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Tony Middleton’s panoramic photography © A sample presentation of my true panoramic photography available for viewing and purchase on RedBubble. LAMINGTON NATIONAL PARK (the hike) However, there was a landslide on our way Geeky Girl Ruminates on Rural Landscape Why is my name under the glorious green tree, / and not me? AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… Unforgotten Pasts, Beautiful Presents and the Mys… This photograph was taken on the road from Point Reyes National Park to San Rafael, CA. / The Fence / Certain remnants of the past will alw… Special Places in Australia Places I’ve returned to time and time again just to breath the air, taste the cold mountain streams and basically drink in the natura… BALD ROCK BUSH RETREAT A few onlookers (wallabies) were watching us taking possession of our house for the weekend The Winter Cycle: Painting Sydney Park with fire… a little bit of the background on how to make a really big painting with fire and lime straight on to the landscape. Fear and Blind Courage of the Heart Once there was a frightened and very fearful dragon. He roared at anything, from a falling leaf, the blowing wind, the falling rain, Yin Yang wilderness This is our untamed wilderness / the yin-yang of our landscape / our day sighs while evening creeps / sunny warmth turns dark and cold the peach delicate folds spread wide & manhandled. / probing licks & savouring of such landscape. From your mother with love A happy moment in my life! Crooked Spire Why the spire is twisted Interior Landscape Inner beauty is a lotus / tethered to the pond that is the soul Victoria’s Alpine Region (Summer) – A… Australian Travel Photography and Writing / Victoria’s Alpine Region (summer) Where Whispers Walk Where Whispers Walk is an interactive video installation that responds to the changing landscape of the Brisbane River. Landscape of the Flesh …I wish to taste your sacred lands / …I wish to prowl upon your naked lands / …and like a God I wish to sin / upon the sa… Are You Prepared steep climbs and rough terrain can be involved, while weather conditions can change during your hike. Your fitness has to be lifted to a hi… Landscapes Night’s Landscape… Heal, reflect, delve within yourself / Journey to the heart of her unconscious landscape And God sings and time stops / just for this moment / the world freezes / wind is stilled / silence reigns BANNERS Raise your banners / Hold them high above your heads / Tell them I am coming! / To conquer, not be conquored / To give life, not to bring d… Turner Prize 2013 The Turner Prize 2013 A photo my friend sent me of my cards… =) Photos of the cards my friend purchased…. perhaps in california, someone dreams of the snow. he used to call you aurora, for the first time you saw the northern lights. it was on a projector, in a museum. the month was april and the… Joust We stood alone, together, holding fast against the winds of rock-strewn sand into which we had emerged. Mountains of red tinder surrounded… Landscape of a Dream We lay in the garden watching / a ladybird leaning on a stalk of grass / Our eyes full of wonder count the spots / admiring the outrageou… The Butterfly Effect Be ‘mindful’ of your thoughts and what you bring into existence. :-) geometry Paddy-field terraces / Full of hidden crevices / Tea-bush slopes / Where aroma elopes / You never know what pattern will show / You just fo… Finalist in group challenge I was thrilled and honoured that my painting “Fishing” was voted one of the finalists in the Painters in Modern times group cha… EARLY MORNING LIGHT -Featured Rural Around The Gl… Thank you kindly to the hosts of Rural Around the Globe for featuring this image. It is exciting. / Thank you very much to the moderators … Toowoomba Japanese Garden Toowoomba Japanese Gardens – a sanctuary for all seasons Crow Funeral and then her gaze was drawn to centre stage where, a single crow lay, dead…….to be loved, to be mourned, to belong……… The call of the wild I am a pebble rippling in the pond, / My thoughts and intention reaching / Beyond the beyond. The Light Of Angels, by NatureGreeting Cards ©cc… _The Light Of Angels, hasn’t been one of my most popular images so far on Red Bubble, / but for me it is my favorite image I took … On Reading a Secret History. Paint everything but the water, you teach. But no one looks. Moonlit Night – An Ode to Night now I know like the roots it holds, they gave me strength to last another day in another way Hope Blossoms! An unfolding of beauty, depriving none Elation – The Poem … it feels / so very good / to rise up / and fly / free / in the wind. the beginning of the end colorado grasslands / empty wideopen / moon shining behind us At end of day… twilight comes / daylight fades / slowly / creeping / across the landscape / in an ever flowing / unfolding wave man meets nature… edge of the precipice, / raptures of verse I’d Cross The World For You Eyes trace delicate silken lines. / Kiss you in my beaten mind. / Long for so much more than a… / Blank. / Page. / And / Blanker. / … Dutch Landscape The period from 1650 and 1675, which saw the maturity of the artists Saloman van Ruysdael and Jan van Goyen was the great age of Dutch land… POEM- ‘THE HANDS’ THE HANDS (40) / He, she, / Travellers from different parts / Stand, hand in hand / Basking in the morning sun / While all around / In … Seeking Tomorrow …(thoughts on “Overb… “a beginning of newness stretches / transforms the vastness into a marvel / the eye, and all other senses celebrate …” Travel Photography Subjects Explore the exciting genre of travel photography. Landscape, architecture, people, wildlife, special events. Everybody needs beauty. What means the word Beauty ? / It is a feature of a person, of a landscape, of an artistic work. / Beauty is synonymous with harmony, majes… Wave occassional within its reach / the wave Art of Travelling Gaze This makes me believe that the reason for, or the result of traveling, is to open your eyes; to explore and see what is not normally seen i… Landscape Photography I Would give spcial thanks to the hosts of Landscape Photography for featuring 2 of my photo,s today. / Night Light / as well as my photo … beautiful men and woman Beautiful men and woman. colour me this land Colour me obsidian like the sprinkling of stars in the night sky / The stars that sing out in echoes of light from millions of years past /… Thank you for the purchase/s October 23, 2011 To Unknown Buyer/s / I hope you enjoy your purchase, and I appreciate it very much that my images are enjoyed enough to purchase. Oh joy, j… Thanks!!! “Sunset” voted group icon! Location Advice Needed Virginia shooting locations, need advice and help, ideas, insite, advice proud tae be scottish ( a must read ) as i walked err the ochil hills, approaching the top.i sniffed, then i sniffed again / whits that smell,i recognise that. twas the smell of… Not from your tribe Forgotten paths…alert and knowing…in control without exploitation / She has chosen her path keeping the nomadic cadence ~ two poems ~ (one inspiring art piece) swing neath the tree of reason (&) In the field of knowing Poem: Descansos I have carried you too far / Troubled too much / Rested too little A COUNTRY LANDSCAPE IN FALL Beautiful blue flowing water / reflects the sun with a glow. Pompeii or the Landscape of My Heart Petrified memories / excavated and on show / for gruesome excitement and titillation, / distilled tears of pain, / a spectre still lingeri… ‘The Shard’ Firstly, there was the boy. At some predetermined juncture, there came the dreams. From that point it was irrevocably set in motion –… Dreamland, the landscape Marianas trench and sandalwood-bag vibes / entice favored sand in the fire, / For love, even if unrequited, will be molded / as she spins a… To Live A Dream For me…… PHOTOGRAPHY has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery…. Yield to Pedestrians I now walk with my eyes wide open in order to view as much around me as I can-always looking around-always looking at the people who I pass… Celestial Landscape The butterfly has no time to waste. “7-STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL PAINTING” IS… “The true artist is not interested in having a nice life, being comfy and fitting in. He sees himself as a ‘benefactor’ a… Winter Landscape beneath greyed light / fields… naked trees / silent with snow… / looking up convulated / tangled branches / vein the sky…… Your two new parties Change is coming, The Tea and Crumpets party and the Coffee and Donuts party, or as we say the TACP and the CADP. / Please pronounce Tac-p… C H A N G E By then, my feet were frozen and numb, / the chill preventing me to overcome / the fear of waiting for spring They don’t care out here I always breathe shallowly when I pass and hope to myself that the spirits don’t notice me. Shade of Pale A short poem for the sensual art of seeing and of matching words with colour. Featured in ImageWriting What a pleasure it was this morning to see that my work / Serenity / was featured in ImageWriting today! / I’m really excited and it&… Featured on Home Page REDBUBBLE 13.02.2009 This work was Featured on Home Page REDBUBBLE 13.02.2009 / and was Featured in groups European Everyday Life, / Back In Black, Shoot The Mo… PERSISTENCE OF VISION The span of his gaze was so great / He could not see the generations come and go before him: / Flickering, quicker than motes on a sunbeam.… Sunflower Candle featured in Country Bumpkin I want to thank everyone who was responsible for having my pastel sketch featured. This is special to me because I spent extra time on thi… New Featured Work "Prague Charles Bridge” “Prague Charles Bridge” was featured in the group European Everyday Life 16 02 2009. abandoned abandoned / desolate / empty streets / pathways unwalked functionalism 21 And so flowed the trials of word… (Mature) An Unbearable Beauty allow no time for fear Tearing up the Landscape Tearing Up the Landscape / Life rolls by / why not accept it / take what it gives / and turn it into electricity / give them life for life … Thank you, ‘Landscape Photography’ ‘Pink Silk’ has been featured… makes me feel fantastic… !! / Thank you, to both hosts… : ) / LavenderMoon~ “wagon” featured “wagon” was featured in the group The Art of Intrigue, / thanks. “Morning Moon” Featured in the All of… Thanks to all who was responsible for featuring “Morning Moon” in the All of North Carolina Group!!! Its always an honor to h… How using a tripod will help you to create better… One of the key benefits of using a tripod is that it slows the image making process. Environmental Future For Australia And For The Wo… Now Tasmania once again are fighting to be heard, Environment VS. Pulp Mill in the Tamar Valley Launceston. WOODS featured in the Landscape Painting group ! WORK FEATURED November, 2008 / IN THE / LANDSCAPE PAINTING GROUP / my painting entitled / ‘’WOODS’ / has been featured in… Progression: Flight 854 to LA I hear chanting voices projected into my mind / Through this dark tubing, / As the jealous zealot angels would cry. For here I sit, / Above… A MAGCIANS LANDSCAPE Into the life of love an ever changing landscape here there are Magi here do they lead by illusion or are they as they appear out to make m… CHURCH IN WINTER LANDSCAPE FEATURED IN ALL NATUR… MY HUMBLE THANKS TO THE HOSTS OF THIS GROUP FOR FEATURING MY PHOTO / MY# NINE FEATURE IN HARDLY TREE WEEKS YEEEEEEEEEEEES I AM HAPPY AND… landscape (Mature) The perfect getaway Looking to get away from it all without breaking the bank? Then pack the camping gear and head for the border – the QLD/NSW border th… POEM- BOTTLE TREES (NORTHERN TERRITORY) BOTTLE TREES (9) / Ancient monuments / You sprout around the countryside / Your bloated trunks / Like drunken nine pins / The sun&#… Irish Landscape featured today! “Irish Landscape” is featured in Bubbler’s weekely challenge today. Thanks for the feature everyone!
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