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On that day the earth shook the ground If I stood here back then I wouldn’t be today, / And to be safe each day I can only pray. Fools get the best discounts at the soul sales find a little child eating far too much chocolate I Got Nits On Dolly’s slip was checked, NO LICE and NO NITS. The Crow I saw a crow today / A beautiful black bird / And couldn"t figure out which death had occured / Allowing different thoughts to run th… GOUGE (Oxymoron Twist) Just bend my mind….. Sugary Addicted He danced around the room, singing “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. “ He surely did know, for only four years later he died from al… “IRONIC” I’ve seen you on cloud nine, / dropping pennies, / Ooh so perfectly. / I’ve watched you walk, / thin lines, / dodging karmas ar… Living Irony My stilettos could no longer hold. / At some poor man’s feet; The Hare’s Choice That’s neither here nor there, / Said the walrus to the hare. Porridge Fast lanes, passing on the right. / Toll cards and frozen elevators. / Forty floors up to boredom Ironic and Sardonic Laughing as you pulled my teeth Ironic B Plus Tonic i had this art teacher in college / i loved going to his class / i’d sit and listen to this wonderful Norman Bates- Herman Munster /… The opposite end of the exchange A woman left twenty dollars / in the room she had stayed / the previous night, / for me, / the housekeeper / as a welcomed tip / along wit… Isn’t it ironic … Isn’t it ironic (sorry Alanis) / That our culture (celebrities and voyeurs)… K R I S I S … sundered… severed… When am I? (Ironic Prosetry) When am I? / I know WHERE I am. I’m home. I’m in Pennsylvania…on Earth. / I know HOW I am. I’m well, than you very much. / I K… Ironic awareness. The trick is not tin the flick of the coin / But to see both sides in one. Ironic Prayers I can hear them trampling up the stairs in their big black combat boots. The cold steel shifting in their hands makes an exceptionally poi… Ironic I’m talented / because my tongue can touch my nose. / Why cant it be for my art work, / or words I once wrote? / I’m beautifu… Mosaic I suspect wherever you might wind, / That I won’t be that far behind. / You won’t be far from late-night lines, / From this sil… “Ironic” “Make Love, not war” / “Turn-on…tune-in…drop-out” / Woodstock made it to the Whitehouse… / “Lord of The Flies” As Ironic as a Fire Station Burning to the Ground. Isn’t this ironic? / The time it took to get over you, / Was half the time we were together? / Isn’t this ironic? / The girl wh… Writer’s Remorse © 2012 by Ellen Hecht… The guests were startled, hearing an enormous rumble. Love Is In the Air I felt you in the air today / I know that old familiar touch / My heart leapt at that feeling / I never knew I’d miss so much / The w… A Happy Coincidence? What price a coincidence? / A fortunate one, unexpected and pleasant / That would bring a smile to dry lips / So accustomed to limp accepta… Ironic…… slipping down through the ranks of friendship, / i was lost and scared when you held out you hand. / most all the people in life have skipp… The Ironic Haiku just say what you / Mean Round Tends to Roll it rolled off, splattered and spewed / all that gunk on my new shoes. Ironic (Burger King) I want to say that / seeing you today / was ironic, but / I know I’d be using / the wrong word. / It just felt like it. / Because I c… The PASSING Fancy I’m having trouble / passing urine. / I just can’t fight the urge / to stop and take a sip. re “When am I? (Ironic Prosetry) by George … I am / what / I am / as / I am. / andrewboehm The End. A six word story. Apocalypse On the high seas The hurricane winds that hit the waves made them rip / And when my frantic hand finally got a grip / I stood up, closed the window and got … In a moment The pupil surveyed the sea / Listening to the silent herd A map to your heart Time passed so fast i got lost / in the origami of your emotions / Found myself torn out of your story Jaws Under his control / Viciously they rip Conventional Walking through the doors of this place simply thrills / A whirl of color and strange creatures / -of whom all are known by name / with, …

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of ironic writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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