mind birds by Loui  Jover Alice in Black and White by Kristin Reynolds she came in when i left..... by Loui  Jover Sex with Dead Poets You came to me at arms length, / crooked and tame / like a horny old mutt, / rare and diseased like I like; / brilliant and crawling with … Dear God, make me a bird How very rarely one looks up. / Each timed step, / weaving feet to ground, / looking down— / to earth, and rock and boards / of life— / th… broken down, you don't understand by Kristin Reynolds a letter before dying I stand before you naked as the day I was born. / Remember how I told you I peed on the doctor / when he called me a “Porky, little thing!”… Alone words; and warm sunlight shining, through t… I. / Can you feel the alone words? / Blowing through, like fiberglass stretching / moments into long stale tears, of forgotten, / all too r… You think you know me but all you see are your ow… Carry my body past the dead / hanging / from the hook in your eyes: / suck me all in— / my sun, my moon, / the silver sky fish in a s… Circumnavigation It was dark when the light came / like a memory / like a firefly / like a nerve— / like the last of the fallen angels; / like the most beau… Nocturnal Lovers You are right there— / but not really there at all / like the scent of April sunlight / playing notes upon your hair / back in the days / … Mind Birds My tongue / is alive / with garden, / climbing the walls / of my mouth, / feeding my mind / with lavender blooms, / twining my feet / to… VOICE: What Will You Spread Today? Have you ever noticed how strange / the human voice is? / Be it spoken, written / or drawn— / rendered as any medium meant / to car… outside looking in to inside looking out by Kristin Reynolds The unspoken language of Poets People speak many languages, / languages spoken by other people, / from other lands where / the other people speak / the same words, / in … The Artist Two streets down from broken: / his eyes are / all the bread he needs; / his mind all the fire / he breathes; his hands, / but a thimble of… There is an earth attached to my feet Even when / I lift them up, / there are still invisible roots— / like gum on a shoe / on a day when the sun / is most high / like diamond … the secret lies in the living; and the gift in the breaking again by Kristin Reynolds The romance of living the most subtle of absolute… In the end there is only fantastic vision— / an end to diversion, and the division / of most likely scenarios. / Where have all the Baudel… Not All There by Kristin Reynolds Poet by Kristin Reynolds prayer of the unburdened earth of her heart If I whisper my story to a fallen leaf / will Spring bloom upon it / like a wind / from my mouth? / And will you kiss me then; / being ab… if you see me as cold, I say: you don't really see me at all by Kristin Reynolds Poem 1 of The Alchemy Series: Eat drink and be me… Pure love, true love, divine love / God love— / the kind that you can actually smell, like / spring sun on a garden of lilies / is /… There are other worlds than these by Kristin Reynolds Karma’s a bitch: love comes whether you see it or… Feed me to the lions— / God knows I / would do the same / for you. / If not you, / than who, my love? / Who better than to gift me / a de… the last little daisy of summer by Kristin Reynolds the most beautiful thing about looking, is finally being able to see by Kristin Reynolds is it too much to ask to be tasted? …and induce / a bliss smile / by the taster, / instead / of a growl / or grimace? / You know that instant— / when the taste buds zin… Orbiting Space and Coffee Cup Rings My Grandmother / hummed songs / to no-one— / to darkness, / to anyone / while circling / the rim of her coffee cup / with three crooked /… make me a bird by Loui  Jover Fuck that Ear! A Vermont man, a grunt man, / a hard working man: / work boots, flannel coat, wool hat— / a real Vermont lumberjack special; / pack’a smok… LOVE LETTERS; AND THE SHEER HANDS OF POETS I lost a poem once, / it was marked: / RETURN TO SENDER; / a lily of the valley / graced its stamp, / scented and ready / for deep. / The l… naked in the presence of where your roots grow I knelt down / to Her naked / with my naked— / my ear to her musk / heavy breast; / her heart beating / in love / with mine. / I listened /… Requiem for a Dream by Kristin Reynolds a new winter’s prayer through the darkest d… There is a small voice coming through / the night like a far train / riding tracks / on the flipside world, / speaking of bells and whistl… Being Born  by Kristin Reynolds I will not hold your suffering, I will let mine go deny me. / hurt me. / burn me. / hate me. / spit on me with those eyes. / try to make a martyr out of me. / it doesn’t matter, / I wi… Poem 4 of the Alchemy series: Home in the Palm of… All my life I have looked at myself— / as if I was a disease! A mutant cell intruding / in a sea of Meant For’s and Should Be’s; / a mistak… quivering sunlight from the belly There is a risk / when the music comes, / of becoming / as lost as a moment seen / within / the heart of the eyes. / The divine discovery… Child with skin made of stars We are not lost—one / within the other, / our lines are their own, / hung / from side by side stars, riding / a sky made of earth / whisp… Moonlight Sonata in the palm of a Poet’s hand It’s no accident / that light comes through / like mosaics of windowless panes: / from Sunday hats and prayer bowls— / to screaming in a … Letting love find another way home (Written for t… The doors in my eyes / could never hold you— / you were born / the minute / you flew. / I will / my chains / to not follow / what the … Poem 8 of The Alchemy Series: Swirling my palm ov… There is a movement / that can teach / even a blind man to see; / carry the wicked / to water; / marry the heaven and hell of this world /… Poem 9 of the Alchemy Series: Words grow hearts l… There is a man inside me / peeking out / from behind Adam’s ribs / at the bottom of the deepest sea, / breathing in fish / and out bubbles… Child with skin made of stars  by Kristin Reynolds Storm Eye I am always / trying / to picture it: / this self-body all / alone / within all of the other / self-bodies / empty; / tired; / alone / in… making love in the sky while the party spins on b… I mix drinks on the roof / (there’s a party going on / below) / but here I am / all alone with the stars / for a hat, / and my heart / in … laying my body down by Kristin Reynolds There is Nothing more glorious than exuberant dea… Surrounded by all this exuberant death / and dying; / and living in valuable sin! against nothing / and everything / and all for the same e… my house of wind-chiming reed bones is becoming&#… I can finally see myself / think. / The sucker-punch to the gut / bickering, / dwindling. / The crumbling walls shudder less— / floorboard… Choices by Kristin Reynolds WALLS So many photos alive on my wall / of dead loved ones, / live loved ones— / ones that still think they are / living. / And there’s my… divine inspiration by Kristin Reynolds The Sorted Affairs of Morning I. / The evening settles up her debts / in vacant lots and houses—vacant / rooms like runways, filled with empty men. / 7:30 and my shoes a… The Woman See the woman. / See the face behind its age. / See the beauty of her form. / See the way her way becomes her. / See past her once taught s… everyday she dances, simply for the sake of dancing by Kristin Reynolds When You Were Born The moment that my eyes laid claim / to every atom that makes you / beheld upon your ancient face— / each pore, each crease, each shining t… Poem 2 of The Alchemy Series: Holding up Worlds It is no wonder / you carry the weight of the world / on your back— / if the sky were falling, / you’d raise up your arms / to hold it, to… hidden by Kristin Reynolds CHIME Regardless of what makes a man / tick, / there’s a clock / that awaits / his last bell— / while a shadow-man taps on his watch / wh… they danced; and then nothing but dancing made sense anymore by Kristin Reynolds like starlight dividing my heart, from the moment I know I'm alive by Kristin Reynolds And the chains lay loose at the soles of my feet,… weightless / chains off / wind / smiling / eyes closed / breathing / home / through my mouth; / my face warm / with autumn / sunlight, / … Poem 6 of The Alchemy Series: The Slow Death of T… I am trying to make sense of this dirt; / this stasis of living inside the us of us. / But how much sense can be made / when our love pock… Goddess She comes to water like a prairie road— / all open legs of journey yet to see, / her heart, a fish beneath a moonlit sea, / silently … Donum Dei Her love is a wheel set in motion / with hands / that were never / her own. / Each spoke speaks / with regardless clear eyes / and black /… A conversation between Poet and Man Begging the Poet his bread, a man asks, / “How is it you write those words? / How is it you know how to string them along, / finer and more… My bags are packed and filled with flowers: which… You are a remarkable journey / to the center of the earth, / through the black-hole moon / and out / through the needle’s eye— / if y… If I Were an Orange, I'd Be Purple by Kristin Reynolds open the door, and the light will come flooding in by Kristin Reynolds Poem 10 of the Alchemy Series: Mind your head (an… Before the moon breaks like an egg / on your hollow / of waxing man’s cheek, / mind your head / on the cuneiform door— / the frame / that … Baby by Kristin Reynolds Shadows of My Self by Kristin Reynolds The more I learn the less I know—all I know… There is a body / lagging behind / my body— / a shore out of reach, / one world away / from the narrow perception / of bird / I have come… Sandalwood, Frankincense Shoes My shoes are on dreams of feet / heading in different directions. / Each one / pausing / in mystic doorways / of scented Myrrh oil / cu… A Pocket Full of Miracles There are few alive; / it’s true. / You can blow your whistles / all you wish, / but they are still / all dead. / Done. / Drifting i… l’alimentation de ma lune avec l’amour Stalk me where I sleep. / Plant pearl white roses / at a crown of stone; / catch me before dark / in little white lies / while ravens peck … living the dream is a child in motion by Kristin Reynolds Poem 7 of The Alchemy Series: Don’t look at me, I… You know those people who make sure to tell you— / the writer of life’s beautiful sewage and its repugnant cherries on top— / “I don’t want… Poem 5 in The Alchemy Series: HOPE Why is it / when I look at you / you frown, / expecting the worst? / Why not dance / between my eyes / instead?— / holding the face… the beloved by Kristin Reynolds open windows in the void, lights from the rubble … Surrounding the pillar of red ocher dust with just / the one blighted window / three-quarters / of the way / up— / where flocks of white… It Is My Pleasure to Submit For Your Appreciation the Kissing Kat Bird: Birds Just Fly, XVI by Rusty Gentry little gods by Kristin Reynolds I’ve replaced my eyeballs with moons, to be… She came to my morning / like a maid / to the loose memory of a full night / of impetuous sex. / Those are the real senses burning—like … when she opened up to darkness, the stars came down to her by Kristin Reynolds The Other Assassin The Rockies can’t recall how to walk. / They tried once, / to recall, / and became All / the world. / But the winds hushed their wounds /… one by Kristin Reynolds Shapeshifter Metamorphosis reactor / mentally fingering / spinning my thoughts / to a suffering / and savory / gumbo / melting / my building / core:… Anybody remember me? Hi guys. :) Been a while, eh? / I hope this is allowed; I haven’t been here in so long I forget, but wanted to let you all know that … What lies beneath the map inscribed in the soles … Nations buckle under my feet— / my fool head in the clouds rolling by; / trying to count too many voices / when there are / too many… Remember Me, Poet? I Have Spoken Through Here, Be… Remember, Poet, those times we made love—like a chorus of words / hanging off of our lips, disjointed and begging to speak? And we licked … All work and no play makes Jack There is a face in the Grandmother Oak / watching, outside my bedroom window; / her leaves playing touch with the glass. / It is skewed and… Her Gravestone Waits Her gravestone waits in fields of gold / engraved—her name is crisp and bold! / An angel harks—her palms to sky / as if she’s pleading fort… and then she found the magical land of: filled with the all and everything by Kristin Reynolds
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