Melancholy Engulfed in the ice of melancholy, / sadness dissects my joy / into sections of discontent. / My aching heart stutters and / craves for d… glacier a place in the sun / but the time has a real chip on it’s shoulder / A pale wintry sun shone through the clouds / it seemed, that sun… Love killed me…… When the ice broke / The cracks appeared / Rapidly advancing / Until love disappeared / Sunken beneath / The frozen stream / Ice-covered … Chilling Stuck in this mental ice age / Where evolution is far from tomorrow / And he …. is just …. confined there ….. Chilling … Who Am I? Listen my friendS / When My Love / Look me / With Love / Then I Feel So Strong / Like A Wind Strom / But / When My Love Ignore me / Then I… POET’S LAST SITTING he was found there / morning after / sitting naked Beware the ice that moves. Soul-stained people rise from the dark tunnels, / pulling trains apart with their molars. / They grind their gums against the rotten wheel… If Only I Could See You A lonely figure of a woman / Dressed in snowy feathers of white / Swooping, skirt swirling / Flying free and / Graceful as a swan, / Fleet… Heart of Ice Crystal heart of the frozen wastes / tempered by the vagaries of never-winter / moored in flakes of ice white beauty Wahonowin (grief and anguish) Wahono’win (grief and anguish) / Smell the incense of the Balsam, / Hear the words the Great Spirit speaks. / Time for mourning comes… Simply put, a mistake That night there was a snow-like rain, but still, I wanted beer. I bundled in my largest coat, which was stashed between the vacuum and a … The Soap Bubble – Episode 11. Melinda Kerr … The Bubble just got scary, but It’s Okay because I’ve got a loaded Melinda Kerr… anyone moves and she’s going off a… Cold as Ice She came out of the spare room with a suitcase in tow. “I hope you know this has everything to do with you, I need to get on with my … ice storm passing thoughts… / tiny little digs / prick…and bleed / do not say you / love me / do not say / I am beautiful / do not speak / or rather.… Death on the ice? Death on the ice / put a knife through / my heart, / gently place your hand upon my thoughts / and touch my soul, / slowly twist it / until… Helua – Goddess of Day and Night ice cream for the bear the window was open / the fan was on / the dark was muggy / the tv laughed at itself / as she turned to him / and said / ’where’… Ice Gardens Great wings glide by Apollo’s blaze… velvet, violet dark of momentary Night… / mysterious platforms of frigid splendour a… Snappy learns the meaning of thanksgiving My dear and wonderful friend Snappy Dave, asked what thanks giving is. I then sent him some information on the holiday, which for those of … Ice Age – Naked Water Sprite In Swedish folklore Nature was animated by spirits. / They were not hostile, but could be tricky and / dangerous… You needed to be ca… Icey Passion (Mature) The Ice Queen She wilfully smiled as she held the key loosely and almost care free, the black silk dress floated behind her as she unbuttoned it with care RETRO-WISDOM another short one Ice Cream: Memories Of The Latrobe Valley Brisk evening turns to chilled night, and the brilliant hues of sunset are lost in ink black. The haze and clouds from the power stations m… Different Kinds of Ice Cream The two children ran through the crowded streets, bags with wet swim gear slapping against their bare legs. The boy was falling behind, sni… In Her Bloodstream Liquid crystals reflecting Thought and Heart… it was written in the ice cube….. Dylan Thomas, / sits drunk in the corner, / eating rum cake, / and akee, / in a Jamaican café, / just on the edge of skid row, / his mind s… Weary Of My Winter Body My body feels like a sacred, lost,hallowed hall. With windows thrown open, the curtains shreds of gossamer fabric, flailing, and wipping. E… Winter He walks through the snow. His boots make cornstarch squeaks in the white, his breath a dragon’s plume in the blue. He has a nose, bu… Pain and Ice Cream Come on laughter and cry aloud / with the madness of ending the staged comedy perhaps in california, someone dreams of the snow. he used to call you aurora, for the first time you saw the northern lights. it was on a projector, in a museum. the month was april and the… Glass Feathers I found a feather as I walked. / So white and clear and pale and cold, / … / --- / … / A line of feathers lay forsaken, / Snow … Ode To The Frozen Willow That Weeps Frozen Tears … The white blanket is alien to my eyes. / I breathe in, a large deep breath, and I can smell the white blanket. / It smells, clean, and fres… Earth and Wind, Sun and Ice To be one with earth and wind, / sun and ice Ice Don’t hold me, / I want to close like the daisies at night. Icy Wonders As i take a step outside / i see the frost glistening / My heart jumps for joy / as i see my horse’s breath take leave. / The fields … Every Penny made on Redbubble Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep / The Ballad of the Ice Queen Oh Ice Queen, dear Ice Queen / What shall I do? / Please tell me, do / What shall I do / To prove worthy of you? Icicles Icicles / Hanging from the eaves / outside the window / of my special place / my place to reflect / my studio / place of being me / brain f… Monthly Rant! Why is gas 4.00 a gallon, Why does florida raise beef, who the heck does Edy’s, my personal rants His Ice Queen Her lips are perfect; the kind that make you lick your lips in anticipation of a kiss. But the lipstick is too dark a red for his tastes. H… ice drug or bad 80’s rapper ? you decide The Infinite Ice with abstract mannerisms / an impending ghost / waits in my shoes / standing idly at the devil’s gate / hinting / it must be up to s… the ice age of love still looking for a bridge / on a windswept ridge / do open arms ever heal the scars / of memories lost long ago / it takes all sorts o… Sugar and spice and all things nice Something different for me please. Black Ice We laid down on the ice letting our clothes fight a losing battle of being soaked. Echoes From A Melting Planet Now the family gathers to support each other / Father, son, sister, brother / They gather to mourn the soul now lost / And realise times ar… Ice Breaker Hooray! My first non commissioned sale! OK I won’t crack open the champagne, but never the less, it is flattering that someone has … Sundae Morning (Mature) Ruby Red Shoes Wrenching her hand free, jagged finger nails tearing the skin on the back of her hand she spun on her heel and sprinted toward the crack of… ice water. my bare feet, / stand on your chilled tile floor, / frozen in time. / my head is spinning, / blood coursing my veins, / adrenalin tingling … Golfing “Got a surprise 4 u.catch u 2moro.” Love…like Ice in a Summer Heat Wave Love / Always took me by surprise / Left me melted on the kitchen floor / Like ice on my back in a heat wave Rye and ginger,lots of ice please see the craziness of the past, / In the words she speaks, / I see the madness in her eyes, / I see the insanity in her mind, / my muse hold… Glass Is A Liquid (in an ice-storm) And at night our ears tell a different story, something out of the Dark Ages in the tinkling fairy-music… Fro Zen in the Ottawa Valley (a Canadian meditati… It’s as if some primordial Canadian authority figure has pulled a gun and hollered, "Freeze!’… Rivers of Ice Rivers of ice, like the night / Slithering westward / Pause, bend, but never stop The Great Snow Cone Adventure “What flavour?” / “Hmm, do you have cola? No? I’ll have orange.” / “What size?” / I know that thi… Heart of All Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished Cloud Shadows Day unfurls in a play dance of light, shadow, sun , and clouds moving in acquiescense to the choreography of winds current the ice echo The mineral inside / The water / shelves / Into the restless fluency / Of abeyance in the ocean / A grating of flint / Becomes a quilt o… Christmas delights! Clouds garland snow capped mountain peak / Icy snow butterflies melt kisses upon my nose / Puffs of warm, moist breath balloons billow out … White Frosting I await the sunset / The brightness of a new day / With my branches extended / Glistening with glass-like ice / For all to see and revere /… The Christmas Opening After all year playing Santa Claus, Christmas day was my day off. Black Ice I separate myself from you / To clear a sky of apathy love me with your ice my eyes see The Ice Queen’s Last Stand Over the Mountains, / Some where far away, / Something is happening, / Something that isn’t good / Neither bad. / Her long hair / Was as wh… NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Thirty hours later, Samantha awakened with a throbbing headache, and the bitter taste of sulfur in her mouth. Nocho Ice and the Human Mind One day, you notice something in the telescope that is profound. An asteroid momentarily visible due to the position of the stars is headed… Thaw icicles hang from the roof / thick as a mans arm The Ice Age Goddess of Night and Day Her name is Hel – El – Helua – Holle – Halda – Alda – Al. / She is the Ice Age goddess who once created all things on Earth from her … Crytstal, The Queen of Ice Emotionless, wishing to be dead / the pain froze in her mind. / Physically she has bled / though mentally she is blind. Cold As Ice Home was just across the river. If John dared cross the ice, he could be there in minutes. On Ice Frosty tundra had burgeoned from the land surrounding my body; I was dead when they arrived on the scene. Their heavy machinery shrieked a… Ice Queen It would swirl in the wind The Shy One (part 2) The book of life on one side and when you turned it over, it was the book of the dead. I am not sure how they did that. However, you can re… ICE DREAMS ice flowing through my veins Adamant and Ice How your heart is as adamant! Nothing shall mar it, nothing shall mark it. Her November Looks Good Nineteen until i can get up on the roof Water & Ice Now my eyes are cooler / although the rest of me can’t feel it The Sounds of Comfort Driving across the moon / Weathered Roads and tethered wheels / Ice-cream Bells of rolling rhythm / Ring like warm ice sings, like real / … Ori and Cassy They live in white cold wilderness in a constructed environment called The Glens by it’s creators. Ori and Cassy don’t know th… Ice Cream Friday Something had taken over. Debbie Pincer felt the same way. Lester was sitting in his own urine. ICE QUEEN here i am / a beauty you see / come here / very close to me / my heart is stone / it turned blue / men are afraid / how about you? / let m… Freezing Fast …veil of thick cloud but no blue… The Beautiful We’re out of ice / and satan is holding the wheel One More Hour “But still in her confusion she awakes to nothing / But cold fear of the known / As the unknown is not a fright anymore / And she rea… february 3rd, 1999. he is a wanderer, his lips burn like a scented lamp. Dazzle The Taste Buds Read it & find out for yourself… Ice Ice Last year / The same school shoes sank into cemetery sand the grocery boy. He owns a smirky teenage smile while he bags all the customer’s grocceries. / I casually glance at him and study his movements as I s… All The Leaves Have Gone memories of special places you hold close to your heart, Cookies and Cream Ice-cream First one slips down, sneaky in its appearance, / Second one comes unwanted but expected, / Third one follows predicably, suspected, / Four… Caught unprepared “… the forecast warned of the weather turning REALLY bad in the afternoon when there was a chance of snowflakes!” Lessons Learned Just the thought of the icy water below sent shivers of fears shooting along her nerves. Hot and Cold,Fire and Ice Hot and cold,fire and ice / Alltogether intervined / You are the most exquisite design / of all design ever designed, / I can’t help …
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