The Icarus Syndrome Today I felt the heat of the Icarus Syndrome… / Scorch marks leave a trail across my tender soul… The Prayer of Icarus So I bitterly wept there / kneeling beneath the heavens / while the only love for me / fell as a sweet summer rain / on the soft mortal me… Like Icarus With ruddy hands we held on zealously to a dream / Our salted tears, sweat and blood / Flowed and formed mud beneath our feet / And only by… my Icarus baby……………… Johnnie had grown to love his new friend Ethereal vs earthy You are ethereal, elemental. / It reminds me, I am earthy, grounded. / The differences between us seem endless, / And from myth, I feel my … Searching for love (an Icarus quest) The imprint of a hand Icarus Is my past beyond memory? Icarus’ Suicide A saffron circle: / daisy without corolla / looking for petals / the last one has been picked… / He just flew to the circle Icarus His naked arms flap feebly in the void / And Icarus discovers that, aloft, / He bears no more resemblance to a bird / Than, to a worm, he b… ICARUS … you are trapped / in the body of an animal / like a stone in its silence… Icarus’ Spirit Waves crash agains sun-moulded rocks, / Seagulls fly majesticall throught the air, / Swooping down upon suspected prey, / Sunbeams reflect … Icarus It dances before him. / His eyes are frozen. / He is drawn closer, / Pulled in by its radiating heat. / Its golden, tanned arms reach into … wings of earth I spread them. My fresh wings. He strapped them to my shoulders and placed his mouth next to my ear and whispered to me. / “Fly!̶… Remember Remember when Pluto was a planet? / Remember when we danced to forget? / Remember when my smile was swallowed? / Remember when haunted thou… Icarus, laughing fell Rules and tethers are all they teach, / Daughters and sons they must beseech. / “This is to Fail.”, and “This leads to Hell.” / And as we g… just icarus if we never meet / i’ll see you on / the other side / the other side / if we never meet / i’ll see you on / the other side / ou… Fly like Icarus I flew like / Icarus / to the / Sun… Icarus how many times have you failed / how many times have you fell / those wicked scars will show them all / those tears will tell them all / do… icarus it is the disturbed that write the best / because they are lit from within / by an itchy glow, / a humming deep inside each muscle / that s… Icarus Eyes And she took her wings / and stood before the winds of destiny / and let them blow her to the sun. Icarus “What are boundaries / Unless to be / Pushed?” You demand.” The / Sky is no / Longer our / Limit.” You crow. “The / Depths are for our /… Taste of Hope We chewed on feathers / left from the wings of Icarus. Icarus Can Hang Molten totem / glowsome core, / if the sun / then I / given love / and fallen in, / am higher than / the sky.

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of icarus writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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