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Hurt by Adam Howie The Aftermath of War by Rhonda Strickland Snow riding my dreams whimsy love carrousel  by Ruth Fitta-Schulz Another Boy If only I could be / The one that calls from within / Another boy another time / Living life without the sin She For DeeDee / I love you, and I wish I could make it all better…..I wish I knew how……… Helplessness by labellasandra War (Through the Eyes of a Child) This thing of war, so foolish and sick. / The smell of death, so smoky & thick. / When some become greedy and selfishness rules / Men f… ~ We are ~ Could it be / that the anger we feel / towards life / is a knowing in our spirit / telling us / that all is not right…? Over the Bounding Main I give over to the Sirens of the Sea / and trust Atropos to slice the cord swiftly / or to trade places with her talented sister / and w… Choose Life . . . by Bonnie T.  Barry Caged Thoughts by Alison Pearce When All is Insufficient  by NicholaTatyana Instinct by George Davidson fatal attraction lions! / magnificent / totemic My Sad Sister by Elorac Helplessness by Karen01 'Black Saturday-today I have no talent, no desire, no passion only a sense of helplessness'  by Viona Pfeiffer hole with pitiful crystalline tears / dripping down my face Untitled thirty years ago, thirty minutes ago, the rawness of loss never ceases / when nature is so callous, / when human lives become insignificant… DOCTOR PHIL… The crib ornament was so cute too, who would think that a ornament full of Disneyland characters could be so dangerous… Otherworldly Heavenly Place The Unexpected Friend A simple tale of a girl and her robot. Love Puppet ink dripping / tangled remnants / of helplessness / a puppeteers toy / she is ripped wild / torn to the shreds / suspended in a solitary pa… GRASS - boy… i cried i cried for the one without a home / i cried for the one who felt unloved / i cried for the one whose parents fought / i cried for the one … Baggage of my mind. Where did these feelings come from? / Confusion in my mind, / Being lost in a dark hall, struggling to find the light / The light that once… Beckoning Corners… Overwhelming notion it was, the beckoning of that shadowy corner, / the arms of comforting seclusion offering me a place to reside… … Appointment I wrinkled my brow as a blue line smeared across six days of the last week. amen I found a hole in the hole of the world TALKING TO MYSELF IN THE DARK …on my gravestone, don’t write rest in peace There Was Once… There was once a time when we thought we’d never grow up, / The world was full of thrills and spills and nothing scared us, / It was made u… precipitation Swimming in a raindrop / And falling from this dark birth-mother-of-a-sky / Wondering when and where I will land / Or if I will even land /… The Other ME I had no idea what I had done, or what the other me had done anyways. I was so sick of not being able to be me…. A Dozen Desert Directions by monrault SPIN DOCTORED SPINSTER by JaneAParis the warning track you’re drowning Desperation and Despair by Kenzie90210 S:M A gold studded stairway / Falling through to the morning when she tied her hair to the banister / Falling Falling breaking every bone / Her… imprint by domo 18 and pregnant… The nurse made her sit on the bed, and spread her legs wide placing each one on cold steel clamps. “Relax your body now Jane” To which she … INTO THE STORM by Lori R. Lopez Stitches: Before and After When we met, we were two tangled / limbs with intertwining fingertips my eyes If you looked into my eyes / youd see my inner child cries / cause no matter how hard she tries / i still belive their lies / and because a… imaginary helplessness III by kisstiger if if i tear out my eyes / then maybe ill see / how fate could be / so cruel to me / if i cut off my ears / will i hear / what they really say… imaginary helplessness I by kisstiger anxiety it felt it’s way into my soul / and wrapped around my heart / squeezing and prodding / tugging at my deepest fears imaginary helplessness II by kisstiger Helplessness Blues by SAMCEDARTATTOO Behind the Backs #helplessness by julisvisions Broken Dreams by WhatIfIAmInsane A Nation Mourns  by Kerry Wembridge Ziernicki Some journeys we must take alone -  Canberra Hospital by rebekkahsparrow

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