Red by sandygrafik Red by sandygrafik lost innocence by whatmilk Trapped by Riko2us Innocence lost by Marie Magnusson End of Innocence? by Wendy  Slee Stealing a Kiss by Michael John Long ago I wandered through my mind..Lost in happiness I had no fears..Innocence and love was all I knew...was an illusion..lost in the wheels of confusion  by jammingene Innocence Lost by spankyspangler Subtle Persuations by Evelina Kremsdorf INNOCENCE LOST by Tammera Coming Together by Craig Shillington Our Innocence Lost by Trevor Fellows Forsaken by Heather King Valentine’s Kiss Down the path my love was led…. INNOCENCE LOST 1 by emma jane murphy Innocence Lost by MrBarista Innocence We Lost by Denise Abé children of war by atnwerks Innocence by lisabella SANTA INFANCIA (holy childhood) by Alvaro Sánchez Innocence Lost by David Clayton 1000 Yard Stare by Andy Mueller Enlightenment She wore the expression of a doe— / one part piqued curiosity, / one part untapped innocence. / “You think that I’m jealo… Innocence Lost by RedFlare Cinderella On Ice by grubbanax  Innocence lost, consumed in your Negitivity by strawberries Innocence Lost by Thomas Eggert Undefined Innocence …A ballad to you across the prairies… Manuscript messages in lonely glass bottles… Skull Faced Teddy Bear by SinfulStitches Lost Innocence Kept in the Dark by Lyndy The Things Unsavory Girls Miss Out On Behind the optic lens of a death’s head pessimist, lies the macula… retina, door to the optic nerve. Lost innocence by Martilena lost and in innocence...... by MsKatalina Innocence Lost Innocence lost so very long ago it seems / childhood stolen from an ego of warped extreme / A dogma perceived as superior to own / another … The lost girl by Filipe Marques da Costa Innocence Lost... by compoundeye Uncertain by Heather King Like the scent of lost time... by Ritu Lahiri Malleable by ?Laughing Bones? children of war by atnwerks Fall from Grace by Sybille Sterk Lost Innocence playing with toys lost childhood lost innocence hurting innerchild scared cold and confused no peace no protection in sight scared little g… Innocence Subtle Charm  by Tristan Petts Lost Innocence by collin Lost innocence by CheyenneLeslie Hurst Innocence Lost by Odd-Jeppesen Innocence lost (sixwordstory version) You destroyed me as a child On a green field On a green field of grass, then further, slipping in, hiding their love from all / They came together to reflect the glory of their deity, … Innocence Lost by Benedikt Amrhein Lost Innocence Do you ever wonder where the children go? / Where they might have been? / Will this be something we’ll never know? / Children love to explo… Innocence Lost by Luuezz lost Innocence Yesterday you came through the door / the tears started / you crawled into my lap / and i wrapped my loving arms around you / you snuggled … Innocence lost (original version) I was stuck in a painful reality / When you came and said you could save me / You told me I could trust you / My heart was broken inside / … Little Red Robot on Boat Dock by mdkgraphics Apprehensive by Heather King Lost Innocence by bellepickering Little Red Robot in a Row Boat by mdkgraphics her and her maiden’s —part 1 (Mature) Lost and Never Found, My Innocence -Challenge #24 I lost my virginity down at Gully Creek. Innocence lost by Geraldine Lefoe Little Boy Lost by KStudios Back Home In Derry Tanks rumbled past with soldiers aloft / Rifles armed and ready for action / Barbed wire fences replaced our freedom / Machine guns the ma… Little Red Robot Fishing by mdkgraphics Innocence Lost by dimpdhab Atomic Harvest by mdkgraphics Innocence Lost by WildestArt Innocence Lost - Mixed media collage by CDCcreative Lost Innocence by Ken Thomas Photography 'Innocence Lost' by Tom Erik Douglas Smith Lost Wings... by AnnabelHC The Girl that Lost her Rose by giohugueth The Lost innocence by Iria90 Lost Innocence The door creaks open. A splash of light on the cold wooden floor. / I hear him breathing. I quietly pull the blanket over my head. / The sl… Innocence Lost by JRidings Charmed ruins He pulled me outside – the man in black, / No tear he shed because I was dead. innocence is lost on the youth by steve2727 Innocence Lost   by Josh Glass Innocence Lost by SweetlySick Lost It All, Gained Nothing.. - Developmental Work by EmmaG93 Lost Beauty of Innocence From the dark earth / Through the surface / Up the shoot / Into bud / And then / The blossom / In a warm bath of light / And then the absor… lost innocence by oskaclothing Maude: At the Age of Innocence Lost #1 by Judith Livingston lost little girl?  Melbourne street art by kabykaby lost innocence by irinadora To frolic in the playground of my boundless love&… To frolic in the playground of my boundless love, one must share an equal willingness to walk with reverence, through the emotional graveya… INNOCENCE LOST thoughts that kill, words that burn / anger, seething, crimson red / destruction of innocence, taking of life / forever hurting, pain and s… lost my innocence to a no-good girl by SpaceKace Ladybug Days Ladybug Love is there for the taking, if you are willing and able The Fairy Tale Begins part 29 of “Unexpected Grace”; can be read on its own / That summer was particularly hot and muggy, but the nights were cool an… Scars of Lost Innocence * This is an excerpt from a short story I’m sort of working on, the ultimate object being it’ll be one of several to make it’s way into a b… Making Daisy Chains (while the sun still shined) When dandelions were magic clocks / And clover flowers hid little sprites / Who rode on ants and filled our dreams / With butterfly balls a… Curiosity  by Taatusen Innocence lost Innocence lost / Laughter and play savaged by early death their mother only a framed picture / Her living breath once their perfumed fragra… innocence lost? by mephotography innocence lost days of innocence / before we learnt / to feel ashamed / to feel the guilt / the need to hide / from each other / and ourselves
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