The Secret Keepers Once upon a time, only yesterday / There was a secret only told / To those who could really keep it / Until they did grow old. Who is DiEtte J. Henderson Growing up in rural Minnesota and during her many “out-door” vacations with her family as a child, DiEtte began an early progression toward… The Zen of Dragonfly Watching About the time we are sure it will never come, the Carolina Jessamine flings its yellow ribbons over the fences and woodlands of northwest … my first night in the forest It is night; the forest is dark though far from quiet. An Angel’s Kiss Butterfly, dragonfly, bee and ladybird Baby That was not all the badness, though surely it would have been enough. For the girl remembered other things. She wished she didn’t, b… Featured on the home page and in Insects, Bugs an… Thank you so much i am honored and happy The Walking Stick I remember looking down and seeing a twig on the ground and reaching for it when something strange happened… THE PARLIAMENT OF INSECTS Imagine, if you will, / The copulation of flies. / The machinery of how / Their horrid glances meet: / Flirting, the way cadavers might /… Frittillary Butterfly Duo – Calendar Insects What a delightful surprise to find this image 1st place , top 10, in this challenge . Thank you all so much for the votes. / This challen… A gardener’s delight From the East amber skies streak / Morning’s golden glory rising / becomes a giant yellow-white cheese melt sizzling / Burning down i… Yea, another feature, this time in Bits and Pieces Featured Work in Bits & Pieces Enter The Peephole- the spiders trail Find The Peephole. Take a gaze. Another Photo Featured…..Yea!!!! Swamp Fairy Featured in IPA Giant Swallowtail – Featured in AS/IS July … Featured in As/Is – thank you very much to the hosts of this group for selecting my swallowtail image, I am very fond of this group s… A little Story The mosquito turned around and could see China chasing her. She looked behind her and then back behind China. / It had worked. Sanctuary Ants, earwigs, crickets hide behind blades of grass, / Find safety and seclusion under the fallen leaves of trees Circle like insects Circle like insects FEATURE #5 Many to the hosts Julia Thomas & Uta Mooney of the group South Australian Artists for featuring my photo ’Lady bird rose I am v… What If? What if sunshine went away? What if rain clouds came to stay? / What if romance was no fun? What if passion came undone? / What if friendsh… Amazing Hummingbird Moth- Featured in The Woman P… Thank you kindly to the hosts of the Woman Photographer group for this feature. Buzzed by Bawdy, Bumptious, Bodacious Bumble Bees The spectacle of speeding, blurring isinglass wings Haiku(VI): Spider post Spider, sat on wall, Placed In The Top Ten – Insects In Macro Ch… My photo “Cicada” placed in the top ten of the Insects In Macro Challenge, TPW also featured in the Group. Thank you to all … Aug ’09 Features – Last Week of Month Ii’d like to Thank the following Groups for Featuring my work! / Monarch Butterfly – Featured in Backyard Macro & Closeups … The Jumbug and the Gnu But, the nearby Gnu with a heady ache, / Tried to plug his ears with sap, / Still the steady thrumm / Of the jumm, jumm, jumm, / Sent sh-sh… BUTTERFLY POSE #2 FEATURED in Butterflies, Skip… MY THANKS TO THE HOSTS FROM Butterflies, Skippers, Moths, & Other Winged Insects * Charles Dobbs * Ken Boxsell FOR FEATUR… Flowers With Insects Challenge My photo "Nature’s Harmony placed in the top ten of the “Flowers With Insects” challenge in the TPW Group. Thank yo… The Ballad of Wiggly Red “And the nurses, quite becoming, / To and fro were quickly coming, / With every form of needle to his bed. Home All the while listening to the blue crickets chirping psychedelic loves songs to the infected sea of toxic waste Haiku 99 fireworks… / these luminous fireflies / celebrating too. a fit of insects there was a fit of insects / blind to heaven / unknowing of hell / chasing life / from clover to screendoor / little elementals / unaware o… Flying Palette Fluttering; frenzied she alights. Happy for that moment she is ready to move on. Haiki(VIII): Bed Bug Uncovering sheets,… Caught a Flea I know a man who / caught a flea / and put it in his britches. “Natures Beauty” was featured in Inse… I am so honored!! Thank you!!!! The hoppers “Hooray, hooray,” the hoppers say, / as they scramble in the sun. / “Let’s play, let’s play, all day, all day… Haiku(V): Little ladybird Red/yellow flower, Night Muses as the night falls like a glossy drape of black / crepuscular muses foregather for a bath of neon / for like the evening their lives are fl… Insects There is an insect crawling up your spine, Good News About The Ants Ants are among the most successful insects. Experts estimate that there could be 20,000 or more species of ants in the world. They have evo… Auschwitz A Contemporia And pray to your clouds / From the knees / That you should manage to glimpse the queen / If only for a moment Lady Spiders Plea Would you come in to into my parlor / said Lady Spider to Mr. Fly / I been so very lonely / In these myriad webs of lies Throat Moat Strikes A Match. Throat Moat / I dragged up a memory from my throat, / It risen up like a moat, / There was a hole about three quarters round, / It remind… MObugs—-discover Missouri Insects and Spide… Sowbugs, pillbugs, rolly poleys, or whatever name you call them, these little creatures bring back fond memories of childhood. There is mor… Ants (Originally Ant Leaf) and disappears quickly too / Nearly killed and underhat things

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