a visitor (warning – graphic) (Mature) Blow Wind Blow……..(POEM) When I was looking at this old house the wind was blowing about 40 miles an hour,with gust way over 50 miles an hour. / I couldn`t help but… THE HAUNTED HOUSE IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT / I HEAR THE CHAINS / FROM THE HAUNTED HOUSE / WHERE ONLY THE GHOSTS REMAIN / I CAN HEAR THEM CACKLING / ABOUT TH… 2024561111 “ Thankyou for calling the White House Comments Line. / If you are calling from a touch phone, / Please press one “ That’s why I’m an indie hipster cunt I’m an indie hipster cunt / I know it / I show it / I’m a cliché PHOTO SHOOTS AUSTRALIA & EUROPE: ALL PHOTOGR… I PRODUCE & DIRECT PHOTO SHOOTS FOR STILL CAPTURE / for Amateur & Professionals alike PRIVATE BOOKINGS ALSO WELCOME / To view imag… Circle Dance with Gratitude What on Earth is a Circle Dance, might you ask? In order to know, of course you need proper training. First and foremost, you have to have … House Cat I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made HOUSE OF SHADOWS [Video] / THE HOUSE OF SHADOWS….. / AN INFINITY OF ROOMS / ALL EMPTY… / OR IS THERE A PRESENCE UNSEEN? / SOMETHING EVIL….… The House Protects The Dreamer Journeys are simply our walk through life. Simple enough! We begin with our naive treasures and head-in-the-clouds passion that takes us so… my house of wind-chiming reed bones is becoming&#… I can finally see myself / think. / The sucker-punch to the gut / bickering, / dwindling. / The crumbling walls shudder less— / floorboard… The blue woman The walls and the roof of her house cling tightly to each other. Groaning from the gaps and squeaking from the corners. The woman roams the… The Village Cat I wonder if he’s happy, / Does he love his carefree life? / Does he long to be a housecat? / With no struggles and no strife? The Light House Across a great ocean, in a new discovered land, / Some dreamers, shared a vision, of a land removed from the clouds of darkness. I Want a Poet’s House Some days you’ll find me crosslegged / in a puddle (on a railing, in a tree, in front of the fridge / or maybe on our bed) with a muddied p… “Brighton Pear Tree” Video Cool video Canberra gets a well deserved vote Watch Australia’s elected representatives get into a bunfight over policy differences. In these four walls (Image Project #1) “Un’altra ora forse,” she mumbled, and she would return in an hour for her cloves of garlic. Languishing in the House of Desire I prefer the silence of forgotten pain / No longer will I allow hurt to gain / A hold upon my head and heart, / I will stop that aching bef… like a twig in the beak of a bird who should’ve k… Let me feed you, the worms of everyone else’s disgust. The House on the hill There stood on a desolate mountain a windowless house with only a door. An autumn man as decrepit as the house dwelled within. One stormy n… In A Coffee House Moaning from her rigid lips, / to get what she deserves, / monotonous… The Impeccable Teachings of Stevey Wonder Dawg He was named after Steve Kline, the renowned pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. When it comes to looks they sure don’t have much in commo… Drama in the House Yard … The cow-cakes stuck to shoe ‘n boot / ‘n caused no end of stink. / But the missus’d just smile sweetly, / Givin’ the cow a wink. Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Ph… Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Photography & Writing Lochiel House I stood in the pottery gallery an old homestead at Kurrajong Heights … Sated in the House of the Rising Sun As daybreak drifts into opening eyes / a gentle stretch / of promise / with the new day’s dawning / As morning unfolds on my today … Inanna House I am so humbled and overjoyed to be November’s Featured Artist of the month for Inanna House! /… The St Albans Courthouse Ghosts Somewhere through the night I was aware of someone … more than one … maybe three people calling my name … Penny My sense of smell was strong enough to note the pungent aroma of a young woman who didn’t wash often enough. She looked like the living dea… The Home of Lost Things Perhaps he’d been here long enough that the ocean had permeated his flesh and left him a relic of Gomorrah. Now the house it echoes . Now the house it echoes  / It’s hollow since you left  / I was swept away from you / When my  thoughts began to drift / First I lost … A house of worth I was a palace / a contrary creation / perplexing to the builders touch / strong / but tender / in my alabaster white / the middle… Your glass house…. anger and rage There’s no place like this house – an… family, chaos, love Paper Snow A magical event in my life; a magical man in my life; a memoir to keep the memory safe forever. The Captain’s House I remember her mother as a rather slight, gangly woman who wore her nurses whites constantly and always seemed to be on her way to work. Sh… Hobbit Hut Lore This is for all the folks that have been enjoying the Hobbit Hut series…. / The last time I was out photographing local treasures, I … The Beach House, a Sestina We chose the beach house again to winter / ourselves from summer / and then the raking of leaves / and to keep our marriage far from the ro… Lineage We left that Dublin office, traveled / north of Sligo to the seacoast town / of Grange. There I slept the length / of afternoon housebound i like this house / unprepossessing though it is / and as i linger lost in conjecture / my boundaries melt dream diary- poem of the gift shop by the … walking down this little dirt road / came upon a old house all lonely and cold / a little pond sitting just to the left / with very dark cl… Night Houses In the calming before sleep, / when hipbone and mattress lie / in quiet opposition, / neither wanting to give in, / I build for you a house… Pre Loved , Poem of a derelict old house ‘I recall the sound of their , first born’s cry… Invite Him In I should like it very much / if you would help me / clean them all out. / I am a bit overwhelmed / with all I’ve collected / over the… The Phantom of the Opera: or, the house that won&… 2009-07-01 / Musings on The Phantom of the Opera, rainy days and romance. / Scattered showers fall on the wild, windy day. The grey clouds … Insanity or maybe just an house fly how sublime / thought i / as i admired / the dexterity / of the mighty house fly / some would say lowly / me, / no way, / nature at its bes… Burnt house. Burnt house, / deafening screech and scream like the winding staircase inside brains. / Cradles sewn to the tips of my fingers, slightly ri… the house on the hill the house where nobody lives yearns for someone to have someone to hold Who Is Best of Them All Another mirror had a built-in doorway to a different world. Home…. Part 2 Abby laid in bed, listening to every creak the old house had to offer. She tossed and turned, knowing that all hope of sleep had abandoned … Obeah The big house was built up in seven days / In our image, all our image / And it burned down in one day / Smouldering to the filth ridden gr… The House Always Wins Silas was very good at his job. Being a cop was something as subtle to him as a mother’s instinct Haunted #1: Ossuary She won’t step into my house. / Hesitates / as if a blind jello barrier inhibits her progress / as if the room is full of smoke only … Home Sweet Home- C 2005, By Dennis L. Knecht When I opened the door- there was a lake on the floor- / Don’t ask me how the Hell I was feelin’…. / Cause, when I ̵… The House of the Unknown Identity This is the house of the Unknown Identity.. / Unspoken Lethanies, / Trivial musings on past days. / Unworthy reflection about “memoir… For Sale: Buddy Holly’s old house…… (Mature) Airconditioning…. I don’t need airconditioning… house cleaning? It never ends / the gods, / have pushed me far enough, / I refuse to be pushed / any further, / as I lay here, / so contented, / in the sha… Home…. Part 3 Abby Green had never been so terrified in her whole life. She had been a city girl almost all of her existence and had come to witness the … UP IN THE HILL There is a house / Up In The Hill / I go to see this house / And I always will / It’s all alone / The residents are gone / The ghosts… dog house i woke up in the dog house / opened my eyes and heard a woeful song / i musta screwed up while i was sleeping / and i got no clue what i do… House (Mature) Thanks! Feature A POET’S SIMPLE DREAM I don’t need much. Just a place to / pour out poetry and drink a little tea with a friend, / share favorite stories, dance to the wi… The Haunted House She kept coming at me. House Cleaning I wrote this awhile ago, but I read it now like it just showed up for me today fresh in from the rain letting me know that today I feel and… The House With No Room “Have you come for ice cream and apricots”? / “No”. / “Have you come to dangle your feet in the water”? / “No”. / “Well then, have you come… A Viking in my Dustbin. (34) Mouse House. I still hear the laughter of that sun-blessed afternoon in the common-room as we all played as children, blissfully unaware as mid-summer a… House of Worship Where once we felt the weight of God’s power and grace… The House at the End of the Road At the end of a long, winding road – covered with potholes, steep climbs, sharp turns, and quick descents- you come to a drive where trees … the halloween house The teenagers moved up the overgrown pathway leading up to the dilapidated house The house that built me… When I was a child / I watched them build / from foundation to roof / our new family home / I skipped around / my father, uncles, / and my… Canberra Balloon Fiesta I was deflated, just like the balloons were a few hours later. Open House thank you for having me She Brought The House Down! Not a sound from anywhere. Then, from out of nowhere a quiet thud could be heard. Low and behold…………. Bottle Caps, Treasure Maps, and the House No One … “What do you mean they’re magical?” I asked my best friend Phillip. / Phillip lived next door and since there was nothing much to do in the… My Doritos – The Remix. Triangular carbs so crisp and cheesy / I’ll go through, / All the aisles at coles for you. / And tonight you’ll fall in love wi… Ghostory Squinting in the shadowy twilight, Catherine regards the curved staircase, cloaked with powdery cobwebs. Feeling compelled to ascend, she c… House of Lies The caves of denial are closing in, / The walls of spider spun lies are falling, / The floor of unstable dreams is collapsing, / All of thi… FAIRY IN THE PRIMULAS It was in the month of June / On a sunny afternoon / I was shocked to see / A Fairy in the Primulas look at me / I saw her from the corner … Love of My Life I grab her waist and pull her in tight. Her cheek squishes against my chest, her warmth heating my body, and her love filling my heart. I LOVE THIS HOUSE!! My husband and I like to go for a drive in the country, or maybe downtown to Millionaire’s Row where all the tobacco millionaires bui… Thanks for the Feature Healing Journey Group! Thank you to the Healing Journey Group for featuring, “Ladies in Waiting, Diptych”! Cleaning house Peering closer / I realise I cannot / Properly see / For my mind / Is clouded by the / Dank fear of possibility / I cannot recoil for / My … Home…. Part 1 Abby Green awoke in a cold sweat, her face and chest soaked with a nightmare still clinging to her. The images hung on her mind, so vivid a… Haunting Emma Deaux – Joe Hammer The door was like stone and barely even vibrated from his hefty kick. The Locket Many, many years ago, when I was a very young boy in Texas, we lived in this old haunted house. The first of many haunted houses I lived … Our House I woke up at two in the morning. / As I hazily wrapped my warm blanket over my shoulders, / I walked out to my garden. / I laid on the br… To a House Forsaken Windows like eyes that have seen too much grief, / no glass to defend what might still live inside, / unlovely and empty, its tears have be… Sparrow house Sophie Shapiro has creating a group Unseen to create healing paintings and has named the members Sparrows. After looking for their house, I… Paranoid Romantic did i miss the album? THE HOUSE HOLD © THE HOUSE HOLD © / By: Hector A. Encinas Jim Phillips Is In The House Feature of Jim Phillips work “Signature of Autumn” Memories I now have custody of our pain / you have visitaion Happy Birthday Martin Happy Birthday Martin / (Martin Luther King January 15th 1929 – April 4th / 1968 / If you were here today on your birthday / what …
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