The god of atheism is dead. Politics is the new religion, and lies are its god. THE BOOK IS NOT DEAD! THE BOOK IS NOT DEAD! / IT’S OUR SOULS THAT ARE DYING… / THIS WEB IS A LIE! This is the way This is the way love dies - / torn from my trembling hands / stomped on and squashed / trampled and ripped / consigned to the never-was and… The Muse Is Dead 6 words and a funeral. Good Morning to all ( “Is Philosophy been d… Good morning to everyone.. / I have read that Stephen Hawking has afirmed or at least have suggested that the Philosophy, as an intelectual… WHOSE STORY IS JUST A DEAD BIRD Whose story is just a dead bird / in a trash-filled field, / or a dirty rag in a street, / or the trembling lips My Name Is Janet BIG UNVEILING IN THE TOWN OF DEA… [Video] Is Rhyming Dead? Is rhyming dead? And is it thus that all / Who write in ancient forms should be accursed? Alone is DEAD! What do I see with these my eyes as I look towards the skies? / The snaking serpents of space, orbs of light and towers on the moon, / Thes… There It Is There it is / The big dead tree / Standing there / So lonely Two Poems For The Batman I: Batman Is Dead Nobody killed Batman the human condition is a condition good and evil from the same source…are one and the same The Girl Is Dead An attic where you could not move, / The body of the girl who had nothing to prove. / The vanishing light as the clock struck four, / A hoo… Is it Cool? Is it cool? / Driving fast, fast, fast? / Is it cool? / Driving fast, real fast, / having a blast, driving fast. / Is it fun? / Shooting bu… The Dead Living (Reality is not your friend, but … It is breathtaking / That we can breathe at all / Yes. / This is / The problem of our most ensnaring fears / As they’re building up throug… Not Enough Time (Electronica is Dying) Electronica is dying / Can you feel the genre’s tiring / Getting old, getting stale / And you can tell no one’s really trying /… the word is dead The word is dead and has to be written / it’s penning itself clear / of perjory. / Doesn’t matter if the page is grey or empty / or if the … Hollywood is Dead!! Did you read the paper today? The headlines read, “Hollywood is Dead!” The signs on fire, the stars all decayed. Silver screen … The Queen Is Dead I have a mission that I must complete, / If I don’t I’ll be in the water with concrete shoes on my feet. Dorota Gorski is Dead The last time I saw my ciocia Dorota, my 80-year-old Polish aunt, I was 21 and she tried to tell me something about returning to Poland, bu… Life is a series of dead ends Crawling through the dark tunnel / Searching / Searching / Evermoving, neverstopping / When will all this madness end? / Coming closer now… Is it Dead yet? That is the question you ask yourself when you have time to think about those things you ponder. It’s never really a thought that is … Love is Dead They never told me to live, / they never said love was worth something, / they never cared that my heart fell to pieces… / Even when … To the failed man that is you. Gather your dead dreams / And listen to them grunt and suckle Art For Art’s Sake Is Dead! Mr Booth says artists and arts organisations need to find better ways to use their expertise and skills to connect with a larger number of … The Gentleman Is Dead He opens the door for her / 200 of her closest friends walk through / And she follows / Pulls the door behind / Slams it in his face / As h… PART OF HER IS DEAD. Some mornings, when she / Wakes up, she moves to / The edge of the bed / And stares at the place / Where her feet use to / Be; now an e… The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place [Scene cuts to the black and white checkered floor of the bathroom where puddles of water cover the floor] Is Dead. Is dead. / That’s the part / you heard, / those words / through the gap / between door / and frame. / Who’s dead? / or what? / the … BOB IS DEAD. It was the year that / Robert Kennedy was / Shot and you were in / The doctor’s surgery / With your father and / This guy came in and … The Dream is Dead There was a stirring in the back of my mind as she handed me the grease stained paper bag full of French fries and cheap hamburgers. A desp…

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