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BOYCOTTING Warner Brother’s Chernobyl Diari… Hundred of thousands of children were expose to radiation and many were born during the last 26 years with deformities and cancer because t… Julep’s Sugar Julep twirled her hair deep in thought, a private windmill of golden locks locking around her finger. She sat on the edge of her seat as… Julep the faraway girl When she had cuppa then she could arrange the thoughts in her head in the right order. / Julep laughed out loud, that was definitely trans… Julep with no mint Julep stirred the pot that was cooking away heartily and the delicious smell of her cookery finesse stroked the air. She was a good cook a… Tinseltown Clown After decades of denial and repeated reinvention / I wonder just how much of me is left. Julep Hollywood Julep had those normal weeks like those she spied living out of the cracks with their bricks and mortar sandcastle life around her. There … HOLLYWOOD HAIKUS Classic lines from classic movies, written as Haikus. JUNKFOOD NOIR, Chapter 3: " In Hollywood, Ev… (Mature) Hollywood’s Own Here we go again, same old movie, just different lines and the usual “A” listers. YAWN. I’ve got a spare 10 minutes before I start –… OLD BILL and BABY She shows me to the TV… and says, “Don’t be afraid of Baby. . . she likes people and she’s never hurt anybody.̶… A breathtakingly fresh perspective from the radic… Hollywood taught us / that young, slim, / conventionally attractive / protagonists / can overcome all obstacles, HOLLYWOOD GHOSTS In a  motion picture mystical Avalon / A modern imitation of a sordid Babylon Hollywood Studios, Florida make of my worlds what you wish and will Put a Dollar in My Hat I am a glass walker, / Fast talker, / Down on Venice Beach. / I am a sex demon, / Fangs gleaming, / Up the Boulevard. / I am a dope dealer,… " The lure of Hollywood " For shame the drugs. Peanut Butter Chronicles Its a long drive home, so I fill it with Peanut Butter. Besides, I am starting my cleanse on Monday and ending with a colonic hydrotherapy … To Be Beautiful or not to Be Beautiful “The beauty is in the root, not only in the bud” FORBIDDEN ZONE = WEIRD HOLLYWOOD FIND IT HERE / FRENCH WOMAN / JOHNNY / RARE SONG / ABC SONG / FORBIDDEN TRIBUTE / MORE WEIRD THAN WEIRD / ELFMAN MUSIC / ANOTHER SIDE OF LA… The Chad Flemming Experience and all I’ve received in return is money, celebrity status, and an opportunity to be listened to. Bagdad, AZ She looked around the town…noticed the fat old women fanning themselves, and the lame dogs limping around piteously, knowing that if … Scene 1: Take 9. Away from laughter that surrounds me, / On a thoughtless road behind, / Hollywood couple shine on past me, / In a scene that looks designed… Hollywood is Dead!! Did you read the paper today? The headlines read, “Hollywood is Dead!” The signs on fire, the stars all decayed. Silver screen … …club lingerie sunset boulevard … all legs eatable asses and tasty curvy tits…nothing and everything is revealed…hollywood midnight sunset boulevard Standup That may as well as not be true, he said, / right here in our home state, but you know well / as I they’ll laugh at me / in Hollywoo… Has anyone seen Not Quite Hollywood? Has anyone seen Not Quite Hollywood? I watched it the other night and man it was great. best doco I’ve seen this year (granted it is … Helium Balloons In The Sunset or candles kept lit in huntington apartments THE BATTLE OF CHERNOBYL (26th Anniversary) I hope this recompilation helps you understand the gravity of what happened at Chernobyl and why I’m so offended by the concept and a… I cant stop now its Gritty Men Tough leathery 1970’s men. Love Letter-Lost Love true love, Hollywood, fantasy, imagination Comedious Commentarious :Drama Club The man asks his friend," why does Hollywood have so much pull in Washington D.C. Hollywood Vision Sparkling electric blue dress / Yellow finger-wave hair that dazzled / They were fairies and good witches / From bygone fantasy films. / Sm… BOUND FOR HOLLYWOOD SHE WAS A LYING THIEVIN / CARPET BAGGIN DEMON / BUT SHE HAD A HEART OF GOLD / HE HAD A HOLD TIGHT, TAKE IT LITE / ATTITUDE OF ALRIGHT / N… hollywood blvd. what did you expect you’d find, / one hundred signs a thousand swine. / the only things left to salvage or save / are the thoughts … To Follow In Footsteps… Broadway and Hollywood, / And The Sunset Strip. / Its time for life to be lived, / I know this is it. Hell is so Cold its a push pull factor / like eggs with tomatoes in the morning / the temptation i can smell all around / im weak in this town with no safe… Praying For Hollywood I’m praying for them. Because they are just like us. They can’t enjoy their lives without the haters hating on them. Because of… hollywood starlet the city was grey / and in the pouring rain / i felt like an actress Thank you Capitalism Dont thank us, Thank Capitalism! In my mind I smell the stench of flesh as vultures have their meal, / Yet my heart’s turned hard… too hard to feel. Mars Versus Tinsel Town “This is an act of war!” The Admiral thumped the table, two pencils tectonically shifted 2cms to the right. “We MUST take ARMS!”

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