The Alphabet Witch She’d eaten all the vowels, but everyone knows they’re the most delicious. Writing to stimulate the creative mind, satisfy t… Having done the hsc, become a teacher (of sorts) and being full of opinion, I begin to write as an example to those a similar trail. The id… No Place Like Home – The Dream Language of … ’There’s no place like home.’ / ‘If I only had a heart, a brain, some courage’. / Do these phrases bear any s… Ethical Language is just as Meaningless as Religi… Philosophers have struggled for centuries with the dilemma of how to talk about God- and how to talk about morality. These topics, which mi… The unspoken language of Poets People speak many languages, / languages spoken by other people, / from other lands where / the other people speak / the same words, / in … Wordless Ghosts Speak to Me in the Language of Ja… …clinging to his wordless silhouette MY INK IS THIN…(a valentine offering of sor… my quill is blunt, / dipped in holy water / from heart’s inkwell The Cleansing Sea (raw language warning) The wind carried a voice from the scrub around the car park. The beast was enraged by the loss of its prey and by its boiling testosterone. The uncomplete works of Love Love is a lot of things. The Ocean’s Daughter “So he told this girl that of course he / had been in love once, but that girl had / turned out to be a mermaid…” Wordplay I wish for linguistic smoothness Under Dylan Thomas Under Dylan Thomas / I am reincarnate fool in love with words Body language Hands / Storytellers / Look at them / as they point out / short and long stories / all over the body / Layers and layers of eventful, mean… The Cat Is un Gato In my asylum there are no words classified as of the lexical variety; / Neither words to give away nor any to steal from myself. / There i… Oppression: Social Class Approximation Through La… A Literary and Historical Linguistic Analysis of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and Its Portrayal of Ebonics / Oppression: Social C… inspiration You prophet of vision you painter of dreams / I was chained in a prison, you set me free Poem 3 of The Alchemy Series:The Meaning of Life … Who are we? Where are we? Why are we here? / Discuss. / I. / Back up; / in full reverse. / If you fall and nothing catches you / but the wi… a lesson in language drown in my language how to tell you this, years later. no northern bears, no cold and naked swan to sweep across the sky. instead, obsidian, adobe, and gold…and everywhere the smell of dark wind… Seekers of the truth The poet seeks the light of truth and companionship / In a world largely bereft of fellow travelers / A universe ubiquitous with linguistic… The Language of Love I see I watch I follow / How the lips caress each syllable / The pause the swallow / The scanning movement of the eyes / The cock of the he… Invention in Three Parts Ladies, / it’s a foreign language / we’ve come to speak / here by the water‘s edge, The Language of Mudawups They’re better than science fiction chameleons. Between the cracks The art of letter writing has fallen between the cracks; / yet I admire the messiness of hand printing chaos / and a signature for more tha… Words The truth deceived by words / becomes lost to the prose I love alcohol (language alert) (Mature) bullying at home ( warning strong language ) today she was a bitch / screaming of her head / as if i had done something so badly wrong / leaving me wishing i was dead / i only spilt … Seed, ripe, eat, plant i am the authentic infant woman / laugh with me / truly Love’s Unspoken Language Love’s Unspoken Language / I could never say enough, just how much I love you / never enough to make these feelings I have real. / N… that sinking feeling (strong language) (Mature) Now I talk Question your thoughts / Never your feelings The CH one (language alert) (Mature) Tears Tears… Words for bits (language alert) (Mature) Words Never Before Strung Together There is a theory that with infinity everything is not only possible but inevitable. Urban were intro (explicit language warning) It’s going to hurt like fuck, especially when the quickening hits, only a fully grown body can support Lycanthropy so your going to h… Stranger I am walking down town Jerusalem as I do every morning, heading toward my favorite coffee shop. / Suddenly, I hear a voice from a radio in … Lost and Found Lost, I am found, in the liquid language of your labyrinthine eyes, / Deep, dark wild, Wilderness eyes, I‘ve come inside / To drink from th… Loving wordplay Wordplay becomes desire Isn’t English a wonderful language? Proofreading is a dying art, wouldn’t you say? / A friend sent this to me and I just couldn’t help but to send this along to &#… A Living Looking Glass I can see into your soul / If you let me… / Because your body language betrays you / With a nervous laugh / A shifting gaze / An innocuous… MORONS THE MEEK WON’T INHERIT THE EARTH, / THE MORONS HAVE BEATEN THEM TO IT! / JUST LOOK AROUND YOU. / LET’S START WITH POLITICIANS. / I HEAR YOU… MAYBE ITS TIME TO UNDRESS YOUR VOICE Maybe its time to undress your voice: / to take off that sheer gown of ingratitude, / to slip the panties of squeamishness down your legs. You Bitch (language advisory) This verse is for me / A reflection of my day / I write this piece blindly / ‘Cause I CAN have it my way Making Love (explicit language warning) Knowing that in true surrender, / lay Divinity, / lay Love… Stories told … (impressions of “Lan… “a blade of windblown grass is found simply waiting / with a gentle breeze at its back, it bends, the words dripping it yields to all… Peep Show, a Tango Ever get the feeling that you wanted to go..? (l… Do you mind if I sit here for a moment? / It’s a bit hectic out there… / Thank you. / Don’t mind me. / We don’t hav… Language of Trees “When I die, I want to be buried under 3 trees; one on a beach cliff, one on a mountain, and last in the desert. I’d like to li… V IS FOR VENGENCE, BITCH (Oh, language warning.) “If there be devils, would that I were a devil. To live and burn in everlasting fire, so I might have your company in hell. But to to… = Not In Front of Molly = Just imagining the language as how a baby would learn things before language came fully. / I hope you can work it out … and perhaps … If Smoke Could Speak, What Would it Say ? The crematoriums, / The wildfires, / The back yard Bar-B-Ques, / The cigarettes……. / What would the smoke say, / if it could sp… Oral Presentation (Mature) Confessions of a Whiny Little Bitch (With apologi… I have a few life rules. One of them is to never write when depressed, never make excuses and don’t get bitter and whiny over bad si… The Code Within the Code It is a story written using a common alphabet, a language shared by everyone who has ever lived, and who will ever live. Desolation (expletive language warning) (Mature) they have words for sadness (but not in this lang… say: “can you feel this hollow / in a regular body” Winter’s Edge: 冬季际 Winter’s Edge. / Snow lain so cold / Shadowed in warmest depths / Beneath a sun so bold. / Green will soon appear / Where white and brown o… His eye moved across the face of the century Meemawing mothers in curlers and ash flicked acted cough bandied about gate gossip all day Book of Changes Everything in life could be simplified into a straightforward scheme. There were two choices waiting for a certain sequence at the red ligh… Wash All Over Me (Expletive Language Warning) Don’t go, just please don’t go. I need you to stay with me. I’m not safe if I’m not in your arms. Please, just don’t leave now. Language of the Heart As soon as the last bell rang, the boys stampeded down the corridors. The halls were full of noise; the bustling of children and the tongue… beloved immortals one by one reborn beloved immortals one by one reborn…love found love lost joys and sorrows The Mirror.(explicit language and triggering lang… (Mature) Secret language Meanings hidden behind trees, / Symbols carved into their trunks, / Hints touching on deeper meanings, / Breadcrumbs leading the way. My Mind (strong language) (Mature) A morning in the life of steve (Huge amounts of … (Mature) Tell Me Pour it down with the soaking rain / So I can dance in it / And drink it in A Different Language A Different Language / With an ancient Les Paul / worn as the paths of the boardwalk are / a thousand stories gone like water / leaving the… Without language: an exploration How very sensual such a tactile experience could be even just by thinking it. ‘S’ What a strange, / snaky character—the susurus / of syllables—such a sinister, slow, / slippery , character, a savory / singul… Computer lingo for Hunting and Fishing people Computer jargon, such as: / Hard drive – Any time ya gotta put the 4×4 in low range to climb over rocks and logs to git to wherever y… Check out my new website. it has cool artwork and other fun stuff. thank you for your time. / Unlocked This mind / such a beautiful thing / this secret / so strong / the ability to speak / by touch / alone Love Needs No Language… Chemistry Cooks The… Blah blah blah / She said / Blah blah blah / Was his reply / No words were ever needed / After sparks shot through the midnight sky… No Place Like Home – The Dream Language of … ’There’s no place like home.’ / ‘If I only had a heart, a brain, some courage’. / Do these phrases bear any s… Lipstick and Language Lipstick stains on my coffee mug. / Long strains of hair threaded into the carpet. / Cigarette smoke lingers in the air like an afterth… Contingency Turned Inevitable (How Dare to Procla… An appearance from the ether: contingency? / Emphatically, NO: preconceptions transformed / Necessity becomes desire / Desire for: / safet… Five Minutes to Spare Es ist Herbst / It´s autumn A photograph from Lena Weisbeck was a wonderful inspiration for me. / Here come´s a poem in German language. It´s the second poem in my lif… Body language read between the lines the ‘language’ of God (Mature) YOU CAN IF YOU CHOOSE IT Can you re-find the power of language / so you can say your soul in such ways / that trees recognize you; / that birds somehow stop singin… universal language of love after all ,music is the universal / language of love / we all can listen to music / we can feel the emotions / of music even if you do not … The Language Of Love Awaken my heart my love / Bring your kisses as / The morning brings the dew / That falls…softly… / Gently… / May I alway… And I don’t know how to squawk We are birds. / Me a sparrow / lowly. lonely. / Yet lofty in dreams / of you / some parrot Bleating Cry The muzzled bleating cry / Gone the days of thou ink / Binary code we shalt die / The night in which incarcerate think dEDICATED TO YOU (gRETCHEN ‘the possibility… poetry! is the last horizon/ / chellange/investigation eke / vestal-virgin \ sheet of paper / ze rite of ze flower, ever the language of the smile the language of the smile cuts through barriers / like no words can / a universal language, it connects all evolution of language – da change in da wor… Wat hs Bcome of 2dys language? / Is it a diffrnt langage? Or da evolushion of a nu one? / da pace an da tech of da world round us hs made u… " Heart Talk With Language " There was no enemy that can not be conquered by love. / There was no disease that can not be cured by love. / There was no hostility that c… Heaven’s Precious Iris You’re right, I cannot speak the angels’ language… / But, sure, we’ve been through things much stranger… LOL I’ve made a few amendments to this contract, Mr Lennard. Now, if you could initial those changes for me everything will be fine. I… Notes on the development of language “Uh.” / “M.” / These are arguably two of the very first utterances by our early ancestors … Let’s imagi… PERSISTENCE OF VISION The span of his gaze was so great / He could not see the generations come and go before him: / Flickering, quicker than motes on a sunbeam.… `Árdei graschi – a work in romanian language °
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