Kingdom I do not need foreign realms / Or faraway lands / To complete me / When my own kingdom resides around me “FEATURED” Me and Dolly Marie ME AND DOLLY MARIE / True Life Adventures of a Baby Squirrel / In celebration of Dolly Marie / the cutest and most entertaining little crit… Dear God… Dear God… / Today is the the day… Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) Part 1 What must a person do to see The Kingdom of God ? Millenium Bridge, London, United Kingdom 1.996 – 2.000 / Cliente / Client: London Borough of Southwark, Millennium Bridge Trust / Arquitecto / Architect: Norman Foster + Partners /… The Gherkin, London, United Kingdom 2.001-2.004 / ENGLISH / Client: Swiss Reinsurance Company / Architect: Foster + Partners / Height: 180 meters / Floors: 40 / Area: 76,4… You carry the unborn for God You carry the child / not for you / but for Jesus / for the Messiah / who washes our sins / in His Blood / For the Glory / For the Kingdom … Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) less… Jesus filled all of the things that were spoken of the prophets about God’s Savior “FEATURED” Me and Dolly Marie (contin… The Adventure Begins / So small was this cute little creature, it was barely the length of my hand, including the tail! “How in the world … City Hall, London, United Kingdom 1.998 – 2.002 / Cliente / Client: Autoridades Locales – Local Authorities / Arquitecto / Architect: Foster + Partners / Tipo / Type: Ofici… Who Is Best of Them All Another mirror had a built-in doorway to a different world. The Castle Sentinel the gates; no prying eye’s A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (2) The Kingdom of Truant My plan was diabolically clever, wonderful yet dangerous, very dangerous in fact. Just the thought of it kept me in nightmares and diarrhea… Random Thoughts III: My Kingdom For Fish Sticks a… “The world food shortage is coming! The world food shortage is coming!” The media has cried this manta over and over and it certainly has … Two High featured in Animal Kingdom Thanks to the powers that be for featuring my cute little photo. / Love is the answer thy kingdom come I want to be bigger then what I am / I want to spread my wings and fly the skies / I want to soar the world / dip in and out of the rainbow… Still some left… When do you stop loving your dearest one ? Does it has got an end ? Dedicated to that immortal love… The Kingdom The Kingdom of Greysmire is divided into four regions; Northland, Southland, Eastland and Westland. Each has their own strengths which they… The mighty men from the Kingdom The mighty o Shea’s as Cionn trá / Tomás agus Marc / will light the band of brothers / when the game will need a spark. / They will lead fr… Kingdom Come You asked me, “Where’s your faith?- / Your grace is where that old cross stood”. Island Kingdom (please see description) with no lives destroyed or habitations having been vandalized to achieve their objective Castle Cornet You are beaming onto me / In shades and hues / So bright and beautiful – / And next to you / The white lamp in the sky – / The moon is floo… The Tyrant within the Kingdom for so much hath slain this undying beauty of true / majesty. Imagine away Once upon a time that never was before, there were two kingdoms. Polar Kingdom He jumped over me with such force that I thought I might be crushed if the tiniest piece of fur were to touch me…slightly breaking the ice … A Royal Re-Dress William: ….. After all, can you imagine what the headlines would have been if you’d got caught in the broom cupboard with a waiter? … THY KINGDOM Thy Kingdom, some day we’ll be / Close to Angels and to Thee / We’ll not sin, look the other way / Will love You all our days /… From False Wells? Would you seek God’s kingdom first? / If not, would you desire narcissism? / Would self-worship be your ‘ism’? Julie’s Photo " Enough Already" … I am so honored to have my photo of Julie, “Enough Already” as avatar for Animal Kingdom. Thank you so much Cheri McEichin and… The Kingdom of the Underpants Once upon a time in a little known land, / There lived a king of who was not renowned. / He hated the fact that no one cared, / About how h… The Kingdom… Dedicated To Bonita Moore IPA bamagirl38 Souljourney ..The stars look at me from their endless kingdom, / The wind washes over me but the moonlight keeps me warm, / Alone with the giants in th… vibrations …..but I see and I feel / stormy air / always be near me … / electric feel / does she know i’m hear / angelic stormy a… Life is lived the water floats / like fighting crowds of people / ignorant of the law of reality / they dream of a fairytale-kingdom / where the stars tw… A Kingdom’s Past Lindsey: Well, it’s about my mother and the history of this kingdom. I thought I could tell you, what really happened to my mother, and t… Kingdom of pain and misery pain and misery, / blood and tears, / are we believe in here, / the kingdom of pain and misery. Tiger Keeping Watch Was Featured In Animal Kingdom Thank you Animal Kindom for featuring my work. Very much appreciated it. Isolation Like ants, we built this colony. / You could be hung for any new felony. / We set to work, clearing land. / And built our prisons with our… God Buried His Eye Inside Me God buried His eye inside me and my hand is no better than Jeroboam’s withered dusty one writing what I was not intended to Chapter One: The Nazarene’s Sandals sandals come tumbling down before my feet. … pausing to reflect on the one who last stepped in this distressed land and what kind of … A Kingdom for Us Can we leave this place? / Run away, free spirit. / Hand in hand till we stumble upon marble footprints. / We’ll follow them to the K… A Kiss “What wouldst thou give”, the bard did quip, / “To savor yonder lady’s lips? The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness John spit out this cold admonishment, / “For I tell you God is able to raise children / to Abraham from these stones!” Fall Kingdom rising/ silent toward the scepter stars Kingdom in the clouds The castle in the clouds / Is not our journeys end, / But a new phase of our hearts / That we all must mend. / Close your eyes, / and imag… Not so long ago, in a Kingdom near you Be grateful for the happiness your Fairy Tale has. High School’s your Kingdom: Then and Now She was the predator and they were her prey / Now the tables have turned. / Karma has taken an evil twist. ‘Kingdom Of Sand’ Like the heat of this night, / in my kingdom of sand, / I am plagued by the shadow, / of my own heavy hand. / But tonight I was free, / my … Kingdom of Fools (Mature) Jack’s Kingdom The playground was serious business. The swings swung idly in the breeze. There was no one else about and Jack was busy in the sand pit. Th… Kingdom of the Sea The underwater world. / The kingdom of the sea. / With its eerie, mystic cry / It calls to me. / I long to go back to the sea, / To feel i… My Kingdom My Kingdom / How can words begin to describe Jesus, who sits upon his throne? / He has given me more love than I’ve ever known. / His glory… A Voice For The Animal Kingdom To the minds of men we / ask to speak, to ask the / question of what you seek IN THE KINGDOM OF THE SUN GOD And the brighter and more beautiful all things became the more clouded and dark the man felt his own mind and heart to be and his dread gre… Our Kingdom Our Kingdom / You call yourself the Prince of Darkness, / and possess no emotions for the world to see. / A hard life you’ve lived, n… Eternal Kingdom Eternal Kingdom / My realm seems so vast / Yet I am fitted exact so far / Wonder! I exist alone / No space to move on / I filled it complet… I’m Not Alone I feel you near, / tasting your own tears, The City of Angora This is the first chapter so far, more to come! Kingdom of Night There sits the king on his throne / A dark crown upon his brow. / By his side sits his love / Her gown a crimson red. / Their realm of nigh… THE KINGDOM OF BIRDS Enchanted moment, a red sun burning / He walked out onto the great square of majesty / In the city of Krakow / He was screaming / People f… ‘Eternitys’ Waiting (Room)’ When all that’s left for me / is the beauty of your likeness, / I come to know that finally; / the well has now bled dry. / Patrollin… An Opening Ceremony, an Opening Ceremony! My King… Ministerial Lesson No.1: / When a service as fundamental and critical as health care is massively under-funded divert funds into Sporting G… kingdom III there is a small kingdom at the top, / seen from here / speckled across the old landscape, / where the mowers never reach. / the buckle hel… My kingdom The lights reflect off the pavement / The fake trees stir / If this was my environment / I may have been affected / But it is not so / And … Kingdom Haiku In the Midst of the Kingdom / Surrounded thus / I surrender to the void / then I will have no fear The Kingdom of Truth? If the kingdom of truth is not a democracy nor a dictatorship / What the hell is it? / I say its mean, in every sense of the word / You? I … The Kingdom The kingdom in heaven is full of joy and love, as I sit by my Father in heaven above. / Streets are filled with joyous prayer, the angels s… Kingdom Enslaved (Mature) The Tower by the Sea Once, upon the rocky shore, / A mighty castle loomed; / Though wondrous to behold, / The keep was ultimately doomed. The Son of Kings I stand amidst these broken stones, / This keep that is my shame. / In this place, where my kin once ruled, / Am I, last of my name. animal-car kingdom a car inches towards the street, / like a cautious deer taking a peek / to see if the coast is clear. / while you wait, another car is comi… The Mad King Falls ‘Twas a day like any other, here / In Thronehold-by-the-Sea, / When the stones gave way before the waves / To King Harlon’s mis… Fear and Loathing in the Magic Kingdom The jet descends into the Florida area, and I’m shaking and twitching like an epileptic punk rocker on a Magic Fingers massage bed. The Urban Alternative – Brochure The Way of God… The Urban Alternative – Brochure / The Way of God’s Kingdom / July 26, 1999 / The Reality / “There is a way that seems right to a ma… A Weapon Alive Void words leak from apertures The Kingdom of Men Asi’yom looked through the visor of his golden war-mask, his emerald eyes, peering through the fog of sand on the horizon. 2013 – 50th Anniversary of Indo-China War-… 2013 – World Peace & Turbulence – Communist Chinese Aggressive Territorial Expansion & Neighbours . Affected countri… Nine days* sometimes she watches you engraving her names into the tower walls / she tries to forget when she fell from favour onto her knees / to fell… King Of the kingdom! I would rather live my entire existence as an “unknown!” / Than pander to the whim of my greatest hero! / Such is the king of …

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