OK i’m bored … so here is a game for …

Please add your first thought to the word that appears on each line :- the funnier the better i guess !!! / 1. wiggly / 2. well / 3. …

Feileacan na Péacóige (Irish Peacock Butterfly)

Frail and fragile fairy dust wings / Psyche / Begging a dance

Wrecking Religion

The robes, the collars, the beads / make them look the part……..

Irish Question (from the Bumper Book of Bad Puns)

The ferry bumps up against the pier / And so, for the first time, I am here. / But have I done right? / Should I have come? / Or am I in Ei…


We left that Dublin office, traveled / north of Sligo to the seacoast town / of Grange. There I slept the length / of afternoon


I stood up in a blur of cigarette smoke / but no one noticed. The people leaned in to hear each other / over the buzz of noise and talked…

My Erin go bragh

If my blood must spill tomorrow / in foreign fields afar / will you promise to bring me home / to my beloved Erin go bragh

Memory with Cruelty

The smell and the sound of it. Hot in the sunshine.


I heard that there were Leprechauns in Ireland so far away / I have often wondered do they ever come out and play / I heard that they play …

“Macushla” – Michael Collins an…

And I dreamed we danced the night away / While a tenor sang “Macushla”

Is It Too Late For Tara?

There are those who truly care about our heritage ~

The king of Ireland

He said he was the king of Ireland, smelling of drink and stale urine some how beneath the madness of wild hair and unkept beard were eyes …

Sitting on the Thinking Step

New slogan for environmentalists – Save Water, Buy a Motorhome.

Patricius Magonus Sucatus – Was He A Hero Or̷…

No longer would the Old Ones remain, rather choosing to descend into the Other World to await the time of enlightenment, when the Old Ways …

The Awkward Man’s Morning After

He lies still and rests his palm against her soft skin, puffing his chest out the way a warrior might when posing with a foot on his freshl…

John Clarke…. My Grandfather

It irritates me I can’t see his face.

Travelogue To Dublin

The Irish are quick as a flash in inventing brilliant nicknames to anything and everything. There is a statue on a street in Dublin called …

I Will Forever Belong

Now, present, in this circumstance, I jump off of / A cliff, into the Nether regions. I walk unafraid / Through a door with no visible ope…


I have secured an exhibition space in the Old town Hall of Cashel

Call of the bagpipes

Come … follow the call of the bagpipes, / hear … it is softly calling your name. / Come … follow the call of the coastlin…

The Dew Of Dear Tara

I’ll come back to the dew of dear Tara / To restore the strong magick of old.

Crave the Eire

I’d love to sing at a cleidah and dance on a cobbled street / hear tales of old from wizened men whilst warmed by fires of peat

The difficulty with taking dog pictures and choos…

Trooper Thornton …didn’t sound right …Wasn’t Wayne in Donovan’s Reef? Wasn’t he Michael Patrick ‘Guns’ Donovan?…Yes.. but hang on a minute …

Blessings On The Sacred Center

Brighid of the covering, / Your mantle spread thick / Over the land, protect that / Which is holy, Mother, allow / Your children to be fill…

Today’s Irish Magic

“Aye, what can I get you lass?” / “A pot of tea, please.” / “T’at’s grand …

Tales of loch Gara

a magic moonlit night on the banks of loch gara in county Roscommon Ireland,camping in an ancient stone circle,amazing night.


The interviewer asked if you had laughed. / You said that, once, you had. / How well I know that laugh. / A purged cry, sterile as fire, / …

The Last Wurkin’ Donkey In Ireland

….. thats me .. the last wurkin’ donkey in Ireland..I fekin’ ask ya.. every other donkey is in ‘retirement homes’ or lukin’ after har…

sunrising…serie XIII !…was featured!

sunrising…serie XIII !…was featured!

An Open Letter To Bertie Ahern – Taoiseach …

“Great is my shame, / My own family / Have sold their mother. / I am Ireland, / I am lonelier than the / Old Woman of Bearra.”

An Historical Moment In Time

Who is it that can run this wearying but blessed race, / Persevere to the end, see it completely through?

The second one asked after the hanging hind and u…

Rills and runnels, rock and tarn, cwm and cloudy crag.

The Floods in Connaught

And raising worms threw a massive banquet / as the heavens poured on Connaught.

My Heros

Some have heros that fly without wings or swing from man made spider webs / Some have heros for their skill on the stage of music or drama …

Ragman becomes Batman

I guess she was just someone who passed in the night! I awoke and less than 10 to 12 inches from my face I saw a little creature wrapped …

Amber And Jet

Heather Hued clouds, breath of memory, the soul’s / Remembrance reclines soft upon a bed of sod and Clover

For Our Beloved Tara – Please, Save Her

Where can I find you? / Beyond the Strand? / How can I tell you, / We’ve lost our land? / When will I see you, / The love of my life?…

Disinterred Body From Collierstown

Some day we too will become ancestors to someone. Will they remember us with love, or will they plow over our tombs, building rodes over an…

Sniper’s Promise

Me? I said I was an okay shot. I never shot the wings off a fly before- but not fer lack of tryin mind you.

An Irish Ghost story

a hand appeared through the window

My Irish Roots

No banshee’s wail, for me, curtail / The gift of gab I share / For the music starts, within me heart, / Of the land of maidens fair


This is the dream-land moving through me, / full of ancient voices, where sea stones / speak of sad-eyed seals,

Back Home In Derry

Tanks rumbled past with soldiers aloft / Rifles armed and ready for action / Barbed wire fences replaced our freedom / Machine guns the ma…

The Clash of the Ash – Scotland v Ireland

the sight of Irish forwards running at full tilt whilst tapping the ball on the flat of the hurley, catching it on the volley and then smas…

Lament Mother, For That Which Was Holy Is Gone

Flee from the beasts that would hollow / Your graves and disturb your sacred rest.

Whispers- Chapter Two

“What’s the first?” again, I spoke partly out of politeness and partly out of real curiosity. This man intrigued me. / He regarded me serio…

Preface to my book Mays Lake

The battle was over, the murderers sealed away. Justice had been served but at what price?

Hard Love

I was twelve and full of enthusiasm to learn of the world’s wonders and turmoil. / There where other troubles closer to home that in my inn…

The road where things go backwards

“Have you been to the road where things go backwards?” asked Eilish, as I sat having breakfast in a Carlow hostel. “The what?” I replied.


So the music surged wild and became us as I spun, / Mossy mused, and the swans kept calling, / calling, calling… The swans kept calling

The weekend my world changed

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was up with the larks ready and waiting at the step near the bottom of our garden path wearing my fas…

A Vision of Ireland

He walked the way / From his childhood / Home / His face carved out by / The wind and the waves / Reaching the cliff / Stared into the sea …

Home Boys

Every day as we walked into my primary school that train of boys would pass. My Mam would say they looked like a flight of stairs with the …

Irish Haunting

In the Emerald Isle / Where leprechauns reside / Banshees rule the nighttime / With horrific cries

Whispers- prologue

“There are some doors that should never be opened. There are some things that are locked up that must never be set free. This door must sta…

Inspiration Ireland

The ancients still weep by bringing rain


Bang! A gun goes off / Another man is dead / What’s the point, I ask myself? / What lies ahead? / Ahh! A scream rings out / Some girl’s dad…

Don’t call it a slum

The smell of Vic menthol rub wafting about our home took my mind back to when I was a very small boy. My Granny lived alone down in the wha…

Soldier’s Prayer

As I walk tonight down darkened streets / Listening only to the sound of my feet;

Taught to see my a Blind Man

I went for my walk one day up the hill in front of my home and decided to stretch myself further going over the first hill and climbing the…

One Man and his Backpack

Why would an overweight, unfit thirty-something carry a heavy backpack on a 450km trek across Ireland for charity?

Their Dignity and Pride

As years went on, the Irish son / In America did reside


Malachy Tosh gently lowered his long legs from the bed to the stone floor. He knew the stone would be ice-cold because it was now winter. …

A Blissful moment

He wondered how best to celebrate this unexpected windfall and couldn’t wait the exciting news with his wife, Kate.

The Cowboy

The Cowboy walked into the room / A Stetson on his head / He had a mean look in his eye / And his gun was filled with lead / Where’s …

Heart of the Home

She stood in the tiny kitchen black and shiny / Solid as a rock but more useful / The coke from the gas yard over the wall / Was light to c…

Good Old Days in Ireland

Where have all the whistlers gone / Those men that stood around the corners / No work to be had but they needed to get out / Out from under…

Wee Smuggler

At aged seven Ellen was the oldest girl in the family and therefore was given the role of smuggler. The war was on and butter was very diff…

His Name’s Not Patty!

It always seems to be the same, / that for each and every year / all the people come in droves / just to share in all the cheer.

The Mass

I went for a drive to Saint Aidan’s church just to drink at the well and walk about in the peace that envelopes that place. From the main r…

Stormont’s Gate

The gates stand high and strong / Across this entrance road / And years gone by

Ireland’s Secret Service

As a small child I remember knowing how it was getting near to winter because my Granny would have us standing for hours with our arms out …


He comes down the stairs as she is flipping the last of the pancakes on the griddle. “You going down to the boats today?” she asks, withou…

I cant stop now its Gritty Men

Tough leathery 1970’s men.

The Pooka of KilPatrick

Lady B. sat up in her coffin. The butler and the maid were never seen again.

Prides a Sin?

I was only a nipper when my Dad took over the chip shop with it’s old coal fired pans that needed to be raked out every morning, and…


I asked his name and he brought the tip of his beer to his lips, / serenading me with a little one-man band. / “My name… well, let’s see… I…

Irish Glow

On Stormont’s grass / And between the trees

Maybe, Just Maybe

I went for a run this morning town along the lough shore with the sun shining brightly on the broad expanse of still blue grey water. The t…


Temptation / Is dancing a jig

Lost Ireland

In their mouths u can hear and taste the smooth wet slice of the blade apoun the moist ripened turf, a slow rythem and a earthy orchestral …

The Smuggler

Every morning John would walk across the border with his bag of tools needed for his job as a bricklayer. / Every day the Customs men would…

This Recycling Lark

Sure they think they’re all new fangled with this recycling lark / Well wait til I tell you a story that’ll put the picture str…


Where are all the characters that used to be at every street corner when I was a wee lad. Colourful characters with colorful nick names lik…


They say this year it’ll be a long day towards the end of May where you can marvel at / your shadow and how much you …

The Holylands

Between the drunken lads sprawled on mattresses in the street… / weaves God.

Less Haste

Take rest, big sir, / for no one has passed wishing he had spent more time in the office.

Dun Laoghaire at Dawn

Fronted by unicorns, forever / Trying to reach the shore, but…


The Cliffs of Mohr and Aran Isles three, / Breathtaking, they had me in their grasp. / Eire, Otherworldly, green, and vast / Did hypnotize;…

-Insert Title Here-

I am a repo man, taking the meager possessions of those who can’t afford to pay up. What I really wish to do is repossess the organs of thi…

The Top Of The Bank

From the cross of Kilrane to the point of Greenore, / It’s a place of beauty and characters galore. / All over the parish, you’ll find the …

In Ireland I landed

Ireland a land of enchancement

Hot Sunday Warrenpoint

wedding parties – birds of paradise

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