Histories and I hated her / and how she was a better person than me / sometimes it’s too late to learn When I stopped believing I will not wait at the window for my father / I will not wait in the kitchen for my lover l’amant. Your voice was rain water, a holy temple, bells clanging in the foreign heat What’s Gone Before! See that old man sitting there with his wrinkled skin and graying hair …. Australia Day Poem …They made mistakes, and so they learned / What this country gives us must be earned. hell’s own rock (dreamscape) o grayblock razorwired mother, / what secrets does your ancient womb sequester? consider lascaux. crude buffalo singing to the rough maned horse of wintertime, the sound of hooves / beating into the stone, that sweet damp perpetual night. FAMILY HISTORY Olden hands, open book / Flip from page to page / Familiar smile, misty eyes / Long for bygone days / Pictures old and tattered / Stagnant … Scars Let me see your scars / And let me take your hand / Tell me all the stories / So I can understand Thankful eyes. Look in my eyes / It’s no fault of my own; / I long for the love / and guidance of a mother; / the disciplined hand / and care of a f… Snatched From The Jaws of History I remember [many things] / A day much like any other, / As sunlight poured through the panes / Of my rain streaked frames / While my alarm … Some History Way too soon the touching began / Much older hands, spreading / much younger limbs Poem: Descansos I have carried you too far / Troubled too much / Rested too little The girls Water splashes as feet run through the stream / Peals of laughter under the summer sun / Once ashore, they link arms / Skipping along the p… Discovering the deep A vast ocean / our churning seas / sit within Earth’s bowl / containing historical treasures / within murky depths / Secrets settled … Insignia….Tears of a Child Provocation! / Provocation of a nation! / Without rest without respite, / Attacked attacked with all their might. / Raining, hailing, thu… INK TO PAPER Ink to paper, flowing swift / Words come into view / Delicate, or scribbling / Old words are made anew / Put in patterns, some unique / Flo… The Anthology I gather my relics / And dutifully weep. / The disc moon of my evenings / Waters the hushed garden. Guards of the Watchtower United you stand. / You pronounced with pride, / You would not step down, / There would be no override. History I know you’ve heard them say, / That history is doomed to repeat itself… Our Mother’s Story Affluent descent raining from above; / Its graceful search for the boundless Seas / Gently shrouding in its veiling mists / The great conti… THE CANNERY AT THE SOUTH POLE I have cast away the jewels of your lives / Having no space in this new flat / And smelling the mould beginning to rest upon them; / Reconc… Legacies llama tourists / Ramasean Temples An Unwanted History I like to do, I like to dare / I climb the worn and creaking stair Prague in 2006 What of this ancient city / Much history over time / Houses, Palaces, Cathedrals / Of mortar, brick and lime. / An ancient past, imperial a… Too Late My grandmother revealed / Through hidden letters and faded photographs / I never really knew her at all. Adoration I. Your head only weighed two pounds when you died. I knew it was because your soul was weighed down by the burdens of a nation. History’s Seat Beside the flowless river’s side / Idle, still and quiet / The Oscar sits Burtle On The Levels Water flows beneath this land, made most of dark brown peat / Silver rhynes in grids are spread across the even fields / Eels silent, shi… Hero Sheep: The Golden Age of Wool In days of old when knights were bold and dungeons were dug deep / Widely renowned back then was found, a race of hero sheep Forever More Feel cool hands / Body rise, you’re lovely / Heartbeats dual bands / In sync, con The Necklace I hear keening. / As The People are herded / Along the Trail of Tears, / Dying from exhaustion, / Hunger and despair. A Short History of Botanical Symbiosis Your tumbling, troubled eyes ensnare me / and rip my new dress / all to shreds. History of me – part I Craving for a breath of silence / I stumbled upon old memories, / My mind succeeded to hide them / Afar from logic and senses. / Light was … Spirit instead there was death under the skies of the southern cross / and it’s " legacy" being of a nation still counting her loss Dawn #2 Fal / (ter) / at the head of / momentum / in between the / lines that scar tissue; / peer into the / brick ropes holding heart-bones / whet… History These are the lives that time built / and you don’t appreciate them. / Things are not always what they appear, / we must discern them World Order Old History falls and New History reigns / a New History unbound by Old History’s chains / it breathes and it grows in this new world… The History Mystery …As tears dripped from his eyes, he sighed… Wait… The faded paper conceals broken boards of elapsed memories that were repositioned on prettier garbage. Maria & the Street-Corner Abuelo. The tarnished man’s fingers clasp / her hand like sandpaper / manacles, / tearing like the cuffs of / Campos at Ponce (he thinks), / rough …

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