Water Haiku

The water is light

Let Me Grow

In an exposition of Japanese Art / a Bonsai was the main attraction / A dwarfed tree with it’s roots cut out / forced in a small pot …

Clappers and a Bloke Called Joe

Some serious consumers of amber beverage stayed sober enough to rename it Heaven in the desert.

Haiku on Monday

Don’t look over my shoulder


The drummer summons his energy, filling his body as he pulls himself up, gathering every force within, like a current. Slowly he raises his…

Haiku Exercise #2

Divinity lies within…..


This act of singing to a mountain may have a profound cultural significance – or perhaps it was simply one person’s unique and indivi…

Toowoomba Japanese Garden

Toowoomba Japanese Gardens – a sanctuary for all seasons

Haiku chain

clear / picture / —revealed / surprise / —withheld / exclamation / not syllable / count / —beat / essential / —ev…

A Deeper Understanding (Story)

Edward took the card, saying, ‘Thank you,’ before realising his language choice and fumbled for the words in Japanese. / ‘Save it,’ said th…

Haiku(XVIII): Fair flower

Fair flower, wouldn’t

Origami girl

Origami girl / I’d like for you / to fold me a pearl / for wisdom / fashion a gondola / for my journey / create a paper heart / to w…

Shoe Haiku

Bought brand new for school / Shiny and clean in the box / Soon they will be muddy

kinbaku tight binding of sublime anxiety

a masterpiece of sublime anxiety…submission a knot of psyches bound

morikami greens

“this is not a scrapbook, / this is my sparkling shrapnel.”


_I am become death, the destroyer of worlds… / J. Robert Oppenheimer’s thoughts on the first atomic bomb,referencing the Bhagav…

Under The Butterfly Moon

I gathered Irises in the moonlight / Their color welcoming me in

Doing It Differently

Although some might say it’s a bit redundant now, it is still a good idea to ponder on the Japanese success stories of yore

moving waters still

smooth green carpet sits / upon moving waters still / reaching for the light


Although the sun would / show the tree to be humble * / its most rare beauty / is revealed in the moonlight / reflected against the lake /…

Mountain Ermitage

Mountain ermitage / alone and possessing nothing / - just happiness. / * / Mountain Ermitage / sharing my bedroom with / dormices and spide…


Avalokitesvara - / I should engage you / to clean my house !

Achieving Enlightenment – - – - ̵…

Short story with surprise ending in only 55 words!

The Crunching Leaves…

I stood there, / in the stark silence of night…… / I was transposing myself, / into a WWII, environment. / Yes, I had watched t…

Haiku(XV): Taking a long riverside walk at night&…

Dark shadowy night,

Sat on a Bench

Sat on a bench / her dog in arms / she cries.


Siesta - / I am the favorite pillow / of my cat.

Haiku(IV): Patient spider

Patient spider waits,


Buddha / and Mona Lisa / - same smile.

Tanka #3

Dazed children run through / The tipsy streets of Queens like / Shiny black oil spills / Burn the dark waters they drink / Then erupt into …

Road Edge

Road edge / on the uprooted tree / a bunch of flowers.


Blossom / swept high / upon evening light / above passion made incarnate / amidst the reign of love.

Haiku(VI): Spider post

Spider, sat on wall,

Torn Posters

Torn posters - / under the politician / the clown.

Ume (Plum Blossom) Haiku

[Video] / the Past is passed / the Future, still yet to be / distant – beyond imagining / Now, is only this moment… / plum blos…


Check it out here

Two Human Beings

Two human beings / to knit my body / - how much for my soul?

Subway Station

Subway station / on morning perfumes / on evening – smells.

Railway Station Platform

Railway station platform - / in the old lady’s bag / a cuddly bear.


to say you believe / and not care for creation / it is appalling / cmh 4 2010

After Thunderstorm

After thunderstorm / alone / on a petal road.

Train Station

Train station / the ballet of the cleaning machine / around the sleepy tramp.

Rainy Day

Rainy day / the coat of the dog - / a refuse bag.

Job Interview

Job interview / between the recruiter’s teeth / a piece of salad.

Sunny Morning

Sunny morning / on the balcony the grandmother / and her walker.

Summer afternoon

Summer afternoon - / more butterflies / than flowers.

Haiku(XI): Moth Kill

Light as gossamer…;

Cabin in Woods

Cabin in woods / nearby on an oak / a basketball net.

Tightrope Walker

Tightrope walker / on the telephone wire / - full moon.

Night Road

Night road / crossing a blind in one eye / car.

Haiku(VII): Burnt Milk

Suddenly, gas stinks…;

Haiku(XVI): Egotism

Big shot, with ego

Haiku(XII): The art of boxing

Polishing both fists,


Schoolyard / they turn the rope by singing / she skips by laughing.

Tail of Lizard

Tail of lizard / a bit farther its head / the cat cleans its claws

Haiku(XVII): Itchy skin

Dry nails, digging in / itchy skin;

Haiku(III): Dreadful flies

Fast as Superman;


Break-up / in the mirror the bearded man / is back. / * / Break-up / the cellular phone memory / full of love words.

On The Coat Rack

On the coat rack / the cap and the jacket / he will never wear.

Haiku(XIV): Rejection

You’re beginning to

Winter Morning

Winter morning - / the swan kisses / its reflection.

Haiki(VIII): Bed Bug

Uncovering sheets,…


Bundle / of old letters / - where is she, now ?


Wandering / in the cemetery / - alone without a grave.

Running Away

Running away / from the paint roller / - the little spider.

Far Away Sister (A Haiku)

My sister and me / Looking at the same white moon / But I can’t see her

Crossing Times

Crossing times / through different bodies / - my love.

Haiku(IX): Meditation technique

On the bus, thinking…;

Winters (A Haiku)

I have lived to see / One hundred five feet of snow - / Forty five winters

Grandmother Cycling

Grandmother cycling - / behind her / a baby seat.

Room of Lost Steps

Room of lost steps / from travelers just remain / imprints.


Teeth / of the hilarious tramp / - a piano keyboard.

Lost Chapel

Lost chapel / no more priest or parishioners / - just pigeons.

Exhibition Opening

Exhibition opening / peanuts are more successful / than paintings.


Internet — / avid reader of my haiku / - the Google’s bot.

Broken Windows

Broken windows / of the abandoned factory / - a checkerboard.


Found / a childhood friend – his name / on a grave.


Crying / and waving her hand / she runs along the train.

Summer Afternoon

Summer afternoon — / saved a drowning / thirsty fly.

Haiku(V): Little ladybird

Red/yellow flower,

Climbing Up

Climbing up / the mountain trail / a two-legged hay bale.

The Little Boy

The little boy / barely bigger / than his schoolbag.

Meditating About Eternity

Meditating about eternity / I didn’t see time / passing.

Night Road

Night road - / crossing my windscreen / a falling star.

Shell Against The Ear

Shell against the ear / the little girl is talking / to the ocean.

Brotherly Uncle Big Meeting

He stood there,his waist was so small that was called noodle like, and yet his got wide smooth shoulders, with soft feet, i often looked at…

Marked Out

Marked out / by beer bottles and polythene bags / - the hiking trail.

Haiku(XIII): My 1st bike

Bike running downhill…

A Car

A car / in the ditch / - new year’s day.

In This World

In this world / we are just / tenants.


Clamped / between two branches / - the full moon.

How Many Lives

How many lives / to distil / a soul?

Haiku(X): Writers Blues

Write, thinking, alright!

Among Clouds

Among clouds / the church bell tower / as an island.

On The Bedside Table

On the bedside table / his metal alarm clock / - dented.

Three On The Sled

Three on the sled / then three in the same / hospital room.
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