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a visitor (warning – graphic)


kiss me

It was a pleasant evening and it would seem my countenance was well received to the extent that an invitation was extended for tomorrow eve…


tiny little lines, traces of people kissed / upon your lips / those lines / betray the numbers / fullness, full of blood and passion / a ti…

Midnight kiss

i write, / ten thousand words, / upon the soul of reality, / as the beauty, / within guides my purple pen, / as we make love, / embracing t…

a kiss (experience)

the line / “come away with me” is not my original / but I am / as you are / listen my imaginary trusted love / i would bake you a summer …

Kiss Me Again

Our first kiss

an appetizer

His monolithic cock was obvious as she urgently ground her crotch against it; writhing, needing to worship at its altar.



Only Kiss Me If You Mean It

“Only kiss me if you mean it,” she whispered and lowered her head again giving him permission to let her go.

a kiss of divine intoxication

your kiss is the divine wanting of my heart / for it is you who showed me how / to speak the language of the lotus moon

My Tears Are Your Rain

Written during a rain storm in which I imagined that the rain was a sad woman weeping for the one she left behind.

The Power of Boo

You moved / And it was warm / Where you were

A Virginal Kiss of Adagio

Bandage me in your lips / my parched lips ask / as the morning sighs


Graceful grays / and time honored wrinkles, / these are the sparkles in my eyes / when I look upon her face.

A Kiss Into The Waves

The shore was beautiful today my love / Skies so blue and the water beckoned me / I sat down so the surf could feel I was there / The sun w…

I dream of Living

A beginning of living without Martin.

FEAR YOU NOT..(a repost)

You are that silent companion, / life long, / constantly by my side,

The First Kiss

the thrill of dew-wet on our mouths velvety and glossy

Summer’s Kiss

summer love is like no other love / you just glared at me silently / I can read / by the vagueness in your eyes / summer’s kiss is ov…

Six word story #1

One kiss.



the spider’s dance

i saw her last night / as the moon / cast its light by the barn / her long legs weaving / slowly carefully / designing her web / so typica…

Lady M

It was your neck that first appeared last night, my tongue traipsing in wanton search of your mouth.

noticing my worn nails and lack of makeup

Noticing my worn nails / and my lack of makeup / He saw I didn’t preen like other woman do / Nail polish and lip gloss it just ain’t…

Never enough, one kiss….

Never enough….one kiss…’tis true

The Kiss

Mouths are joined and merge , / in sensuous dance… they move. / Tentatively feeling their way, / to ultimate , addictive bliss.

Kisses like this

I like kisses that do as they please

beg (M)

the extra tension he felt brought him so close to the edge of climax; he punched the mattress & begged her to stop…

The Kiss of my Sun

When I was alive, I lived with the Sun. / I rose to her shimmering smile and settled with her fading wink. My day beginning with a circle …

The Kiss

I see his hands and my heart misses a beat. / The hands that I adore inviting me to come to him. / They cup my face so lovingly, / Igniti…

Looking for Love

When you touch, it wakes your heart / When you ache to kiss the face / When it really hurts to part / You know you’ve found love, in this p…

Possibly Maybe, Probably Not. . . (the poem)

Oh how I love the feel / Of that sacred one first Kiss. / Can it be the start of / A love that should not be missed?

The Masked Carnival

The bridges are full / of revellers and noise / Passing gondolas with girls, / attracting the boys / Lovers glide on the waters / as blac…

the jeweled kiss of clarity

the great tawny sun rises / under the weight of your lip / light just is! / the mirror of diamond / sheaths / twirl like breath rings / fr…

Valentine’s Kiss

Down the path my love was led….

The Kiss

6 am / Meditating, quietly on a warm day / My daughter creeps up behind me / Kisses me gently on my head / She doesn’t want to distur…

wishing on a star

I have been waiting for a moment like this / you snuggled your head onto my shoulder / snogging on the shore / one special kiss / under th…

Before I Kiss You Tonight

There are so many ways to love before I kiss your honey sweet lips tonight. / Just touching your hand to feel the warmth of your blood make…

patches of dense fog

restrict freedom / surround with a fence / divide one belief from another with a fence / divide one heart from another / fenced with barbe…

HRM (Her Royal Majesty) The Lady of Shallot

Down the gentle waters / To the Lady of Shallot.

Enchanted kisses

Kiss me teasingly, tell me / earnestly / the reason why / you would bring me / to this enchanted paradise

Faded Blue Spade and James Taylor

Paul Kelly’s “Love never runs on time” played slower in her mind than it should, each line serenading a beggar man’s truth; there are no il…


She blushes sweet sincere and chocolate, / prismatic in her character / reflecting her soul off every spectrum / and direct into my boso…

I kiss your hand now

I kiss your hand now / to add love to all you’ll touch / it could be important

The you I knew

Will your sparkle ever return / And smile the way, where my heart burns


I don’t want you to live inside / of me like a secret wind

The Kiss of Inspiration…

… fills the sails of my soul.


where delicate whispers / copied themselves and disappeared,

silent witness

when i hear those / sighs and / unguarded moans / i am coated, drunk, / intoxicated

The Potential of a Kiss

Love, love, love ? ? ?

Missing You

As I watch TV, a couple will kiss / A tear fills my eye and it’s you that I miss

Kiss me, want me, take me…

Electric shocks as your tongue touches mine / An erotic dance of passing time / My heart’s racing as fast as yours / My body’s craving for …

First Kiss

I spent most of my childhood alone. I had a step brother who was much older than me. He had to go to a mental hospital when I was five. …

A kiss

a kiss changed all

Have you ever been kissed by Africa?

Have you ever seen Africa / Under a bright moonlight / Have you ever heard the soft touches / Of her river as it gently washes her body? / …

Kiss Me


a kiss not move is a journey long

Written this tonight in / Response to Lina’s request for / poems on Kissing :)

William and the Word Pirates

William would have found my minky sweat his full moon delight if we’d happened a chance under the same sun.

The Taunt of your Kiss…

break ups, separation, divorce, heart break, heart ache, cheating, moving on, forgiveness, song, dance, promises, vows, empty, dreams, nigh…

the club


I thought I had time

I thought, / I thought / just today / of how I let life pass me by / unchallenged, unlived, unloved / I thought, / I thought / just yesterd…

Going Down

silhouette hovers / in shadows of moonlight; / lover’s voice comes / clothes cautiously, / carefully, / slip softly / fan blows, / br…

How do you measure a kiss?

a décolletage . . . kiss? / scoop me up easy / plant a lingering kiss / like / like / apricelesstreasureyouhadadoredallyourlife / !!?? /…

Combustible butterfly

a soft red glow / from these cheap blown / glass bulb covers / kisses gently across your face / as you look at me, / and I am so lost̷…

Shut Up and Kiss Me

To me personally, there is nothing more sexy than a man that speaks his mind with passion, regardless of the subject. But that’s just…

kiss me crazy

Kiss me, love / Lavish- faze me / Kiss me kiss me / Splendid crazy / Forehead / Cheekbones / Lips / And hips / Curves / That merge to …

to be your lover

you shining above me / lips parted


in the blink of an eye / one beat of a heart / the time has passed / but we remember / we will never forget / 9/11 / look up at the heavens…

Bossni (Kiss me)

invade me with your mouth

Elephants Only

I squinted, peering hard at the sign with the scrawling letters just above the front door of the shop, it said “Elephants Only”…

KISS principle


Stealing a Kiss

Unsure Miss / Loving Dad / Stolen Kiss

Kind grief kissed the sorrow lips of a lost witho…

Burn the tongue for clotted sounds


his kiss was a whisper / on a dark lonely night / his touch / the feeling of a soft breeze / that chilled me / yet was an intense fire / wi…

“Kissing – The FuSioN of SOULS”

kissing you passionately / while clutching tightly your derriere / run my fingers through your hair / let them jog there / and exercise t…

Kiss in the heart

Once found, / I know, / diamond’s shine will be warm / like a kiss in the heart.


Your tender kiss, your warm embrace, / I dream about your loving face.

Two purple pens and a leather bound notebook seal…

how can one write? / when the night, / invades your mind, / and the consistency, / of the moon, / abducts your soul, / how can one write, /…

Extra Ordinary (A Kiss)

tender hands / on fragile if’s

You Promised Me Forever – You Kept You Prom…

You promised me forever / This promise to me you gave. / Now I am yours forever, / Buried in an unmarked grave. . .

Cloud talk

it’s a sweet surprise / I like the way you hold your lips / soft on top of mine

in love

he whispers / it sounds like an Angel’s feather / swirling from the sky / she smiles / the blush of a red rose / he tingles / as he…


A sound of sweetness / All senses mixed in one / A whisper on the lips

The Razors Kiss.

“You are broken.” The horrible, deformed and incredibly small man whispers into my eat through his perch in my hair. “Use…

Kiss Me

Kiss me / Morning, / Day and Night / Lips touching / Limbs tangling / Minds entwining



A Walk in the Clouds

a glide / through iridescent softness / cruising through delicate cirrus clouds

Passion of Love, chapter 29"Kiss of the Gol…

…loving her, feeling her soft flesh, blissfully lost in his memories.

Watering Senses

try and touch you, / I cannot say much more, / I shall always remember!

You Can Kiss the Sky

She moves in a contemplation of her soul presence still.

Insatiable Love Haiku

Into you I swim.

little toe – (PG)

He whispered in her ear hoarsely ‘it’s me hot stuff, relax…’

Dark kiss

She waits for him / by the door / with great anticipation / for a dark kiss / She knows the danger / of receiving the kiss / could destro…

Gone Forevermore (Ode to Poe)

Would not my heart still be intact / had I never loved thee? / Would not my mind remain unbroken? / Would thy soul be hurt / had I risen a…


Wings of light / unfurl, / stretching / from a lifelong sleep


Your poetry blues sing over me / like wet kisses nipping my neck / slow jazz dances / all through my head, / dripping warmly / down my bac…
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