Joe Was Playing… Joe was playing in the sun / He was having lots of fun / Joe come inside, here comes the rain, / play inside till it stops again The Blessing of Mary Mary is every single mother / Who accepts the blessed role / Joseph every father / Who makes the family whole christenings, lil jj set out on hoofin it then found the feets get weary so risk’d it / in the late nite traffic / downhill on a broken bike / swell. / s… The Christmas Story Each Christmas we read the story anew. / A story that brings us closer to / The babe born in a manger far / Beneath a bright new shining st… Hillbilly Pickaninny Medley catching bullets between my fingers / throwing / he ws like yeah yeah / and i sed yu dont know / and she sez sumthin like yeah / but all at… Dearest Joseph Dearest Joseph, / i love you. / i marvel at the wisdom of Mary, who mothered you in my absence, who named you when she received you during … Between the dark and light by Joseph Valcourt until your breath fades Joseph Benson’s finest hour. “Who’s coming on the works trip?” Ms Rhodes asked the apprentices. Joseph Benson squirmed. / “Still here Benson?” / “Yes Miss.” / “Best… My Little Soldier. The monster from your dreams / Just as real as he seems / My little soldier, this isn’t fair / The way you live your worst nightmare. Why Why does Paul Jagger act like a dick, surely he can see or is he part of it? The Story of The 12 Tribes of Israel God called Abraham, / He said, “Walk with Me.” / “Get out of your country, / From your family, / And from your father&#… The Flicker of the Fire Then I open them and all of those / Things reappear and yet, should I fall asleep / I have nothing. The story of the virgin birth Now, I don’t know much about history / But this little tale was told to me. / It’s about a baby born / And how a vagina got torn / That fat… Sometimes like priceless Joseph The Lord never intended His flowers / to suck in their stripes / but to be momentary expressions / of earthly praise / so purposed by the P… An old man remembers I was all set to join up as a drummer boy when one night I was out with the other young lads. Well, how I got separated from my mates I don… Personal Dilemma The girl was pregnant. Her announcement hurt Joe. He was saving himself for marriage; for his fiancé, for this girl; but now this awful n… Ddub’s Whats in the name joseph The brilliant Christian name of Joseph has comparable meanings in each and every The third coming of Jesus, Mary and Joseph I passed along the river / The waters did they reek / Hyper sensitive / Cyber active / Living out / Happy families / All good things must c… Funeral Speech of Robert Joseph Harper (Six Feet … If you could take some consilation / In my personality / I saw the world’s problems / And I left them all unsolved / I may not be obl… The Eternal Friendship “I want to leave this place.” she had often muttered to Water and each time she would receive an impish look from her friend as if to say, … Funeral Speech of Robert Joseph Harper (Six Feet … I want everyone to know that I tried / And even when I failed / I never stopped pushing / Even when I won / I never stopped Loving / I went… Poem…Joseph Trumbull Stickney….Song Song, is by a real poet, Joseph Trumbull Stickney. / • / • A bud has burst on the upper bough / • (The linnet sang in my heart today); … Death of Joseph Goebells ‘Minister for Propaganda’ / joseph goebells / clung to hitler / deepening the darkness / in the fuerher’s shadow… /… Joseph, 88, Haiku Near & Far Joseph, 88 / people always die so inconveniently, / now someones gonna have to clean up the house. / There be company coming; kin we aint… The Willow on The Hill, Chapter One Michael has been having strange dreams lately — very disturbing dreams. Can he find out is happening to him? Or is it all in his head? Joseph Moves To Michigan the laugh, so romantic and silly me. facing the calm wall of circus tent, not alone. but with a customly cut tightrope TALLAHATCHIE BRIDGE the most beautiful thing walking

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