The Horrible Coma Call’d Living Michael blinked, and the shadows receded to the spaces between the stacks, and along the exposed spines of the books. It was cold tonight, … 1. B. this one is a true story and i thought abou… one time i started giggling and i couldn’t stop / but that wasn’t the problem / the giggling was a bit disruptive / and out of … Harold and His Horrible Obsession © 2010 All… “The plan was coming together. In the morning, she would wake up, roll over and get a load of the giant mushroom.” Just Another Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Or… I just knew it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very ordinary day. I knew because it had begun to rain and I didn’t bring an umbre… The Horrible Soup story. Once upon a time, I made some horrible soup. I didn’t set out to do that but that’s how it turned out. My step Mom bought me a … The good old cane… and the horrible headmas… There was a wretched silence that fell upon the room. I was standing in a one way line in the hall…. a big room covered with creased… I’m a horrible liar. it was only one kiss. The Afternoon Drunk They open at eleven and he comes in about quarter past, sits at the end of the bar, orders the cheapest pint he can and starts talking to a… An Unexpected and Horrible Birthday Present Joelene was lying in a coma at the hospital, and she wasn’t going to wake up. She had been living her normal life yesterday, when all… Go away Note after note of nonesence / Jumbled attempt at expression / Just stop blaming other June- first challenge Call me Cheryl! It’s my name, dammit! And on this night of frost and torpor, my creamy white fleshed globes are turgid, waiting, want… The Aftermath of War. war it sucks The Horrible Hump Hey kids, gather ‘round the fire for a story that’s certain to scare. / ’Bout the horrific, horrible, hairy Hump, a monst… the horrible boring life of a fairy I mean seriously, I am in every single fairy tale and no one remembers me! A Walk in the Shadows of Life As I walked down the charkle road, I looked up at the black sky. The stars were darkened, as if someone had taken a black crayon and colore… Peaceful Death and as they lay there sad and cold / the angel’s story is retold Love Is Horrible Like you’ve tripped, and fallen flat on your face / But the floor is like a cold pillow and you never want to get up Obsessive Compulsive Wash your filthy hands, / Until they’re dry and bleeding. Girly Girly u got it going, / so fresh, so hot, so vane… / Girly u tuck him from me, / u evil little whore. Drugs Are Lifes Cure the answer is the cause, death, one of the flaws. =‘[ Death.!! =’[ The fairy weeps and holds the box tight, / then she closes the box and whispers, / good night! Freestyle i know its horrible ;) See i have problems with authority all of your petty decisions seem poor to me you tryna tell me what too do trick it will just be the end … It’s So Horrible (song lyrics) “not f… It’s so horrible, / Nobody cares. this loving monster to make it all go / down easier / there is a cup of blood / with a splash of what / was made of you, “Harold and His Horrible Obsession” N… Harold tiptoed to the stairs, then held his breath, waiting . . .anticipating the inevitable blood-curdling scream and then . . . and then … I’m a horrible poet A horrible one / I try through the cracks / To pull words / That won’t come / I’m searching the sidewalks / Searching the stre… Sweet Dreams Papa Jim finally started to cry from the overwhelming texts he got from his class mates. “Why don’t you choose today you die,”

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