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Fake Memoirs Back in those days money was merely token for exchange. A secondary currency to good will, friendship and sucking up your pride to ask for … My History – and how proud of it I am. The shipwreck occured on sharp, jagged rocks about 300 yards offshore in the middle of darkness. In the name of the father I’d expected to hear his side of the story – an equal and opposite force. But instead I heard what I already knew or had pieced… The Journey With No Ending I do miss you and I’ve been missing you for days / We talk every day, hours seem like minutes, and time never stays / My eyes get tir… VIEWS 1537 -HISTORY OF THE CHEETAH AND THE “HOEDS… Fate is an amazing thing……… Leopards, Lions and cheetah…. a dire threat to livestock… La Primavera – Botticelli – 1478 R… This Florence tradition of the period, in which the chamber of a newly married couple, held a depiction of a scene of the act of deflowerin… Oregon Pirates & history? Spanish Galleons Along / Western American Coast! / Pirate Sir Francis Drake 1578-79 liked to chase Spanish Galleons into beaching themselv… OUR STORY! HIS STORY IS ONE OF GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS / AND EVEN GREATER EVIL. / HE HAS ABUSED HIS POWER, / THIS BRINGER OF DEATH AND MISERY. / MANKIND… Schooldays. That old gang of mine. Back to Cheste… Willy, who was a cute little class-mate, in Mr Berretty’s class, tells me that I was already such a typical teacher, when I was 12 a… Hannibal of Carthage I found this article in Multiply.com, History group, is by Taharka. Histories and I hated her / and how she was a better person than me / sometimes it’s too late to learn History of madness (complete) Used to love writing NO FIXED ADDRESS at social security called it social obscurity antisocial insecurity told then I had a job interview a… When I stopped believing I will not wait at the window for my father / I will not wait in the kitchen for my lover Johannes Maria, my father. He was named after his father and his aunt: Johannes Maria. Something which embarrassed him the rest of his life. the rise and fall. where have i been? / my shadow carves a space so small / that sparrows cannot nest there. / what have i done? / my energy is the diffusion … When I sit softly, and often on nights like this It hollowed me out until you could see the stars through my skin. When life is slow, I map the constellations through my spine. There are m… The history-maker You, / You have made history in my heart. An idiosyncrasy- raw energy why don’t we learn from past! Mansa Musa, Emperor of Mali this article was found in Multiply.com, history group, published by Taharka. Mansa, means King of kings. Modern vs Classical and beyond Modern Abstraction Vs Classical Realism and beyond. / The rise of the camera and the effect on realism and abstraction and their re-birth a… Forgiveness Do you want to move on? Little Cabin in the Woods… Help me! / Dramatically throw hands into air over your head,raise eyebrows. / drop hands to sides,use high pitch voice / spoken with urgenc… of memory. It is 1939. A man touches my shoulder blade. His hand is heavy and hollow, like a thin rose shell, rocking its loving ocean for eternity. l’amant. Your voice was rain water, a holy temple, bells clanging in the foreign heat History of Atlantis Atlantis was falling, falling out from it’s highest point in the sky. It fell faster, and faster still until finally it collided with the A… A family reunion: reflections 2010-01-02 / The visitors’ centre is busy today. / Children rummage through boxes of plush toy horses. / History books line the shelv… A Brief History of Notre-Dame de Paris its scale is enormous and it is the last of the cathedrals to have tribune galleries. Great Outback Drive `There are many classic outback drives……` / `It was here where Charles Sturt and his men were trapped…..` / ` For the int… IN THE HANDS OF THE HUN [4&5] Lille We marched to Fort Macdonald on the outskirts of Lille, into a long, narrow, underground cell … confinement in this dungeon with less… Compare YOUR Paleo-History with Oregon? A Primer on Oregon’s Paleo-History Interpretation / By Dave Sandersfeld, 12/2008 / Historical Review from OREGON ARCHEOLOGY The Studi… The Silent Guard Seated alone / An equestrian of years gone by / Watching over the world’s / Deterioration / Decay / Demise / Wondering why / So many… Gene Test Shows Spain’s Jewish and Muslim Mix By … this is found in Multiply.com under anthropology. A Brief History of Love of course time, pinpricked by distance, absence, sustenence; / of course events, miracles, told over again, beginning / with: like the time… A Lesson in History The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn’t just how you like it, think about how thin… Echo of a Distant Drum Can you hear the echo….? Victorian Voyagers : “Phoenix” [Ch1] ‘Get out, Rhiannan, get out! Run! Hide! Run!’ her mother screamed between cries of pain, her eyes watering with shame. / Rhiannan grabbed J… Most Popular Song in History There are many songs which has gained its popularity throughout history and maintain itself for long periods and sang occationally as peopl… ☼ Gray Lads ☼ She told me all that she knew of this clan she’d wed into / Recognized in me the look that history I’d ensue A Brief History of Beige She dreaded the mundane adult life of mediocrity that now lay before her, a life that seemed shaped like the practical but unexciting angle… A Mix of 50 Interesting Facts, Types & Recipe… Mexican Brownies / Yields: 9 servings / Heat Factor: Medium What’s Gone Before! See that old man sitting there with his wrinkled skin and graying hair …. SHOAIB, JACQLEEN, CYNTHIA, CLICK IN HISTORY…… SEE-SAW AT THE TRAIN STATION / sitting. watching. my body inert. / the red chair, hard straight slippery plastic / typical train station ac… I Got Nits On Dolly’s slip was checked, NO LICE and NO NITS. The World’s Elsewhere New cars are built by machines, not hands – they have no spirit, only circuits. Give me the smell of engine oil and age; imperfection… Boy meets girl and the rest is history [in the ma… In love with you? / Heck no! / I just miss you once in a while / like I miss / going to shows but the / show must go / on / and the though… Victorian Voyagers : “Expeditions” [… Belatedly she realised she’d not registered any horrendous disfigurement of his face by the lash; all she could remember was his eyes. Roots fifty lives ago / we met in the sacred olive grove / our roots have touched pledge I just sat there, sunk in thought / we need to sink our differences / the full scale of the disaster has yet to sink in / can we carry out… Victorian Voyagers: “Worldly” [Ch1] Horror upon horror waited to change his life; from the lad that whistled his way home with his brace of six fine fish from his Birthday rel… Una donna in lutto (A Woman in Mourning) Sicilia, mio cuore / Oggi non sono fiera di te. / Anche il cielo si chiude / E il vento si ferma. / La nostra storia di intimidazione. / No… Mental Artefacts that Slumber in the Dirt of Hist… Most of my photos / are not in albums or collections / rather - / they’re indexed in the vault of my psyche. / Like me / sprawled on the … IN THE HANDS OF THE HUN 2 / Bullecourt When the morning sun shone through the stained glass windows, one man was laying across the knees of a large image of the Virgin, fast asle… Life is the stories you are telling yourself Your life, as you experience it, is how you describe your past and envision your future. About the future… well, all stories are possible, … The Kinetic Gravitational Descent Into Boutade “El burro sabe mas que tu!” / A steady drone whined from the pipes, as drool dripped slowly off the ivory keys. Great Uncle Alfred’s Great Adventure! Well Dad, I think that is all I have to say about how I got hit, and though I haven’t said much, it has given me considerable effort … eInquisitive We strive to provide questions as well as answers to real life questions and conditions. The proposition is that you, the reader, will thin… I knew you Just one of many men of war / You continue in a way that’s / Almost ironed / You walk amongst the dying / Unconcerned / That earth w… Immortal Ask myself who and what it is that I embody / Who and what it is that creates the energy that holds the bonds together found within every m… scent of something the skyline dominates my view / at this point. / your distant arm waves / at that remote outpost / to which i sent you. / all the while the… Australia Day Poem …They made mistakes, and so they learned / What this country gives us must be earned. History of My life and experiences, – Home … Once thought I married into a religious family of religious freeks, GSMNP history. Nobody wants to play a rythm guitar behind Jesus. History repeats itself – a 6 word story and again. A Restless Life You were born in a working class family / In a Yorkshire mining town; / Your father had moved from Ireland / So as not to be trodden down.… Teachs’ Sword Look at my face, - / see scars of Demelt. / Enormous black beard / woven and lit by matches; / staring back at you. / Feared of reputation… Play me a new note For each person counts in the sound they make / All are instrumental in shaping the future We The People, In A Day Of Political History! (Mature) Christ On The Cross The ultimate price of betrayal / No complaints / Or hints of sadness / Just words of wisdom / Through the shudders of pain / Torture / Hand… about a pharaoph, chapter in the history of Egypt this article was found in Multiply.com, history group, published by taharka. OBAMA BLACK HISTORY HELL NO A CHANGE! A DREAM COME TRUE ~ Dance in the Fretternear Woods ~ Rise again the day is young / and we shall dance in the Fretternear Woods hell’s own rock (dreamscape) o grayblock razorwired mother, / what secrets does your ancient womb sequester? consider lascaux. crude buffalo singing to the rough maned horse of wintertime, the sound of hooves / beating into the stone, that sweet damp perpetual night. Talk to the hand because the face ain’t lis… It is perhaps the most obnoxious phrase to ever grace the human oral tradition. Many of us have said it at least once in our lives; whether… FAMILY HISTORY Olden hands, open book / Flip from page to page / Familiar smile, misty eyes / Long for bygone days / Pictures old and tattered / Stagnant … “Victorian Virtue” – Excerpt – Ride Up Acti… Her bright red hair shone in the sunshine. Female! Mary was so surprised and her excitement grew. There was only one woman Mary could think… The HISTORY of BARNS From the days when Thomas Jefferson envisioned the new republic as a nation dependent on citizen farmers for its stability and its freedom,… Stories told … (impressions of “Lan… “a blade of windblown grass is found simply waiting / with a gentle breeze at its back, it bends, the words dripping it yields to all… History throughout the decades and eons / history has a tendency to repeat itself / those that remember have the ability to / alter history from t… Map of Destiny. Of an emptiness / my journey is born Oral History Stories of life. / Episodes of love. / Happenings, mischiefs, secrets. / This morning on the bus. Traffic held up, unknown distortions o… Days Live and give, make changes, share *y*our mind and love smiling. And that Girl Phased Right into History I once was the girl they called Jeni / I’d race any boy for a penny / Every day I would plot / To find just the right spot / To blow their … You Are A Book You had no secrets! Your weight was public knowledge as was your length. And if you were a boy, your Dad knew well his bragging rights and… A Tribute to a Maniac John Charles Hutton was his name. Most people called him Chuck. Not me though. I called him either Poppop or “Chicken Legs.” / Poppop alway… The Book of Talisen We pour mist into lost fields cross the stars 1. Marysville : a Tribute … an Obituary = a… Saturday 14th a week from when the fires destroyed this town, the survivors were allowed to return.The only building to survive ironically … Today, I wept for the sky His protective posture and his tired eyes. / He would sing of the shipwrecked, sea foam lovers. Tread a frail path ghostly. Completely nude men, wearing white skin underwear wash themselves in gun grey cold iron baths. Goddess of Destruction The smell of desperation lingered in the oppressive air as a steady parade of workmen, common and noble alike, shuffled hurriedly out of th… Destination : Port Arthur For the average visitor Port Arthur seems to offer more than a history lesson. It gives an in depth and detailed view of how people lived i… “Macushla” – Michael Collins an… And I dreamed we danced the night away / While a tenor sang “Macushla” “DAVE DANGER” / Modern Day Adventures… 5/22/2008….. With the final Indiana Jones epic due out this May its seems that all the great adventurers are gone!…. Shakelton … Forgotten Lessons What will it take to wake the sleepers, to hear their voices once again. On Reading a Secret History. Paint everything but the water, you teach. But no one looks. ON THE FLIP SIDE …THE B SIDE OF HISTORY Do you ever stop and think what the world be like if Hitler stuck to his artwork instead of becoming a dictator AS THE STORY GOES… the story was that my grandfather’s foot was caught in the gears of the donkey, his leg was pulled in, he had to hang on to prevent himself…
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