Childless She was shrouded in shadow, yet he could see the outline of the sharp object she had brought with her from the kitchen. The Old Goat Tree Little ones please listen well / This is a story I must tell. / To help to keep your sanity / When walking past the old goat tree. The Kid, The Cat, The Dog “Sleep will you be my friend now?” Missing Childhood The stars were just there / And I sure loved my bike / I went through adventures in space / With just a box and a kite / The floor could be… Punk Rock Kid Destruction of senses; hate fuelled / Is this really punk rock? / The raging chorus; defying all logic / Ears bleeding; nose bleeding; hear… what’s that kid up to? (Mature) Blowing Bubbles won a challenge! Woo hoo!!!! My picture Blowing Bubbles won the Carefree Bubbles challenge in the Beauty N Bubbles group! Yay! / It’s so cool, I think… New Kid in Town Tense silence shrouded the dusty road as the gunslingers faced each other. The newcomer, known only as “The Kid”, kept his focus on Earl. … Apparently it was the Goblin…. A funny story that happened to my friend. the unintentional rhyme i have to pee, i have to pee. / find me the key. Out of the Darkness …I could see a scrap piece of paper with something scrawled on it in green pencil. I picked up the paper and read it. “I know your th… The weird kid Do you remember that weird kid when you were at school? / Who used to sit at the back and eat paper and chalk / And didn’t conform with the… In The Mind of a Monster Did his mother not hug him enough, or maybe she did a few times too many? Did his father force him to reach out for unreachable goals, or w… WHEN WE WERE A NAUGHTY KID We didn’t know about the time: running fast, / We didn’t notice, we were getting older, / We didn’t realize, we were wasting, / Everything;… Snake Cookies My two hands just big enough to hold firm / the measuring cup, pouring into the bowl / two cups of sugar, one cup flour to stir, / I would … Hey Kid Hey Kid (Part One) / “Hey kid”, he yelled gruffly / From his wheelchair / In the wisterias shadows / Of his falling down porch / “Come… The Land of Unseen. Once upon a time in a far away land, that wishes to be unseen; lived a girl who lived to be known. In the land of Unseen the people walk he… Hey Kid ( part two ) Another Day / The creek splashed noisily below / The cut banks covered with wildflowers / And ripe wild strawberries / I eased my way into… Stoop Kid Declaration Bring to lips / Inhale the love / Exhale the bliss / A kiss from jah / Cast a stone / Into the sky / and let it surf the rippling times, / … Rhyme Blowing on a kazoo / To the tune of a babe’s coo coo the forgotten kid so here i am / a lonley kid / suffering because / of what i did / locked in a room / with no one to play / while the rest of the world / f… she saw too much with a bloody tissue in hand, she saw it Back When I Was a Grownup Kid I don’t want him to love me differently. What I want is for him to love me like a sitcom father, lovingly tucking me in at night as h… inner city kid i grew up fast / i grew up lean / i grew up quick / and i grew up mean / i learned how not / to take any flack / and how to leave haters … Walk-In Closet A six by five fortress / Vacuumed vault of / bears and beads / and letters stored in / shoe boxes on shelves / Metal and pla… Ocean Eyes I get uncontrollable / As i’m dancing with ur soul / As i’m smiling into your ocean blue eyes Wings, Flying and one bloody fall I want to fly. I mean I REALLY want to fly. So I’ve decided to make wings. This is my story, one of failure and success. But mainly d… WHAT DADDY DID… you know whats sad? when your own father rapes you….. Alone This is a story I wrote a little while ago / It is about a married women with two kids and everything was just how it should be until this … The Kid Stays as seen under the light Jings Bubblers hoo kid yea miss this?-miss-adorab… Noo this wis posted sum time ago, / an’ you lot oan the bubble are terribly slow. / Hoo kid yea miss this beautiful find, / Aye yer l… DJ Cool Kid Awesome Slacks Cool / Is my condition / Chilled / Like winter ice / Looking for a shaking / Serving up some inspiration / What am I to say / looking at … DREAM OF CLIMBER The little kid, / The son of Father Rock, / The mother Nature… / No fear in my life / But the peace on the hights, / No darkness in my soul… I Kid You Not… Devoice – to pronounce (as a sometimes or formerly voiced sound) / without vibration of the vocal cords / Merriam-Webster’s … Just a Kid Playing and laughing I Love Ya Kid all i can do is kiss you through the lines of this song After School Snack Gotta make-a cup-a cocoa Poems and Things This is about poems and things, / That roll off the tongue with a zing, / Usually with a most delightful ring, / And with a rhythm that mak… A MESSAGE FROM A KID Me: / What will you be / When you grown up? / A kid 6 yrs old: / I don’t know.. I don’t think I want to work… / Me: / But if you wor… Do you remember your cabbage patch kid? Do you remember the special bond you had with a cabbage patch doll? / They were your baby / Your very bestfriend / In times of sad / Your … Saw the “I’ll Shank yo up kid.”… Interesting what i witnessed today, i saw a kid youger than me about 11 or 12, making a paper Knife, and saying to me as i witnessed in ama… “Clean” is Subjective I knew that I was ultimately powerless, and I needed an insult that could perfectly convey the full spectrum of my anger and contempt with … To The Kid Whose Dog Really Did Eat His Homework On behalf all of us who make bad decisions, / and worse excuses for them Thoughts I fear the silence so I live… When I Was a Kid I stumbled blindly / Along a path laiden with traps / Misled / Misguided, / Yet still stalking proudly / But without direction DEAF STUPID KID It seems to be that if I really was deaf and stupid / Then any decent human being would certainly not pick on me the Good Luck Kid “born under a bad sign / been down since I began to crawl / if it wasn’t for bad luck, / would have no luck at all” / … embrace embrace / she said, ‘good bye’ / he called across the road, ‘I love you’ / she never heard the words / fast truck smashed into words, / wr… Bed Time Poem A poem to read for your child at bed time. A Hardscrabble Kid My earliest memories are vague at best, they evade me and lie hidden in the back corners of my mind. Sometimes it feels like my mind was a … Behind Wrinkles Behind wrinkles / and beard, the kid is / always there. when I was a kid When I was a kid living in Oonadatabran / I owned a squid his name was Stan. / Stan loved it when it rained and rained / He’d go slid… Just Don’t Get It When I was a child I had alot of creativity / Use to draw and write story’s poems too I loved every moment of it / and dreamt that ma… Preschool As I went into class / I looked all around / Not one familiar face / not one familiar sound / My teacher assured me / by the days end / I&#… no instructions. Ganja smoke leaves my lungs empty / like the shell left by a locus. / Us poets are insomniacs / because we think best / when we’re al… This kid The way he talks, the way his eyes light up when he laughs, his laugh. / He is gorgeous from head to toe, yet I am the most comfortable whe… The Kid She had dusty boots, worn from much traveling, ground down at the heel and shaped to the point of being as much an extension of her legs as… It’s All or Nothing in this Dreamland. Walking into my deserted neighborhood was always a fear for me. Funny, I lived in a nice location with friendly people, so why was I afraid… Hero He is my hero / The man I wish I could be / He is my father Anger As Dad cleaned garage with his four year old, / Son scratched the car; “Look I did”, smilingly he told I Love You Too Kid “I love you too, Kid,” were the last words you’d spoken. / I squeezed your hand and said, “Goodbye.” As a Kid – Spoken Word I didn’t talk much as a kid / I felt the pressure of the world and the power of words were too big / Too great / I lived life by my m… TIN WOLF THE CURVE KID Every moment is now in the future, / Every moment is now the future, / Every thought is now in the past, / Every thought is now the last, /… kid b just when you’re told you’ve gone too far, things start to become memorable. steady handed at the moment of truth without a tra… When I was a kid I remember a time I peddled a car, / caught lightening bugs and put in a jar. / Collected baseball cards and neat looking rocks, / kept und… ONE LEG ANNE AND THE KID. Anne poked Monica / the girl with burn scars / with one of her crutches / and said / Scam scar face / me and the skinny kid / want to b… Bereaved Your heart just breaks, / That’s all, / But you can judge, / You cant point fingers, Like A kid A story about a childhood. Forever Kindness I will always give / My love to every kid / If you keep on giving / You will keep on living. #ratchet kid #ratchet kid

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