The Mare

Her teats are still warm, and warm my hands as I milk her. She died about an hour ago but still has one last thing to give. This milk is pr…

Apocalyptic horses? or epidemic sickness?

elements / Zodiac / Chinese Calendar / pigs

Old Brown Boots

Harsh hard bush lands on which I’ve had to muster / And the paper bark forests supplying me with shelter

A Strong Horse

I tried to find a strong horse / to take all the weight of me / It was not to be / the stables were empty / in the end / Some horses I r…

For The Horses- Lest we Forget

“We’re on the brink, we need a drink” / So they charged the guns in a setting sun, and took the wells of Beersheba.

Mid Morning Ride

With a swift crack of the crop / He neighs as he rears, and hoofs come down hard / Pounding the ground thump with a thunderous bolt

These Rhymes Three …. [NB Not all my work!]

My mother smiled as she bounced me / up and down upon her knee / and as she sung these Rhymes three

The Secret Keepers

Once upon a time, only yesterday / There was a secret only told / To those who could really keep it / Until they did grow old.

If wishes were horses…..

I want to love with my eyes closed / the kind of headlong love / that gives butterflies and cloud soaring / where you slide easy into a dan…

Horse events and angular tent pitching for girls&…

After the hog roast and my vegetarian version:quiche. Yes I know that a quiche rotating on a stick over a fire does not conjure the same ro…

All the Kings Horses

She could never do enough, / Lights, camera …. Action. / Love / Telling of love, / It was never enough. / Then one day she slipped / And f…

The Minstrel’s Tale

(nothings all that interesting)

Guns & Horses

With guns and horses I launch forward

We are pleased to announce Spring wild horse phot…


Wild horses

In dreams I ride bareback the wild horses / Long hair loose and flowing behind / free as their manes and tails / As gentle breeze embraces…


Hello Dear Friends, / Some of you may remember that Sally & I intervened about the condition of two Horses. / These two animals were in…

War Paint

What was that special something that she said to me that night that made me start to cry?


Wait for him to jump…

When I was King

When I was a king, I made Mr. Horsey a knight.


Washed down and rubbed / Put in for the night / Can’t wait till tomorrow / As so, this is our life

Dust Devil’s Dance

We matched riding rhythms more like different parts of the same body than rider & ridden. We enjoyed each other’s company from the get…

A Christmas Remembered

Across time, memories at night / To home I’ve come at last

If We Ponies Could Talk

If we ponies could talk, we’d tell you some things, / No saddles, no headgear, no snaffle bit rings.

♥ First Love Quartet! ♥

How do I explain the first moment I realised I was not alone / I felt absolute bliss / I created a story / I gave joy to another person? (a…

Faerie Tale – Chapter 3 – Lady Silver…

The Lady and the unicorn were looking at each other…

Nightmare Steed

His steamy breath hovers above him / Savage will and instinct has shaped him,

Run With Me

I saw the white horses, / Play in the sand / They danced with the wind, / ’Til they saw me, and ran, / Fear of a stranger, / Terror o…

Left Unleashed

“I look up at the two beautiful girls, now staring intently at me with their brown eyes.”


Spirits sitting side by side / Where all can see / They do not hide / They are where they want to be / After years of having run together /…

First Love ♥ Horses

How do I explain the first time I experienced feeling absolute bliss?

White horses gallop

White horses gallop / wild currents / rush surf

The Passing of One Romantic Season.

We both saw the distance but she saw beyond me to those who were waiting with infinite patience.

The Gamble

‘Three million pounds, each.’ / The sharp intake from the other side of the world was as clear as if the prince was leaning into his ear. T…

Chasing Horses

Here’s the thing about a white pony… you can see it as any damn color you choose. The problem being, you forgot to ask the pony…

Comedious Commentarious :Travaler’s Safety

So the other man asked, were did you learn this fascinating bit of historical information ?

Wild Cattle from Wallabadah

Poem dedicated to my father: John Brooker 1925-1984 / He bought me up working on a cattle property. / Influenced by Banjo Patterson. / Wall…

" When Wild Horses Succomb To God’s Me…

God said, " One more thing before you go. You will get there a lot faster if you ride upon my wings of rightousness " as God soon…

Wild Horses.

graizing / waiting / for my / offer


Thank you to the person who / had made a purchase on my BORN3 photo / cheers and all the best ……..kevin…………

Freedom Psalm

~A Psalm of the Heart

~ Valley of Hair ~

I dream of the valley each night when I sleep / and the gentleness of the body contained

The Preservation of Wild Horses of America

eradication, preservation, plight, mission

Enough Sorrow For Today

I saw a frail young woman meet the Lord in the middle of the night, / Her mother tenderly holding her in her arms, as she gave up the fight…

Horses for courses

Run with me.

Dakota in Northern Utah

A story of a woman and horse who discovered a deep bond when trouble came to pass.

Horses and nail guns – my obituary (Flash …

being different is dangerous

The Barn

I am a Barn abandoned by time / I live on the land but nothing is mine / The horses were all taken away / Thought they would come back an…

Surfing The White Horses Of Time

The present is like riding a surf board; / The wave of the future touches, in a moment, and is past / The rider remains, haltered to the m…

The Fog

Imagine nearly a tonne of live horse flesh pressing against a tiny 30kg….not an equal fight.


Horses are gone / So are the cows and the chicks / Looks like all that is left / Is a farmhouse of sticks / All alone on the grass / No one…

The Ramblings Of A Fetid Mind ( or stream of cons…

There are mill ponds and there are millponds! / My life is like a millpond where very little happens / That my imagination does not make m…

Loud Stripes – Featured In DSLR Users Only …

Thank you very much to the hosts of this group for featuring my 1st Zebra image. I am delighted.

A Land Without Horses

If I couldn’t free my thoughts / and one day have them / come back through experience / I would babble them on streetcorners / and throw p…

Me, Uncle Bill and the Bob Marshall

With no where else to go, the other horses jumped over me and I can remember looking up at their bellies and legs and counting them as they…

Between White Horses and Fallen Leaves

I have a memory which is not a memory. / “When I was eight, I lived in a pink house in Plymouth, between the sea and a forest…”

one hundred thousand horses

Memories… / Memoirs…. / Moments… / Calling me back again and again… / I wish If I can get the days of my innocence …

" The True Power Of Prayer "

" The True Power Of Prayer " / Walking through purified stained glass doors / As Light explodes the immense color coordination o…

the storm

a roaring sound born in their throats. / the night was black.

A Herd Of Horses Broke

A herd of horses broke  / Out of the enclosure  / A lightning flash / A broken branch / Snapped panic / The stallion reared / His eyes a Wh…

I Am The Weather ‘Youngest Foal’

Awaken! noble sire! / tread your way through thorny briar

The Stable Remains Empty

The stalls / That housed many, / Crumbled, / Consumed by rage, / Surrounded / Their lifeless bodies. / The stable remains empty.

“Horse” was featured in the group Quarter H…

“Horse” / Thank you so much!!!


I hold the four Seasons / firmly in my hand, / Like four wild horses / on endless prairie-land. / I cannot let them go: / not all of them a…



“Another’s Story”

’Where once was the homeplace, now a parking lot, where the barn once stood all the peoples shop"

The Australian War Horse

These horses are strong / Hardly putting a foot wrong, / This scene has gone on for way too long, / Everything is so very wrong. / The grou…

Western Australia and Wildflowers, so Far Away 12.

After lunch we did some more walking around York. before setting off to go to El Caballo Blanco to see the ‘White Horses’ perform.


…me Dad used ter blow all ‘is money bettin’ on horses and then come home drunk and knock her about.

The Man From Susan River

As he wonders around the mist with his horses / Is it a man or a ghost

Return to Freedom – The American Wild Horse…

“Return To Freedom is dedicated to preserving the freedom, diversity and habitat of America’s wild horses”

two white horses

That kitchen window seemed like a portal into another world. Like the old rippled glass gave glimpses into other dimensions, other times t…

The Horse Whisper’er

Please read about losing Sally.

Mad Horses

When I was young, in the long ago, there were church socials, mainly games, trifled jellies, and sausages on sticks. It may have been at a …

Give ’em the tools…

Our ‘Tommies’ bought waders and stuff for the mud / ’Cos what they were issued was no bloody good


… Gleaming big dark eyes, all staring …

Shire Horses

The steel runners screamed on the quartz stones recently washed out by afternoon rain.

For the Spirit Dwells Within the Eyes

Someday take the time to truly see them and then cast your gaze skyward and thank God for lending these fine animals to us.

at rest

i love to watch them, / watch them as they run, / lost in the moment / just spirited and free. / kicking up the dust, / new hooves in the t…

Dawn Rider

Inspired by some of J.R.R. Tolkiens writings.

Take Action Now: Your Help Needed to Protect Amer…

HorseBack in July, we informed News Alert readers of the crisis that was brewing around America’s wild horses. A division of the U.S. Depar…

Knight’s and White Horses

Seems like Fairy Tales don’t always come true / Seem like this heart of mine still just misses you. / Knight’s with white horses all rode o…

Horses in Japan

whats wrong with my family? / why they put this preasure on me / tell me i should settle down / and get married / invest in the future / wh…


A frosty white Christmas! what fun that would be, a fun filled, beautiful day and just think it’s free. / A great time to ride side …

A Land Without Horses

A Land Without Horses / If I couldn’t free my thoughts / and one day have them / come back through experience / I would babble them o…

" The Reflection Of Light "

" The Reflection Of Light" / Standing in front of the bathroom mirror / Looking past the foggy reflection that echoes my fear / A…

Horses by A.J & A Smith

Some like to go jumping / Over fences and streams / I like to ride horses / In my favorite dreams

I watch for you and wait…

I watch your window every night, / while waiting for my hay. / I watch your window as the sun begins to rise, / to mark a brand new day. / …

Featured in Iron Horses Old and New

I am so delighted to have been featured in Iron Horses Old and New for my imagine Maude. Means a lot to me.

Wooden Horses

Wooden horses / from my childhood… / …travelling games… / Free from the carrousel / that gave them / the happiness and af…

" God’s Mercy Overflowing In The Wake …


" The Heartbeat Of Hope Breathing New Life W…

The heartbeat of the lighthouse started to pound once again with life. Leaving my heart full with the desire to heal the world present as s…


The ocean sparkles like diamonds in the sun / The moon smiles politely and grins as we run. / The hilltops are covered with delicate oak tr…

White Horses

White horses chase / my ankles to the shore. / They tickle my heels / with their frothy manes.

Run with Me

Reflecting while on horseback.On the road again,

My Ache

I know you. You don’t know me, but we’ve met dozens of times before. I know everything about you. You’re head shy and war…

Horses have come through here

no jockeys though— / tracks too free for that
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