These tracks, how they move people still by Chris Richards More than One Word Could Contain We watched, mouths fixed in the horror of an O, / only our eyes willing to say what our mouths wouldn’t. / And we waited / knowing in some … The Human Condition by atheistnow Calendar the human condition is a condition good and evil from the same source…are one and the same The Human Condition by Morgan DeMuth The Human Condition by lilynoelle Inbetween- The Human Condition by Kevyn Paul Eisenman Human Condition by Shelbeawest Rip Off The Mask pt 3 by Michael Jay Mother and daughter by Kristi Bryant inside the temple by Dinni H The human condition The worst in us happens to the best of us. / God help us all to heal and forgive. / Love is the answer Illuminate by Jane Keats Only child by dominiquelandau volcanic fire.... by banrai Today, I am thankful for running water. by diLuisa Photography The Human Condition I want to be free / I want to be bound / I want to be skinny / I want to be round / I want no possessions / I want plenty / I want to be f… CYCLE OF EXISTENCE by artjudithturpin Details and Movement and Their Affect on the Human Condition by Scott Mitchell The Human Condition Banner by Berns Your Amazing Work Has Won A Challenge for The Human Condition Group by EnchantedDreams vapors ignite..... pressure valve by banrai Phil the nomad by boudidesign A moment of clarity by Colt An afternoon nap in the sun ... by elwyn crawford Frail Beauty Cry / Total dependence / Dream-like state and jumbled garb / Pride drained away, wave upon wave / In unpredictability / Hold my hand let me… Ruben Daniel Mascaro Photography - The Human Condition by Ruben D. Mascaro Calendar Ecce Homo_paradox series by maxime Untitled Our very human quest. purple by chrythmnove That little, black dress I can never quite tell what she’s about to say but it always ends up being something small and refrained with something more important that… Baptized to New Life... by Carol Clifford red heat ... pressure over load by banrai Saris in the Rubbles by Ratatouille Her smile Caleb sat and watched, as always. Among the crowd made of both sewage and serenity there was nothing not worth observing. Everyday by KarynL The Human Condition When life escilates to a roar who is there to hear? / When life hits rock bottom do you remember those so near? / As you start each morning… Human Condition If the heart condition of man… Worlds Apart #1 by J J  Everson Golden Hollywood Hills . by Brown Sugar. Thank you L O V E . Views (101) thx ! featured in The Human Condition  by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D THE HUMAN CONDITION Love can always look beyond imperfections / to find the beauty. Worlds Apart #2 by J J  Everson Mysterious Me... by fluttering Blood Bath by fluttering Dreams of Safety I pierce a leaf on my fingernail / Bring it to the wind / I am mammal / I can’t forget the earth / Beneath my feet / I am tempted by dream… THE PERFECT IDEAL The perfect ideal. / A pristine face. / An impecible body. / Say it isn’t so. / Outstanding? / Awesome? / Hardly. / How remarkably i… Do Not Weep For Me I am dead / but do not weep for me… thoughts strung along on a leash My eyes can’t hold the connection with yours, your stare is harsh and judgmental. My movements feel magnified, impacting my life with… The Human Condition by joAnn lense Walking In Memphis by Roger Miller Congratulations You're Work Has Won A Challenge Banner in The Human Condition Group! by EnchantedDreams The human condition My sex / My age / My social status / Of what I do or / Not are / Continual / Reminders of being / Misguided in this / Infantile belief! Ganges Bathers by phil decocco miserere imagine / if you can / each atom within you / does not wait for cause to affect / as though anticipating / the approach of antimatter / you… Featured Work for The Human Condition Group by EnchantedDreams Cargo vessle on the Congo River by Baba John Goodwin Attica by Roger Miller Mallet by Roger Miller Blue Nude by Alison McLean Rip Off The Mask pt 2 by Michael Jay Rip Off The Mask pt1 by Michael Jay Untitled by fluttering Contemplation by Paul S. Dixon Worker Bee I by Farrell71 The Human Condition I am enthralled. Chapter 1 of my novel – Beginnings (Its rea… (Mature) Who Is Wielding The Stick? by Robert Phillips Biological Warfare by Kaegro Human Condition by OliveiraArt A CALL FROM THE WILD Monkeys are always glad to give their advice on what they think of you.They’ll swing their opinions from branch to branch with their differ… HUMILIATE YOURSELF by stickypencil Pillars by FolkDevilArt The Eye of God by lusterville Artist At the Side of the Road by heatherfriedman "We are but monkeys trying to cast off our monkeyness" by SophiaKemp Anguish by Eitan Kabillo Caffeine Driveway - Glynde, Adelaide by Adam JL Dutkiewicz Balinese man pounding in a post off the coast of Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia by Michael Brewer Human Condition #1 by ArianeO34 Cross Culture by Bobby Deal The King Of The Jungle Handles The Human Condition With Grace by Benjamin L.M. Human Condition #2 by ArianeO34 Untitled by Isabela M. Lamuño Painting of a woman after breast removal surgery (mastectomy) by PhotoStock-Isra Painting of a woman after breast removal surgery (mastectomy) by PhotoStock-Isra The Human Condition: Despair by Jacobbrooks Escaping the Human Condition by KnightMarian Human Condition - Pillow by CyanAlpaca Anomaly by dejava Anomaly Bird by dejava Anomaly Deer by dejava The Anomaly by dejava Anomaly Circle by dejava Anomaly Master by dejava Anomaly Man by dejava World Anomaly by dejava
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