkich Empower  -  A World of Words by Buckwhite Dreaming of Your Touch © by Vicki Ferrari The language of truth I know the plan / Loquacious / I see the point / Capriciously / I understand yet I don’t. / Dubiously I bite the futility / The bat… language and illusion I let the words mean nothing, / until the cycle moves, / in the way the currents move. / the silence surge / feeding the swell / where deep…
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