the morning has gold in its mouth

I wanted them in places I shouldn’t even be thinking about this early in the morning.

The first sex scene from my novel

The sensation of her touch prickling the skin all over his body. / She bit his palms softly; licked his wrist.


MASTURBATION STATION / At the small desk in her bedroom she tried to focus, Stay positive, use your time creatively, don’t become bitter, a…


I hear your lonely song / dance its longing / on moonlit, / shimmering leaves

Food… Not Fuel

Why biofuels, such as ethanol, are damaging to our environment, impede efforts to feed the world’s straving, and contribute to global…

Vampiric Longings

Eons have passed since I saw / the glowing beauty of the sun / generations has turned to dust / since a maiden viewed me …


my soul / rumbling / for a slice of light / sprinkled with feathered clouds

Falcon: The Story

Because my littlest kitty cat is a cat with such a dramatic start of life, I thought it would be appropriate to make a writing for him, my …

Breath is born here

And here is the nexus of gratitude is.

Peeling my Soul Away

And the skin….keeps on growing… / again and again. / Madness…perfectly at ease.


“Power” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

“Fools Rush In”

“Fools Rush In” a poem by Mariam Muradian.


I open my chest / to show true heart / and you devour / each beat / voraciously.

The Transformation

Looking in the mirror, she was suddenly acutely aware of the fact that she could be witnessing something very familiar for possibly the las…

Unrequited verses Skin Debate

Unrequited love is love supreme / Love that is always just out of reach / He knows he is beautiful but / is not sure yet what to do with th…

No One Will Know

Fascination calls / To my subconscious mind / Passion unleased / A dream distorting time

Hungry and Homeless

You tell me that you’ve left me / but I feel your wholesome breath / crawling up my body / like some harbinger of death.

Vivid Dreams

eyes gleamed in the dark / the darkness gleamed as it caught the light / can we gathered together / changed into ray of light / give yourse…

in the subconscious of my libido

watch me. / feel how your shameless intention is melting / down on my neck. / [ touch it. ] / liquidize my perverted fantasies. / [ taste …

I want

Today, my baby / you seem so very far away / so desperately / out of my reach / I so want to / wrap you up within my heat / my limbs, my l…


“Fire” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

“I Am”

“I Am” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

kiss the unborn skin

A comet colliding with the earth / may have caused the mass extinction of the human / kiss the unborn skin! / unborn skin that away from pa…


He sits alone / Ignored by others / The men in suits / His so called brothers / No chicken wrap with mayo lite / Every moment is a constant…

[ savage dedication ]

running / through my flesh / from the deepest inside / awakened urge / of / savage dedication / [ to You ] / I feel / it / in / every / pa…

First Hunger

The scent of wine and roses in the air. / The sound of wind through the trees outside. / But no heart beat in her body, no sigh of breath …

It Isnt Easy…

It isn’t easy being a mom / and theres a possibility / someday you may / be facing this / responsibility. / A childs personality …

It’s my definition.

While the rest of the world pours their hearts out like pouring a cup of tea, / I simply write down the way I feel in a respectable fashion…

To hurt beyond a hunger pain and still remain one…

To be loved for who you are / then scorned for same / to reveal in trust your / core in naked state / then be defaced / in friendships nam…

<< US Poverty – The tragic reality

As this holiday season is upon us, the US has a poverty crisis


“Thunderstorm” a poem by Mariam Muradian

“With Joy”

“With Joy” a poem by Mariam Muradian.




“Swallow” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

The Cabbage Farmer

The land was flat, as far as the eye could see. / Field upon field of cabbages stretched out to the horizon. / The farmer had a problem; no…

Epic Proportions

“Oh, but all the hells! / Tell the priest to ring the bells!” / The people heard the mayor yell, / As her shadow passed his doo…


“Attempt” a poem by Mariam Muradian


peering through the window / starvation in their eyes / watching the wealthy sit and eat / swating away the flies / not worrying about the …

“Magic Carpet Ride”

“Magic Carpet Ride” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

“Glory Be”

“Glory Be” a poem by Mariam Muradian


“Passion” a poem by Mariam Muradian

“Such A Time….”

“Such A Time….” a poem by Mariam Muradian


“Intentions” a poem by Mariam Muradian

“How Can It Be?”

“How Can It Be?” a poem by Mariam Muradian.


“Evidence” a poem by Mariam Muradian

Fit of Hunger

In a fit of hunger / I devoured you / Only to wake up / And find… / I had swallowed my own tongue


I am hungry.

A Cry For Help…….

Can you hear it???

black babies

time makes heaps of / earth, / covered with / flowers / in shapes of the / starving.

Always In The Morning…

So, I gave him a couple donuts and a couple bucks and hoped he’d go away.


in his eyes you could see the unending hunger / the ravishing pain of someone in love / who has languished by the sidelines / while she..t…


The Stench, in all its different colours, is clinging opportunistically to the rising heat. / The gulls are wheeling, squabbling, in shrill…

“I Remember Well”

“I Remember Well” a poem by Mariam Muradian

Take Care of Yourself


Heart’s Hunger

To feed heart’s hunger, / This fevered longing / to touch….


To satisfy. / To touch, / the ache, / feed the hunger, / make wet the dry, / please the eye. / To invite. / To ask, / you inside, / request…


All alone trees bare / No food anywhere / Leaves are gone so are seeds / Where will poor bird feed / Looking for some nourishment / Weak an…

Passion of the Zombie

I am Lydia, and I am on the nearly impossible quest for Zombie romance.

Sins of the Father

…Seems to me I’m the devils crush…

hunger fetish

begging for a piece of pie / (I’m thinking sex again) / and mesmerized / by boned teddy corset lace / wearing a man’s shirt / a…

One law for all

For more than hunger, / an empty table breeds anger and spite … / and in the worst of cases, revenge or war, even homicide.

the beggar

there is a / chasm / between / men

“Somewhere Weeping”

“Hollowed eye’s of fear as hunger speaks their name.”

He wanted to go DownTown….

It had been such a long week. / The mood in his mind, was calling for release. / There she came, / into the room, / like a spicegirl. / An…

It Took His Time

It took his time / Sucking on moments / Swallowing like hunger / Spitting out the pips

Orders Are Orders

Exhausted and famished, leaning towards each other like conspirators, they anguished over the best pizza.

Through the Portal

I can ssee you. / I can ssssmile at you. / But you can not sseee me. / You ssmile through me. / Thosse who I tell, / Call me mad. / But I s…


I have a hunger…


The more you think / the more it will be / the more you look / the more you will see

Internal Hunger

Internal Hunger not yet condemned / It takes its toll on so called friends, / It takes its toll on those who hide / The evil that still lur…

Sweet Holy Presence

Lord we gather in your Holy Presence, / With naught but one thing in mind. / How we yearn for Thy sweet Holy Spirit, / For You Lord we ever…

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for right…

God I want to / want You / more / than things / that I / want more

The Gargoyle and The Priest

The priest stood in front of a large, gothic Cathedral that pierced the dark, starless sky. No other buildings surrounded it, it was as if …

Falling Upward

Without substance I feel I can evoke an entire world / When I just make things up in my own head

Kept From The Cold

the following romantics are currently unavailable

Beastly Thirst


Anna’s Morning in Detroit

Said she spent the morning with friends giving food to the less fortunate. A guy brought his family through the line, but because they did…

Poem- Hunger


’Wait ’

I seemed as though garrisoned in stoicism and as I sat there attending the storm, it occurred to me that I was becoming slave again, to nee…


listen, / in the first light i hear the cuckoo, / the fields of oil seed rape spatter the air, / thick with offspring. / knowing how close…

Sleepless in Bet She’an

… between / The grinning moon, and the planted tomatoes, / Cocooned in salty darkness …

Jacquamo Square

Greedy mask’s merry chatter / Lapping up whipping cream / Pay’s fat fares


I need to be alone only long enough to be truly lonely

Me and Hunger Visit Earth (Farcical and Allusive)

The redness seeped into my white human body, feeding every cell with its crimson spoon.

time share

time share caricature…shares timed out…expired


On her back, the ceiling lost in the dark. The cold fingers of the breeze find their way through the slats in the blinds. Caress her. She c…

A force to reckon with – chapter 1

“Is it clear?” I hissed urgently to Pete, who was crouched about ten feet away from me, in a similar patch of scrub to where I was waiting.

Beggar at the Banquet

Eyes wide with wonder, / the hungry soul peeks into the banquet room / and stares greedily at the fine feast laid upon the table

light hunger

Shadows / Rumbling / Light Hunger


Can you reach out to them / Hugging them to you / From the comfort of your hammock

Save A Place For Me

Times are tough / I hear the sound / Of hunger and sorrow / Calling out / Life is

Dairy and Bread

A block of cheese lay on the table / I want to eat but should not / Since there are three kids looking at me / My bellowing hunger pains mu…

White Encased and Cold

You interrupt / You slow / You change / The process

hunger strike

My guts spewing out / acid & vile I can no longer contain. / I choke & gasp, trying not to swallow any of it back down / but that v…

sex and hunger

pressed a gentle kiss upon her forehead / pressed her lips to my own / touched her softly, kissed her firmly / the way to bring her in / ki…


The dark thoughts receding, the excitement of the hunt was overcoming him. / He would have to hurry before it consumed him totally
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