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Breathe now for the last breath is gone Come. / We are all invited to laugh at Love’s funeral. you you inspire me to be brave in my sadness / you have forged words to be my crossing bridge / you lean over like the willow to shade me whe… The Naked Wilde While the air moves through marrow / To excite what is life Letting Go Sleepless under a foreign sky, / Not knowing, or really caring why - / I wandered in the morning light, / While the day was slowly waking u… My Muse Awakens Me She calls to me from within, / like the soft threads of loves first kiss, / stirring butterflies within my winterish shell. / Her voice, li… By the leave of love And laugh with mysteries of how alone together is PAIN’S MIGHT … Oh the tender soul of it all You gave your fists hands to touch Death’s not alone / And you unfurled your wings here to span the whole globe / But were rained on by st… inspiration You prophet of vision you painter of dreams / I was chained in a prison, you set me free The Receiving of Love Your courageous clouds / Always disappearing / To free / The impossible / Bond The Plagiarism of Joy’s Poetry (An Ode to the Cou… Nothing is clean / Especially the most pristine holy truths’ polished / And shined daily with rags of fearful hopes in hiding / Buying pred Inspiration Inspiration / There it is! / Where? / There! / Do you see it? / It’s burning / It’s lighting that corner / Over there / Catch i… When Knowing Is Over / Everything Is Gratitude A sacred door has opened Suite Sound Images of Her Then rest / —to learn her heaving / Composition: Heart and chest You Inspire Me Thank you. What Are Affirmations? There is so much talk these days about positivity, inspiration, motivation and affirmations, but many people are still not quite clear as t… THE OLD WOMAN Yes, I’m an old woman, with scars and lines. / I’ve been hit and abused too many times. / Yes, I’m an old woman, I never … The Sunset Blue When the sky defines / The water of love’s mind … / I will enter you Legs She / Lands beneith you / Naked as nature Love Garden… Our love, / It’s much like the unspoken word / you know what it says / although, it’s never been heard. / Equally as beautiful… ~ Soft the Dawn ~ And shall we watch the dawning never wanting the day light come When She Found Time “Yes” I said (the way love’s ease laughs) / “I too love time and the way you found her” Art Explained Parenting She Is Naked You are free to be inside yourself / Completely naked; being Stripped Bare I sit here and contemplate that I can either fall apart and succumb to total breakdown…or…I could possibly count my blessings. Quench My Thirst, Inspire My Soul Quench My Thirst, Inspire My Soul / The dry dusty terrain stretched before me, the end unseen. My tired feet, came up and went down. The… ARTISTS COLLABORATIONS ~ Expanding on Yet, there’s always the beauty / Of so soft the sound leaves here love machine no hearse Artiste en trabajar May seem as effortless matter / ‘Cause passion stirs the soul. / Enjoyment at every stroke – / Be it of pen, brush or chisel! inspire expire in love… THE INTERNAL WARRIOR (THE GUIDE) If I should / Fall or stumble, A SIMPLE REQUEST Don’t jusy walk by / Acknowledge me / Make eye contact / Something / A nod / Anything / Just don’t ignore me / Inspire me! Believe Haiku You can fly if you want to… INSPIRE ME. Inspiration comes so suddenly / In quick, energetic burst / Now it’s here, and then it’s gone / I must learn to be ready for it… Inspire Me the pen slipped from my hand / into the pool where poets drown / slipshod, I reach up / hello up there / can anybody hear me / does anybody… WITHIN CHAOS “WITHIN CHAOS WE SEEK, GRASPING BEAUTY TO PROTECT OUR HEARTS, ENRICH OUR SOULS,AND INSPIRE US TO BE THE PEOPLE WE ONLY WISH WE COULD BE” On this Special Valentine’s Day … I also hit a milestone… I just can’t believe it 100,260 have viewed my work. / 178 features!! / 11,000 viewed my writing and … Journey Beyond Gazing through a window of here and now / I stare beyond to a floral fantasy of dreams / Layers upon layers of blossoms and buds / And oh s… So I Hide… So I hide long time, no see How do I move forward when the sun is not shining? / Why call yourself honest when we both know your lying? (: )) WHAT DO YA THINK.. Dream I’d like to be a dream you inspire my creativity I feel like we’re running like kids in the dark. You Inspire Me It was too long not to hear your voice / My heart was heavy..such as loss / Being in my life you must see / You inspire me / You know all t… Me A creative me / and there is a dark side of me. / no one can be beautiful in the way that i can Inspire Me Inspire me, teach me how to dream. / I could live in the real world, but it’s too cruel, / Crushing my tender heart, / Teach me how t… *SMILE * CHEK out my stuff.. ENJOY.. :-) Your Beat follow your own path Move Move your mind / And let your spirit follow “The World” The world it is what you think and see in your mind. If you have seen evil and done evil, then the world is a more evil place. But if you s… Where Stars Collide Adrenaline surges, Heart pounds - / Chest heaves, Palms sweat. The Common Plight I sit to write / And draw a blank / It frustrates Disclaimer this is a disclaimer to all you crazies like me out there Ascended Star The pain was a warning at the left / Too young to understand slumber kicked in / The night was a cold blade at my side / Wings slapped me… What’s not to inspire? The earth. The sky, the clouds and the moon. / The summer, the fall, the winter and spring. / Everything around me is a picture, / and my … Thank You, Rishloo My job is to inspire. / Inspire the masses to see what they want. / Think how they want. / Be what they want to be. / My pen will guide the… ‘Inspire’ ‘Inspire’ / Inspire me, sun set colours painted / Eyes unwavering dance passion stated / Inspire me, gentle hands held played /… Whatif Whatif never got anything done. Creating Something Lovely Whatever your creation may be, I’d hope it would help inspire someone’s greatness. Enduring for positive creation is what makes us human. inspire a DEDICATION to inspirational women The Morning My dad has seen it, and his dad and his dad and many-many dads above him, / They, like me, seen it to mature into day, evening and night, w… Limelight Fearing impending failure / Shadow becomes my friend / An ally of protection / From meeting with an end she speaks A spiritual minister from my training on internet marketing sends out weekly “Inspirational Messages”. This week’s went s… Mistletoe My arm is aching but I can’t give up now, holding this awaiting mistletoe letting in rustle in the freezing air. An Angel I am nothing and I am golden / Like a god who tongues the sun Poem to manifest Abundance (Mature) My Desire to Inspire Artistic design / Vision so devine Attempting to Inspire Change Tell me lies that you cannot disguise / And I’ll tell you a story of truth / Awaken your mind to the blackening skies / Take your han… Silent Thunder Inspired 4 U Today! Alive with Life.. open hearts..Freedom Spire I once read this.. Be Grateful. Be Graceful. Be good to yourself and those you love. Inspire I get asked what inspires me the most, / My feelings inspire me, / My family inspires me, / My friends, my surroundings. / The question re… breathless inspiration It melts me to think of how you would be here this morning, but this memory is only a moment in time — a time that happens any time. So, … Yourself You cannot try to be yourself, you just have to be. Billow of The Flow Something we are working on,hopefully recorded soon

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