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When I sit softly, and often on nights like this It hollowed me out until you could see the stars through my skin. When life is slow, I map the constellations through my spine. There are m… Little Cabin in the Woods… Help me! / Dramatically throw hands into air over your head,raise eyebrows. / drop hands to sides,use high pitch voice / spoken with urgenc… of memory. It is 1939. A man touches my shoulder blade. His hand is heavy and hollow, like a thin rose shell, rocking its loving ocean for eternity. l’amant. Your voice was rain water, a holy temple, bells clanging in the foreign heat A Brief History of Love of course time, pinpricked by distance, absence, sustenence; / of course events, miracles, told over again, beginning / with: like the time… ☼ Gray Lads ☼ She told me all that she knew of this clan she’d wed into / Recognized in me the look that history I’d ensue ~ Dance in the Fretternear Woods ~ Rise again the day is young / and we shall dance in the Fretternear Woods consider lascaux. crude buffalo singing to the rough maned horse of wintertime, the sound of hooves / beating into the stone, that sweet damp perpetual night. “Victorian Virtue” – Excerpt – Ride Up Acti… Her bright red hair shone in the sunshine. Female! Mary was so surprised and her excitement grew. There was only one woman Mary could think… Map of Destiny. Of an emptiness / my journey is born Today, I wept for the sky His protective posture and his tired eyes. / He would sing of the shipwrecked, sea foam lovers. “Macushla” – Michael Collins an… And I dreamed we danced the night away / While a tenor sang “Macushla” On Reading a Secret History. Paint everything but the water, you teach. But no one looks. Scars Let me see your scars / And let me take your hand / Tell me all the stories / So I can understand In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Now you know the origins of in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. Licking off Personal History and now I am able to tame myself as an animal, licking off personal history, unable to lick the flaws off the skin, once flesh has been pri… Grandmothers were Teens Too Read and Enjoy Gramma’s night of teenage revelry shared with me and part of a book which was written about this wonderful lady “Victorian Virtue” – Excerpt – Ride Up Acti… Amanda stepped off him before he’d fully righted himself and threw the reins over his head. Her focus was on the man she was aiming to kill… Thankful eyes. Look in my eyes / It’s no fault of my own; / I long for the love / and guidance of a mother; / the disciplined hand / and care of a f… “Victorian Virtue” – Excerpt – Ride Up Acti… All Molly could see was the horse’s front hooves pawing the air and his big chest and stomach blocking all else, while his massive rear qua… =Where I fell in love with History= I imagined that I had been the first to enter it in a hundred years! After we were married (Mature) Snatched From The Jaws of History I remember [many things] / A day much like any other, / As sunlight poured through the panes / Of my rain streaked frames / While my alarm … see though the eyes of a seven year old ( invitat… hi my name is wittle archie i would like to invite redbubble readers to come and join me in some of the most amazing journey’s ev… The “Yes-We-Can-Man” I am a 34-year-old Black Woman married to a 45-year-old White Man. The 2008 election was the first time either of us had voted in our life&… One less soul wont make a difference, what with s… NOT TRUE The Guy I Like A man I could love, / If only he could change, / Stuck in a world without, Ancient History Make my love so blind / That I have to run my fingers over you to read you / And find that I’m still illiterate. how deep, how wide. And the most delicate brush of a hand on a thigh felt like all white things. Winter mornings, church bells and the moon rising, always risi… INK TO PAPER Ink to paper, flowing swift / Words come into view / Delicate, or scribbling / Old words are made anew / Put in patterns, some unique / Flo… Tribute to Black Saturday (Victoria’s worst… Blazes alight with bright eyes in a day like night / A blood red snake writhes across our sacred land / It carves a way through many souls … ~ Come Ceili ~ A Dance is not just a dance! A Brief History of Love She was bright and kind, he wild and out-of-control. It was love at first sight. O How I Yearn I yearn for clarity and direction, I gasp for knowledge and truth as though it was the air my lungs have been deprived of, as I search for … The Box “I am in love.” Chen Tsu said unhappily. / There was a long silence. Lao Tse regarded his former pupil carefully, noting the dark rings und… Not Just Elderly Men It was not just elderly men were tattooed by the Nazi regime. The women and children were also marked. They watched and listened and cried … Simplicity Simplicity / intrinsic / instinctive / the natural state / of you / just being you Hard Love I was twelve and full of enthusiasm to learn of the world’s wonders and turmoil. / There where other troubles closer to home that in my inn… The weekend my world changed It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was up with the larks ready and waiting at the step near the bottom of our garden path wearing my fas… Search For Love And Life Chapter One Love is so magical… when you’re in it! You hear about all these love stories of two people in love but what about the rest of the world? The Number Eight She stands very tall and straight, with years wearying her bones, and yet, so strong and majestic still. / Her cosmetic beauty is aged and … Revived – Part 1 “You bathe in public, your majesty?” he asked, his eyes sweeping over her in surprise. From Toots To Barry Obama (Mature) My life‘s Atlantis… ‘…the mirror of our love…’ Forever More Feel cool hands / Body rise, you’re lovely / Heartbeats dual bands / In sync, con Don’t call it a slum The smell of Vic menthol rub wafting about our home took my mind back to when I was a very small boy. My Granny lived alone down in the wha… A Short History of Botanical Symbiosis Your tumbling, troubled eyes ensnare me / and rip my new dress / all to shreds. Brotherly Uncle Big Meeting He stood there,his waist was so small that was called noodle like, and yet his got wide smooth shoulders, with soft feet, i often looked at… A sample from my E-Zine entitled “Da Truth … Environmental-phobia #1 – “Rain” / Why is it that humans are scared of rain? Have you / ever thought about the rational of it? I mean when … Culture1…Why i love art and art history by … Tis the endless curiosity to be inspired by something new / To wonder, why, where, wherefore, how and just awe / Tis seem an bottomless dep… I love being black. How can I not achieve, when my people sleep rough / I’mma write my name in history / Fuck a month. / I love being black. A feminine love story Every rise and fall of the water / Crystalline and beautiful / Mesmerises and captivates / Any who look without purpose / To imagine how th… I love the ancients So, I love anything to do with history. The ancients are one of the biggest loves in my life. / …I’m sure you history buffs ou… The First Fleet Spend some time with those least fortunate / walk the streets / play in the park / look at all that is beautiful around you.

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