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Humility by Rhi W Ari's EYE : HUMILITY by Aritheeagle CABIN' HOME by martin venit serenity by Lou McGill Ari's NATURE EYE: .. HUMILITY by Aritheeagle Proud cat by Honeyboy Martin a man by theG Still Monk by Sati The Hurt and the Humility by Lisadee Lisa Defazio or in the humility by Marie Monroe A Long Lesson in Humility by Scott Mitchell Be Last by Thomas Josiah Chappelle Humility in Living by Aritheeagle Beauty of Humility by DeeprBlue Humility… It’s the ‘elf’ in ‘self’ :) Humility by Sharath Padaki descending a staircase descending a staircase / she lost her balance and fell / into the arms of the devil / straight into fiery hell / no warning / of impendin… Come Up Higher by Uffe Schulze If I Misspoke If I misspoke it wasn’t my intention, but we were like two sisters gossiping, and I forgot that you are really an old lonely man Gabriel Announced that Glory Would Come! A woman would provide / her womb for Her Saviour / Mary, Handmaiden of the Lord / would nurse Him / so inconceivable In the House of the Potter by mcyoung THE POSSIBILITY OF FURTHER HUMILITY by swissman INNER BEAUTY A heart that overflows / Soul that is pure / Beauty from head to toes / No one can ignore / INNER BEAUTY / Eyes that see the light / Lips t… tea service by Jan Stead JEMproductions Humility by Antionette superbla(pride)/humility by sean smith Sword of the Spirit by Uffe Schulze Humility by Selina Tour Parental Realization by Briar Richard They spoke with great wisdom and humility by inmysight humility by Mary Ellen Hurley Humility by Gerry  Temple Life What matters is the love we should share / One for another Humility. UPPERCASE lowercase UPPERCASE doing the good that needs to be done! by Carol Clifford Humility by Ciprian  Chirita 8 Divine Law of Humility To wear this cloak; you wear a badge of honor / It is not a garment that fits one and all / But if you could find a size to snuggle into / … Humility by Rob Conway Heavenly Virtues: faith, hope, kindness, courage, justice, temperance, prudence  collage by AmbientKreation Holiday Season And so the holiday season is upon us once again… HUMILITY HUMILITY humbles you. ………….nowhere is humility more revealed than in what has been called………̷… Pride It is written pride gors before the fall… Virtues by AmbientKreation Calendar Coral Lily on White by taiche Humility by AmbientKreation Patience by AmbientKreation In the Heart of Pain … Stay strong within His love, sweet saints. / Do your best; live to do his will. / And from His teachings, never faint. ‘Eva’ I’d not ever intended to be so uncouth; has the roster of the unappreciative garnered one, or ’ave I always been so out-of-line… Humility Feel not betrayed, I will not forsake you. / Be guided through the thickest of forests. / Dream not of the horrors of loneliness; / My comf… Humility by Deborah  Simpson ‘Rmembr2/4get (Part II)’ I marched out of the picture. / It remained to be said that I should be investing time into making something out of myself. I had declared … Humility by Rachelle Brock strength & humility - the jamaican woman. by lizzybrown ‘The Loop’ Something from somewhere much earlier. / I sing it now as it was then. / There are times i’m so completely posessed; / That it’… humility by graphit Wonder & Humility by RodneyK Humility by Michael  Herrfurth An Oath pray silently, protect the faith inside / in respect, tell not the secrets inof hate With Humility by Jenny Gill Humility goes places... by mariatheresa Reflection by Kawelch Ask Humility Pride answered when I knocked / welcomed me as a friend / gave voice to my weakness and logic to my doubt / solitude offered wanting comfort December 1987 in the church of humility He approaches the casket with false reverence / Fully aware of the prying eyes that surround him / Gauging his remorse / Even now, passing … *** ELEGANT MODESTY ~ WHITE ROSE *** by JETAdamson With Humility by Jenny Gill Humble by ArtistByDesign Humility - The Seven Holy Virtues by orion976 Love Peace Justice - Tangerine by kitsolo9 Mass by Mass Lover’s observations From all the burdens of the day / And found that long lost inner peace / That fleets away after a summer haze… Love Peace Justice - Purple by kitsolo9 Love Peace Justice - Fuchsia by kitsolo9 Keep Calm and Don't Riot Dark by destinysagent ‘Mantle’ Came in turn to be sat on, a throne set in seren’ty. / To let instead of fro we might, away toward humil’ty. / If the strange m… Love Peace Justice - Azure by kitsolo9 Humility Blade made to kill and maim / Blade made to cut, / Blade made to be ferocious / of course, is everything but, Blue Violets Birth Flower T-Shirt by Dennis Melling The Pen I take my pen outside and dance in the power I enslaved / The humble trees and forest plants kneel / As I pass by and see they aren’t kneel… Love Peace Justice - Gray by kitsolo9 Love Peace Justice - Red by kitsolo9 Love Peace Justice - Lime by kitsolo9 ‘Tide of Evening’ Little else drives men mad, with a voracious consistent expediency; like beauty. / I walked the world of night beneath the cold starlight s… Love Peace Justice - Blue by kitsolo9 Love Peace Justice - Charcoal by kitsolo9 Quiet Humility She pondered all these things in her heart / The Majesty she was to carry inside her womb / To give Birth to The Creator My Homeless Bed The stares don’t hurt anymore, the hunger stabs a thousand times worse. Love Peace Justice - White by kitsolo9 Psychomachia by klentz Love Peace Justice - Green by kitsolo9 Love Peace Justice - Black by kitsolo9 Justice - Green by kitsolo9 Justice - Lime by kitsolo9 Justice - Purple by kitsolo9 Justice - Tangerine by kitsolo9 Justice - Fuchsia by kitsolo9 Justice - Azure by kitsolo9
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