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Puppies and Kittens, blaghhh !!!!!! Wouldn’t it be nice, / wouldn’t it be sweet ? / To have a sweet little puppy, / licking at my feet ? / Or, a sweet little kitty… all cats have wings …betwixt and between…moonlight meanderings…all cats have wings… My Finest Muse I mop my tears of ink with sheets of loose leaf, / attempting to staunch my bleeding psychology. / And the carnivore inside all of us licks… Field of Dreams This poem points to the picture “Field of Dreams” in my portfolio. / Walking through my Field of Dreams, / I came upon a feline… A mother’s love? Not likely!!! Hey! I’ve shouted at him. That’s your mum! / I don’t think he’s impressed. / She’s been wanting to attack hi… All Kittens Will Turn Into Tigers The words come rushing to my tongue, / But I was taught not to speak with a full mouth. Kitten Math Rhyme two by two, / eight by ten, / four little kittens STILL The fight was then near over for you, / as you gasped to catch your last breath, / still, there was nothing I could do of Tea Cups and Kittens I dreamt of classic tea cups and mewing kittens, / barrels poured empty, / a world devoid of sand. Feral Kittens Feral Kittens, take one home / Once you love them, they’ll never roam / Found in a tree trunk, with their mom / She was trying to kee… Two Kittens and Two Children……. They are so excited, / new possibilities….. / and places to explore. / One is soft and cuddly, / the other just wants to explore. / G… Keep Away From Open Flames! The match strikes, / sulfur in the air and its burning. / The smell of tobacco / I’m learning. / What life means and what Ive got … WILD KIDS !!!! Crazy, wild children !! / Running amuck. / All over the place, / they are. / Getting in your nerves, / and sending screams…. / to the… Scabidy The man poked his tongue out and the kids laughed even more. / “Let’s get back to the story shall we?” The teacher coughed as her voice bec… Kittens Early the longest-seeming ringing Octy I, pardon the pun, was hooked! I could not find a sales associate fast enough, and when I did I breathlessly exclaimed my desire to buy the… All Around Me……. I see children demanding more and more of their cash strapped parents. I see greed, I see waste. I see vulgar displays of self indulgence. WINNER! IN “KITTENS OR CATS CLOSE-UP”… DOMESTIC AND PEDIGREE CATS GROUP RUNNER-UP IN “INQUISITIVE CATS OR KITTENS&#… DOMESTIC AND PEDIGREE CATS GROUP KITTENS I have a little kitty, / That came to live with me. / I got to name her Misty, / And she’s cute as she can be. / Misty is so fluffy, / And … One Feral Kittens Story (Little Alice) June 20, 2006 began like any other day, but soon took a turn for the worst for one little stray, feral kitten free kitten signs and construction signs my thoughts are bouncing / around and around / like spinning ufos / in desert skies drowning kittens the wind, it licks and spreads the fires / over the fields, dry, arid and vast / the gulleys and glens once nubile and fresh / are charred …

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of kittens writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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