I fell in love with her 2 I wake up to a sunrise impression / Looking down at this body I once knew / My eyes glide over an unfamiliar inspection / I remember the … I wrote this first in long hand in the dark I wrote this first in long hand in the dark / to feel the words take me innocently upon the page / the distractions of the colour of life … Tonight I want it like this….. You talk / And I pretend to listen. / I take another sip of my drink / And I smile at you. / I lean back / And lift my skirt / Just a littl… I Breathe I will not die a second before I am dead. For a girl with a heavy heart, I love you I don’t know what to say, / so I feel, / I wanna say something is brewing / but what? / climbing vines / nostalgic need / stranglin… I am the whale of poems And I am just the whale of poems / And you hate poems When I Found Out My Father Was Mortal how lucky we were to have known him and that morning a mortal man again became immortal, in my heart I will love you the length of love’s imagination I Love you… in 100 different languages I Love you… in 100 different languages / English – I love you / Afrikaans – Ek het jou lief / Albanian – Te dua / A… How Do I Love ? With this in mind I’ll tell you of my love / That brings a smile in wind and driving rain / And even holds my gaze from stars above /… climbed a hundred times. they know that special place… 50 things i love just followin oan frae a thing i saw in the 50 things group, its 50 things i love…nae prizes for guessin the first thing!..och im a … Alone words; and warm sunlight shining, through t… I. / Can you feel the alone words? / Blowing through, like fiberglass stretching / moments into long stale tears, of forgotten, / all too r… I HATE THE HATERS Here I stand in hatred, / I hate the haters / I hate the liars / I hate… / Everyday I hate I see more of it / I don’t believe seeing life a… I wish I was a window. I’d like to be your window, open like a mind. / The air that you breathe, supplied through me. I Won’t Settle For Less I’ve made mistakes in my life. I’ve let people take advantage of me and I’ve accepted way less than I deserve My Confessions: Here Am I, The Man Who Said I Am;… I am the dead rose, I am your grief / I am the ravaged garden, I am your belief / I am the pangs of the jealous, your cruel chain / I am t… I couldn’t make you love me I cannot make you love me. / I can’t make you love me. / I couldn’t make you love me. / Lionel has a new mantra. / He felt like he was livi… Drawings I Love More than 50 Favs / Many drawings I so need you to…………̷… (Mature) I Love You on the piano… My favourite room sits comfortably amid the twilight of ambience. / A baby grand romances its notes, warm in tempo by the fire side. / Flam… Coming Straight from the Heart – I Just Don… I just don’t see it anymore / (snickers hahahaha) / I …. / Just / ….Don’t …..See &#… Death is like; “I don’t like spinach&… Seems we can’t get enough of it … / Death. / What would happen to Drama in our movies and our news! / What would happen to Democracies that… I Love You…. I Love You, / Could I have ever said it better, / Stood upon a mountain, i love i love / grooving in your creative heart / perfect expression / in the poetry of your devotion / the way you make me feel loved This is all I can give you ( sorry). You exhaled a steamy cloud and were gone. I have not set eyes on you from that day to this. I love you just the same, it’s never any … I came across this Thought I came across this thought.. / “did I do something?” / “Are you mad?” / … / What can I do when I don’t … for you. for you and only you… end of life as i know it… i like you, i love you, i hate you even more… I have loved you. From the moment our eyes first touched / Lost in pools of green and blue / In that moment when all else was laid quiet / I had loved you. /… When I sit softly, and often on nights like this It hollowed me out until you could see the stars through my skin. When life is slow, I map the constellations through my spine. There are m… I never have anyone to call on Fathers Day I never have anyone to call on fathers day. Instead I sit quietly and reflect on the beautiful father I had for the first eight years of my… I think I will sing close to yellow days are NOTORIOUS / As wire connects me to bird songs in yellow / I can’t sing them / I can’t really hear them / but somehow I can be th… Let me die before I wake… Please God, let me die before I wake / Let me stay in blissful dreams, never again see sunlight / At night my soul is whole again, it is wi… I will not hold your suffering, I will let mine go deny me. / hurt me. / burn me. / hate me. / spit on me with those eyes. / try to make a martyr out of me. / it doesn’t matter, / I wi… As I Dance At The Dawn Of The Apocalypse As I dance amongst the rocks! / Meet the raging seas! / I trust in you my soul! I believe…. I believe that everything happens for a reason. / I believe there is a higher purpose for everything. / I believe that we don’t alway… I love your lips Sometimes I wonder, / is it absence / prompting memories? / Have I ever / noticed such small / details until now? / I love your lips, / the… I love the no reasons of words tumbling out of t… Inside imagination roared dragon spit as the skipping rope hit my out of time feet Poem 8 of The Alchemy Series: Swirling my palm ov… There is a movement / that can teach / even a blind man to see; / carry the wicked / to water; / marry the heaven and hell of this world /… time never began. beyond any vision we can imagine… From one dream to the next until I find you In the dream, I fell in quicksand slowly sinking into a muddy abyss of not having you I want you to remember me I want you to remember me. / Remember my favourite things. / Remember the way I like to play / With your body. / Remember the way I look at… listen. i have yet to have someone listen to me… You and I You bleed – I cry / I feed – you are nourished / You live – I die / I am hated – you are cherished I like him… I like the way we laugh / when our world threatens to fall apart / knowing / no matter what / we’ll never part / locked together / i… But to Die in the Joy of Knowing That I Pursued M… How poor a creature he must be who in his last moment cries out, / “But if only, I had followed my heart, eschewing the cold logic of my h… Why I fell in love – a haiku Flashing in and out, / Like lightning across the sky, / A single dimple. I Want a Poet’s House Some days you’ll find me crosslegged / in a puddle (on a railing, in a tree, in front of the fridge / or maybe on our bed) with a muddied p… I just called … Hello darling, / look, I know you’re busy / with breakfast, coffee / the morning paper, but / just a quick question.. Who Am I? Listen my friendS / When My Love / Look me / With Love / Then I Feel So Strong / Like A Wind Strom / But / When My Love Ignore me / Then I… I will hold your hand… holding hands with those whom I love and love me back! I wait.. A time elapsing since you gave me.. / time to wait.. / Is that time a thing to give? / From where does it emerge.. / in your senses… … I shall love you… I shall love you / when night fades / when morning rises once more / when rain blinds our vision / when blue horizons call i wish. i close my eyes… I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK WORDS TO YOU Ah, but here I am, sitting with a pocket full of nothing… / wishing beauty upon you, / wishing I had the power of a god to fly and bless / … I LOVE THIS HOUSE!! My husband and I like to go for a drive in the country, or maybe downtown to Millionaire’s Row where all the tobacco millionaires bui… I am now officially in love with: HERE IS THE LINK I really don’t want to talk…. Say what?… Pardon me? / I am sorry if I didn’t say hello… / I just don’t feel like talking today.. / Would you mind… I saw him in my dreams It took me three visions to realize it was me in the white dress, / but only i would run across a lawn in a wedding dress. If you will let me.. I will If you will let me.. I will / Sit down beside you, in quiet comfort / listening to the story that whispers / from within your delicate hear… Love/I see them I see them , / In an open field, / My father standing, / Like a tree, / Strong, / Smiling, / My mother, / Sitting, / On what is now , / An … I kiss your hand now I kiss your hand now / to add love to all you’ll touch / it could be important The you I knew Will your sparkle ever return / And smile the way, where my heart burns I felt you in my dreams …. I woke this morning / After beautiful dreams / You crept in for a moment / Then disappeared / I felt your presence / The warmth of your tou… Saying I love you is just the beginning… Nothing creates intimacy more than the lucid articulation of feelings from one lover to another. They say action speaks louder than words … I am glad there is a drought I am glad there is a drought. I am happy that the corn is shribbled. How blessed are we that our Lord is still willing to correct us? Li… I AM HUNGRY! my soul / rumbling / for a slice of light / sprinkled with feathered clouds short poems. the freedom they offer… Rapidly I love you, slowly I learn She misses the river I am the Ocean…. …….. come bathe in me. / If you are afraid of water, / put your toes in first. / I NEED you, …. to be whole. / Come bat… I Just Want Her… Take the heart that bleeds for them / And squeeze it dry to the last drop / To show the love you have for them is nonstop I wish I look for that button and I still can’t find it. The more I learn the less I know—all I know… There is a body / lagging behind / my body— / a shore out of reach, / one world away / from the narrow perception / of bird / I have come… I Believe… I believe that people shut down. / I believe you can push them so far. / I believe there is a time to recoil / from hurt / to retreat from… Yes, I Will Undress For You Yes, I will undress for you, / Each garment slowly tossed aside, / And yes, I will confess to you / My wanting, without guilt or pride. Poem 7 of The Alchemy Series: Don’t look at me, I… You know those people who make sure to tell you— / the writer of life’s beautiful sewage and its repugnant cherries on top— / “I don’t want… I AM IN LOVE My heart exploded / Don’t know what to do / I’m walking on air / Through its residue / Sparkles surround me / Diamonds through … Who do I love a poet / an artist / a humanist / and humorist / a speaker / a snigger / a linguist / and activist / a leader / a writer / a cynic / and pa… I am strong… A storm is but a passing breath / and though its breath may prove destructive / it cannot keep down a soul born to overcome / a soul born t… my silence. a world where i am free… What I LOVE most about Tigers list. 1). Big floppy paws, the size of dinner plates. / 2). Large rounded head with eyes of fire and topped with white tipped round ears. / 3). L… you. hidden away in my heart ever so close… Thoughts on why I love him… I think what I love about him most is / not the hearty laughter that truly delights my soul / nor the wonderful depth of conversation he s… I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED LOVE Poem I thought I had time I thought, / I thought / just today / of how I let life pass me by / unchallenged, unlived, unloved / I thought, / I thought / just yesterd… Today, I Though About A Plateful Of Marshmallows&… Hello my love… / I thought about you today.. I have missed you so much. / I stopped by the grocery store for a few things, and the fu… i’m done. today i end the pain… Things that I Love? the far coming of morning in each moment’s molecule of patience. that dusk is veil after veil of tease. / that the sky is famous for what … doesn’t matter. it’s more than what you are in love with… I nearly fell in love with you I nearly fell in love with you / You made it easy to believe / Because you had no malice / And it wasn’t in you to deceive  / I nearl… What I have learned so far… The sweetest fruit is often at the end of the limb… / The laughter of children is music to the heart… / I have the God given ri… The Way I Love You (A Letter To My Loved One) Dearly beloved, / When i first met you, / I knew you were special. / Something clicked inside me, / that knew this was the beginning / of … I don’t love you anymore I don’t love you anymore / I just don’t love you / I hear the whispering winds / deliver faintly your bitter oath / Those words… I Believe in You The old attic, though in semi darkness / Was warm and welcoming in the Spring / A place of trash and treasure, it was full of kindling / O… What can I do for you my love What can I do for you my love? / She asked after dinner / She saw him looking at her / As though there was one more thing / Missing from th…
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