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my knight, my sculptor, my slayer I beg of you with quiet whispers / do not abandon this blade, my lover My Velociraptor could probably kill your Velocira… You left your horizon to lay with me / in manmade blankets on manmade pillows / bubbled over and reeking our manmade emotions. The Tigress I can be like an angel / from heaven sent from above / but don’t try to hurt me / or you’ll feel the sting of my claws. Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election Words That Kill Ventilated anger / Thundering words / Poisoned / Ready to kill and hurt / Lightning / Lighting up the skies / Energy from within / Earth… To the known ends we are (WARNING! Deep Poem) Excited as Doom giving a toast –“To inevitable pain! / Lest the poor wake to think … That Which Doesn’t Kill Me Should Breed Str… …there was this girl, this stunning, graceful beauty… i went to kill a spider I went to kill a spider that hung deadly in my shed. / my hand hovered over her, but before i struck a thought entered my head. / if i kill… To kill a Lyrebird Keeping the us and them walls tight lipped / Jousters and jokers their hype welcomed by all 8 bullets I have a gun with 8 bullets / I could kill a man with each one / People say I’m crazy / and that this cannot be done / But I beg to d… Our Heroes of 2009 our innocent being destroyed, / I will only kill, / we cannot stand by, My Torturous Snake I live with a snake / Have for as long as I can recall / Always know when he’s going to visit / First, he squeezes my insides, my guts / Fo… Clappers … a Pom … and an Emu ‘Why, sergeant Clappers, are you asking me to remove my trousers?’ the snake in your throat they crawl into your jugular / and wrap around your larynx / squeezing it / a boa constrictor What does not kill us………Makes u… So you stare… / I have grown quite accustomed / To the sheer look of confusion and / Perplexity scribbled all over your faces / So yo… To the known ends we are (Same poem In First Per… Excited as Doom giving a toast –“To inevitable pain! Lest / The poor wake to think …” You who kill our children. (Mature) Belconnen For all of the kangaroos and joeys being killed as I write!! / Belconnen / Not long ago I felt the warmth of sun upon my back / Oblivious o… I’m A Radical Terrorist Trained to maim and kill, / When blood stains the grounds, / Mangled steel, schools and crèche! Looks that can kill. So I sit here like I have every day since the day that the unmentionable happened. / In this park. On this bench. Staring at these people … CAN’T KILL THE LAUGHTER – a strange little … When they tied me up / and hauled me off / to the asylum / they told me I was insane / “Don’t make me laugh,” I chortled. / “I already… “P.S.Q.”- C 1989, By Dennis L. Knecht Correct- a ‘POL-SPEC’, a "P.S.Q….Specially armed with ‘proto-lazeers’, exceptional and new ! slow kill how much nuder / she is when naked / than I am / * / we all have our slow kill weapons / besides those words that cut / straight to the bon… THE BEAUTY IN KNOWING THE YAKUSA (Mature) Before you kill a fly Before you kill a fly is a tribute to the amazing work of Pat aka Eyestrange WARRIORS OF GOOD There is a land / Of harmony and peace / Where love and pleasure / Will never cease / This is the place / Where time stood still / People r… behead (M) cool sharp blade came heavy against her throat To Tell, Or Not To Tell? unearth one deteriorating finger, dig up an entire rotting corpse. watch the maggots eat away at the flesh and bones that once held all tog… looks can kill… is it true? / that’s what they all say. / but i’m not convinced. / then i look at you. / brown hair, brown eyes. / nothing in p… To Kill Did he kill? / Had he killed? / Will he kill? / We stumbled along the sandy beaches on many afternoons like these, wandering if we’d see hi… Outstretch Your ARMS Drop that knife, / death and destruction, / find a solution, When I look at My Beloved When I look at my beloved / I see the ground / When I hear the laugh of my beloved / I hear the sky’s wind / When stare shared with my belo… what doesn’t kill the soul only makes it st… what doesn’t kill the soul only makes it stronger / BY:Hector a. Encinas The Alleyway I strolled through the alleyway, staying in the shadows ~ ~ The Birds of Religion Beliefs which become, / and hence form the shape of how we hear, fear, and respond; exercise. / Responding to what we defend xerox fuck the media If Looks Could Kill Retrace the steps that bought you here / Rape the mind and feed the fear Henry Foghart – A Man of Few Words A surveillance video plays… / A man stands at the back of the store, staring at the cans of spaghetti on the shelf. / A woman enters,… Psych DRUGS KILL PEOPLE I have just seen a very frightening movie. / Its all about how phych drugs are killing people. / Take a look and if you want more the whole… Bad Dream I laugh and love, / With all my heart, / But my dreams are tearing us apart. / In light and dark, / I see his face, / And to him I feel a d… DISSECTIONS OF A COLLECTED KILL Neither an accident nor precedent / Johnny only wanted to see it bleed / And die in a mystic moment / Before the artificial euphoria / That… Loved To Death I framed a picture of you / On the desk / Yes / I tore her out of it / You / Broke my heart / Forget? / Ha / Shoot me in the chest instead … Broken Conflicts Will someone not listen? / Will someone not hear? / I ask for understanding / Yet am confronted with fear! The First of Many He left the room like it had been before his presence. Dingy, small and no trace of a man who would later be known as the Death Collector. YOU AND TEQUILA. I know I am foolish thinking it’s not too late / I swear, I am going to break / You and Tequila are going to kill me riding like kill it’s difficult to tame What does’nt kill you, make’s you str… ‘Fear is a sign of weakness’ / So I used to be told. / But, when I really think about it. / I’ve been through it all̷… My Remains I used to be someone else / Someone who has disappeared / Almost. / Spread across the road / Like yesterdays kill / Pieces / Of me everyw… To Barbara You couldn’t fault her Flea Tale Part II – Tom He believed this cat was after his acorn, when in fact, the cat just wanted to sink his teeth into the squirrel’s neck and make the l… What doesn’t kill you… Once again / the life that I once knew has ended; / and I’m left a weak, emotional wreck. / Nothing about this has made me stronger, / I’… Don’t Smoke. It Will Kill Your Lungs. (ENG … I’m sure that we have all had compelling moments that stick out to us. Sometimes it’s more than that. Sometimes these moments b… The Random Killer He waits in the shadows / In the doorways and in the shops / How is she to know that this would be her last breath and vision of her world Sincerely, Your Earth Why are you doing this to me? Please, save me, don’t let me die! road kill Not knowing where the street / ends and the guts begin. / Road Kill. / Lifeless bodies, no one cares. / Road Kill. / Not important enough … It kills me It kills me that I can’t shake it off, / I cant get rid of it, / I want to go with you, / I cant leave him here, / What am I to do? i’m going to kill you i’m going to kill you / i’m going to put this knife inside your mind / watch all your thoughts seep out / i’m going to sl… Last Day to Live it was my last day to live / but somehow i survived / … my own Sonnet 147 As I lie to sleep, I shall never wake, / Of our hatred and loving which we make. Trapped these scars don’t heal, / and the memories don’t fade, / forgiveness must be earned, / but it is not deserved. Kill for Life Kill me and I might live / Spare me and I’ll be dead within seconds of your hesitation. / In order to hold on, / you have to let go To be … Curse Thee Thy Bastard Asp I curse I cast upon thee bastard Asp / He who at him whim takes control: body, soul, brain / Thou thinkith that I fear you / Think again, b… Kill them with kindness When the goings get touch / The tough gets going / Here today gone tomorrow / What will be will be / To each their own / Don’t worry / Be… She Could Kill With Her Eyes But she chose to Seduce HOW TO KILL She cried for something better, something real, / She wanted to feel better, yet she found it hard to feel, / Hard to cope, hard to think, … Killer I staggered through the dark tunnel, grimacing over knowing what I was about to do. What I was about to do with the frosty handle that I gr… 27 Lesser Lives She is strong, / for she carries a full clip, / and she is reliable, / always holstered at my hip. I’m so sick of loving you I’m so sick of loving you / Seriously / I think it’s killing me / Slowly / This day by day / Heartache / This constant heartbreak / I’m bl… Addiction. Addiction-is when the brain starts to think that the body thinks the brain is trying to kill it. You’ll hurt someone You screech / You tear / You surge / You’ll hurt someone Kill I remember catching butterflies as a child, chasing after them in my dance costumes mimicking there carefree movements, fooling them into b… STONES HIT HARD Sticks and stones may break my bones… bricks building up…. better and honorable way… / Pfft, just read it, lol : ) ItR… The Will of the Watch Part 1: Murder, Mayhem and … THE WILL OF THE WATCH: PART 1 / MURDER, MAYHEM AND OTHER FUN ACTIVITIES / PROLOGUE / With a thunderous clang the mighty hammer struck a sma… don’t play with knives *+don’t play with knives+ / good advice, particularly around angry individuals.* the Gnome’s Knife ‘But don’t you see Mary?’ He shouted happily. ‘I did it for you, it was all for you!’ Cigarettes will Kill you Back in the day, before they banned smoking in pubs, you’d come home of an evening and your clothes would reek of cigarettes. And whe… End of the Line Add that fucking finger, What doesn’t kill us, can still weaken! …………. the misty dank air clings to to his shirt bread and circus spent from the blast all guts…splattered ripped through the back…spectators detached and bored Heart meet Brain. Brain meet Heart. Try not to k… Insomnia. It’s horrifying and sometimes a necessary evil. Gives someone time to lie there and love someone so much, miss them until… 3.36am Screaming 3.36 and the Air Ambulance wakes me / No need to ask why it is there “What doesn’t Kill you….” It is not something / You buy to have— / Nor find / And legally possess; / But something more / You sort-of / Journey through— / Wrap yours… Death of Boo Boo devistated about having to kill it Unknown Would it make a difference, if / Unknown the courage to kill The autumn light is bathing you beneath the sullen tree / The light beyond your swollen eyes is all I can see / Is it right to be the one t… Love Hurts [you] But yeah, anyway, I was so so totally going to shoot you that night. Troll What’s that creeping, sneaking, / Through the grove of angry trees? / The taint of evil visions, / Painting shadows on the breezeR… A Combat Nurse’s Prayer So ‘til my time is over, Lord, and I have been relieved, / I’ll walk these halls and listen for the sounds of soldiers needs. Gentleman Rage lived behind every glare / Enchained by depression within the mind. / A blighted being, some may say. / All routine came to unwind. Back In Iraq 3 weeks for 2 and in 5 / I’ll be back in Iraq. / They’ll still be killing each other. / I’ll still be doing my job. / It’ll be hot then. USS INDIANAPOLIS – STILL AT SEA As though they’d been sent as the devil’s own spawn / Those beast’s preyed on us from the dusk to the dawn. Road Kill Yesterday the black dog / appeared to be napping… 1312 Ashley River Road Tampon Terrorists part one… an ongoing report and recollection & shared experience of clinic escorts versus the tampon terrorists, those who would force all women … Reductio ad absurdum. Up-side-down, / Magic we are, / Die in the dead park, / The absurd clowns dead in 2012, / For now… Marijuana Mind clear / Not one thought left / He headed for the car / And took the key, ran over me / Mary Jane
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