Can You See Me ? You touch me / still / with zombie fingers Black Holes and Dreams There is a black hole, which constitutes the very core of my soul / It takes and takes: it takes my joy; it causes me to implode upon mysel… Ant Nurse and The Peppercorn Tree The peppercorn tree was bleeding again. for the good of the earth and the bad of me holes in the backyard New Thing …I’m eating to fill the holes in the plaster… Shattered Beams, Holes and Ripped Seams Shattered Beams, Holes and Ripped Seams / As I evaporated into the eternal. / The man I loved; / the creature that vowed such actions. Su… I fall into holes. © I fall into holes. © / By:Hector A. Encinas holes in the ground bury me deep, bury me good loopholes stitches connecting fingertips to the edges of self A part of me is gone By holding you up, you have pushed me down. a pocketful of holes i know i didn’t ask for this / the passing hours of the day. / days when hope begins to fade / when no-one seems to know my name. / i… LOOP HOLES “I understand that you have decided to cut funding for my experiment.” I AM SORRY FOR MY FLAWS I try to be perfect, but find it isn’t possible / To even come close, my perfection is eaten by the shark’s jaws… Holes in the Sky I. / Sometimes it’s hard to see with all these / Holes in the sky. / I never thought much of that empty stage / In the back of my mind, /… Through small holes Through small holes / As a child I recall looking at the sunlight beaming through a small hole in a corrugated iron roof / And creating a w… Holes. I fall into holes, / Unseen by me, / Try to clamber out, / Of darkness. / My hands claw, / Grasping a hold, / Till I am out / And clear. / … Holes Pieces tossed of what was whole… / Where they lay yon shadows know. / Come raging bellows across the knoll… / Of angry, bleedin… Black Holes Suck….. Holes In Memory You left me here all alone, / To suffer the indignity of my own mind. / Lost in the alleyways of my soul, / Held by the very walls I put up… Holes – Story Blood – so much blood – pooling beneath him in a dark puddle of fate. He glanced up, crimson falling from parting lips, an agonized s… Empty Holes there are these little empty holes / scattered throughout my heart; / they’re disturbing my sluggish flow. / so i’m trying to f… Poking Holes You don’t want to let me in / But I’m poking holes in you / Poke / Poke / A new hole / Small at first / Then expanding / Growing, stretchin… holes we all practice at being holes / by our madensses and our social security numbers / we are holes filled with cockroaches outliving us / som… Functionalism 40 And he said I have two holes in … once upon / the possibility of consciousness unfolding humility rising / like the sun over the limits of parenting nothingness does not exist JUST TRY TO PROVE ME WRONG Holey Socks you know how it is / when you have hole in your sock / right where your toe is supposed to hide / and your toe gets stuck / while in your s… laced with poison and betrayal the digging of your grave / was the making of my bed / the lines we took unlocked / the sequence that fled / out from the holes it was as if she had poked holes in my soul and c… home is where the heart is and so every day i imagined my home in a tiny sealed jar hidden in the back of your pantry only to be taken out … as if she had poked holes in my soul and called i… from the moment we met i knew you’d be like a lot like a bottle of beer. meaning: i knew it would take me a while to get used to you.… CITY LOVER TALE OF A MOUSE I remember the night as a magical night and the way the city looked. Little did I know it would be some time before I saw it again—… Holes, holes, over and over. - I’ve seen it only with borrowed eyes. Borrowed blood is the only thing my veins release, so apologize to “Someone Else”. WATERING HOLES point me in the direction of the setting sun / mamas waiting, i’m the prodical one / got an ATM card if i run out of cash / got a fr… Empty Holes there are these little empty holes / scattered throughout my heart; / they’re disturbing my sluggish flow. / so i’m trying to fill them / w… Holes In Time – How Do You Know? How do you know if it was him / That stopped you committing another sin / That helped you out of the hole you were in

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